As a guy with a monster cock, I often have to chuckle sadly about the poor guys with the normal 8-inch junk in the porno movies. I sometimes get email from lesser-endowed dudes who get straight-up jelly and turned off having to see BBC filling up their masturbatory crushes. Relax, pencil dick. Just bust out some lesbian smut if seeing a wiener is going to ruin it for you. Have you checked out Lesbea yet?Lesbea.com is part of the SexyHub network. They are a relatively new player in the online porno business, hitting the web in 2014. While they may not have the brand recognition as big boys like Reality Kings and Brazzers, they do get more than 13,000 hits a day. I have to assume their girl-on-girl offerings are part of their appeal, but I guess I won’t know until I beat off to some of them.MILFs, Teens and Licking Latina LesbosA big image at the top of the landing page advertises one of Lesbea’s newest pictures. The text reads Beauty Licks Latina, three words that aren’t quite a sentence and barely a movie title, but they do say more than enough to get your heart pounding and the blood flowing straight to your dick. Just in case your brain is a little slower processing words, the photos will do the trick. One shows an intimate smile with a more-than-friendly boob grope, the other shows the sluts fully naked in bed and ready to get down.Slide the Beauty and the Latina over and they’re replaced by two hot blondes in a flick called Hot Tongue Ride. Again, it’s a pretty fucking descriptive title, but they do one better by including a couple of photos of twat licking. I don’t think anyone would confuse a scene called Lonely MILF Room Service with a Lifetime movie about a sad lady taking a break from her family in a hotel, but the dark-haired cougar riding a cock spells it out a little more clearly. The big, glorious banner for MILF and Teen Threesome shows just that.The rest of Lesbea’s landing page shows more of their recent and top-rated material. There are athletic chicks with big tits, Czech teens eating pussy and Latinas squirting after a delicious and refreshing 69. One talented little bitch has her legs almost behind her head as her lovely Euro blonde girlfriend cleans out that cunt with her mouth.I clicked the Play button to see the preview for a fun little film called Pert Young Women Pussy Eating. You know the button I’m talking about, that right-facing triangle that has started movies, music, washing machines and microwaves your entire life. The symbol means the exact same thing, START NOW, literally everywhere you see it except on the pre-login pages for porn sites. On Lesbea, the icon sends you to a sign-up page.Tons of Lesbians with a Side of More PornoThe standard rate for a month of unlimited streaming and downloading of romantic tribbing, groping, face-sitting and wild lesbian orgies on Lesbea is 30 USD a month, just like it is almost everywhere else. They’ve got three-month and one-year memberships at lower monthly rates, and a two-day trial that auto-bills suckers who forget to cancel at an inflated rate.Lesbea updates twice a week with new, exclusive full-length movies of women feeling each other up, making out, and pounding each other with a wide variety of dildos and vibrators. The archive of all-girl smut stretches back to 2011 and currently houses nearly 600 premium dirty movies starring horny teen nymphets, opportunistic mature whores, and hot pornstars who simply love the taste of vaginal fluids. Those regular updates and sizable stash are two key features to look for in a paysite at this price.There’s a ton of fucking competition out there, though. Have you seen my full Premium Lesbian Sites list? One of Lesbea’s main selling points that sets it apart from a lot of the other all-girl guys is that it includes full access to the SexyHub network. That means updates every day instead of a couple times a week, and thousands of exclusive videos instead of hundreds. No, they’re not all lesbian movies, but even the biggest dike fans can appreciate a change of sexual pace sometimes.Pert Young Women Eating PussiesOnce you get logged in, they’ll drop you off on the central SexyHub members page. It shows all the newest stuff from all of their sites, including tons of hot bitches getting crammed full of stiff cock in all of their holes. The easiest way to narrow it down to just the Lesbea material is to click the LSB icon beneath one of the girl-on-girl movies.I’ve been rock hard ever since I looked at the thumbnail for Pert Young Women Pussy Eating, and my drawers got pretty damn sticky and saturated while I was typing in all my credit card information. Naturally, I clicked my way over to that enticing culinary affair the moment SexyHub let me in.Maybe my connection is wonky today, or maybe SexyHub is just getting stingy with the bandwidth, but the baked-in player automatically selected 480p as my default Video Quality. Fortunately, I didn’t have any buffering issues when I bumped it all the way up to 1080P HD.The scene opens with soft music in a room with erotically bright white lighting. Two babes wearing just their underwear and dude’s button-up shirts make out sensually while running their hands all over each other’s bodies. It’s a relatively light start, but I like how real the passion feels already. Are these girls pornstars or legit girlfriends?It’s a 26-minute scene, and the action ramps up pretty quickly. Hands are in the panties by the three-minute mark, and the cunts start getting tongued down right when we hit four. The camera work is gorgeous, cutting back and forth between a wide shot that shows the young babe’s face wedged in her partner’s ass crack and a close-up that shows every vaginal fold being cleaned in extremely explicit detail.The Sweet, Sensual Flavor of Hardcore Lesbian SexI painted the bottom of my desk a nice, creamy white, waited a while, and added a new coat while watching Girlfriends Secret Tryst Discovered. I didn’t have time to let it all dry before I loaded up Pretty Nubile Pussy Licking Passion, Pretty Girls Face Sitting and 69, and Teens with Big Tits Share Foot Play. What can I say? They’re good sex films that demand to be watched immediately.Lesbea’s lesbian pornography has a particularly classy, sensual flavor to it. Any music fades out during the intro, and the girls don’t fill the silence with fake moans and unbelievable, cheesy dialogue. On the contrary, the passion and sexual excitement seems very real in these movies. You get the raw, animal fucking that you do with any good premium porno, but you also get what feels like genuine romance.The high production values and elegant, erotic cinematography is the bow that ties the whole package together. Everything is brightly lit, clean, and professionally shot. You never get the feeling that they just stuck some cheap pornstars in a room, told them to fuck, handed them paychecks and just filmed the result. I love how the enthusiasm never feels dialed-in or fake.While I like the extra-sensual feel of Lesbea, I’m not sure it’s for everyone. If you’re looking for the absolute most depraved, perverted and nasty lesbian movies featuring nympho babes addicted to body-quaking orgasms and nothing else, you may be better suited elsewhere. I only found one lesbian anal movie on Lesbea, for example. The site’s self-descriptive blurb includes “minimal toy use,” which is obvious from the thumbnails.Lesbea is an easy choice of paysite for lesbian fans who can’t stand phony passion, but get off really hard when they see that the babes are really enjoying it. While the action may be a little bit lighter compared to other girl-on-girl premium porn sites, the genuine lust and excitement you see in these women’s faces and squeals more than makeup for it. Lesbea is worth the asking price alone, but it also includes full access to the SexyHub network. There are certainly much worse ways to spend your money.