Do you like girls? Yeah, me too. What about girls getting fucked? Even better. What could be hotter than that? Let me tell you: girls fucking girls, and that’s exactly what you’re going to find on Dyked.This is a pay site, so cheapskates and bums need not to apply. For those with a passion for lesbian sex movies and a few dollars to burn, you can log into Dyked for your fix. They’ve only been around since 2014, but they’re a TeamSkeet site, so you already know this is going to be world-class porno.Powered by GirlsThe history of female empowerment is a weird fucking thing. It wasn’t that long ago that women were burning their bras in the street and celebrating new birth control methods by getting fucked raw by a bunch of partners. It was empowering as hell. In 2018, though, female empowerment is writing #metoo on your Instagram and complaining about a bad lay until somebody gets arrested.Dyked is going to go down in feminist history for taking the power back. This isn’t the model of female empowerment where you act like a huge pussy about your tight vagina. Dyked’s motto is POWERED BY GIRLS, and they’re serious about girl power.The pre-login landing page is covered in thumbnails that show you exactly how girls power Dyked. You won’t find any hairy armpits, protest signs, or tearful video testimonials equating drunken hookups with armed gang-rape. No, these girls advance the struggles of women in far more meaningful ways.There’s a definite theme here. For one thing, there are no dudes at all. There are a few strap-ons, mostly wielded by MILFs teaching these slutty teens how it’s done. It’s really sweet. Somebody’s got to teach the younger generation how to eat hot muff, get fingered in a pool, or have two girls pull your legs over your head while another girl buries her tongue in your snatch.One screengrab, in particular, caught my attention right away. A MILF had a naked teen twisted into a pretzel, pussy and asshole in the air, hand clamped over her mouth. “If you scream,” the caption read, “I’ll tell your step-dad!” I had to see this utter violation of the girl’s civil rights immediately.They’ve got a one dollar, one day trial if you just want to look around. Make sure to cancel it before you get rebilled at the normal monthly rate, which is around $25 a month. That’s just slightly less than the going rate for a premium site these days. Longer memberships break down to a lower rate, but you already knew that.Girls Banging GirlsDyked is part of the TeamSkeet network, so you’ll be watching vids from the main site once you get logged in. If you’ve subscribed to Dyked as part of a larger plan, which I recommend, your vids from other sites will show up here, too. It’s kind of ironic that Dyked is on TeamSkeet, considering it’s a strictly no-skeet-allowed lesbian site. Whatever, though.Right now, as I’m writing this, Dyked has 55 movies and 110 models. They update with a new video pretty often, but the schedule is all over the place. That seems to be standard with TeamSkeet sites. They figure you’ll have a package deal, so they spread the updates among their different sites.You can narrow the videos down by when they were uploaded, but honestly, there’s not much point. There are only 55 videos here, few enough to load all the thumbnails on one page. You may as well just browse the whole stash at this point.More useful are the sorting options. Those 55 vids can be arranged by Newest, Oldest, Likes, Comments or Views. Again, with only 55 clips, your mileage may vary.I thought I already knew what I was looking for. I found the clip from the front page, Curious Teen Gets a Mature Romping, right away, but there’s such a selection of boner-inducing screengrabs that I don’t know where to start. When the quality is this high, 55 movies is a lot.So where do I start? Should I watch the Million Dollar Muff Munching, Hoes Before Bros, or The Strap On From Siberia? Cam Cuties With The Booties has Amilia Onyx, who really does it for me, but After School Punishment has a couple bitches making a third lick the floor. The theme of women dominating girls kept coming up again and again, and I was ready to cum, too.In the end, I just sorted the videos by Most Commented. The Psychology of Eating Pussy, starring Lila Frey and Sarah Vandella, is currently the most talked about Dyked movie. Lila gets in trouble for kissing another girl at school, and it’s up to Sarah to help her explore her sexual feelings.The Psychology of Eating PussyYou know, maybe the TeamSkeet peanut gallery is just a bunch of noise. The comment section isn’t even the typical comments like “shes hot I fuck her oh ya” and “I’d suck the fart out of her asshole with a straw”. All 8 comments on The Psychology of Eating Pussy, the Most Commented video on Dyked, are about the quality of the 1080p stream. If only these knuckleheads had clicked the exclamation point icon to report the issue like they were supposed to.Beneath the player are access to Pictures, Screencaps, and a short Trailer. I opted to go straight to the good stuff and just clicked Play on the video player. The video started with no buffering at all. Skipping around between all the pussy-eating and twat-rubbing was just as smooth. They’re not skimping on garbage hosting.There are a range of video resolutions built into the player, from 360p all the way up to 1080p. Downloads are available at the same qualities. The comments are all from 9 months ago, and whatever issue they had seems to have been resolved. I jumped ahead to the Ass-Licking scene and watched this babe receive a very intimate cleaning in crisp high-definition video.Green bars on the video timeline point out the different sex acts. If Ass-Licking ain’t your bag, this movie also features Masturbating, Fingering, 69, and Ass-to-Mouth. It sounds cheesy to tell you a lesbian shag flick has something for everyone, but there you go. Tell me you can’t get off to this one and I’ll show you a stupid, ugly liar.A very extensive cataloging of the video’s perversion is available in the Tag list. About 50 tags like Toned, Shaved Pussy, Natural Tits, and Sixty-Nine lead to other videos with exactly what you’re looking for. The tags actually search through all your subscribed sites on TeamSkeet, so you should find a rich selection of smut in any category.Dyked has extremely basic social media features, but the other ones seem more useful than the comment section. After I finished choking the chicken, I clicked the thumbs-up button to add my vote to the pile, then I clicked the heart icon to Favorite the video. My personal TeamSkeet stash just got one video heavier.Twenty-five bucks for access to 55 pornos may seem steep for the budget-minded masturbator these days. That said, this is no typical porn site. This is some of the best lesbian porn coming out right now, starring some of the hottest girls in the business. They’re full-length movies, too. You’re not paying for a collection of two-minute clips.Dyked’s got a bit of range as far as the levels of depravity in their videos. There are a few lighter pussy-munching friends clips, but their real niche seems to be dominant MILFs teaching the younger sluts the ropes, often in an aggressive, degrading way. If that trips your trigger, Dyke is worth every goddamn penny. They’re masters of this shit.Speaking as a fan of TeamSkeet, I think your best bet is to subscribe to a package that includes Dyked and a couple of your other favs on the network. The production values are crazy high, the sluts are gorgeous, and the action is filthy. The trial’s only a buck, so you afford a look around if you’re not so broke you’re jerking off at the library.