Haze Her

HazeHer! College is a turning point for a lot of young folks. It’s a time of experimentation, a few years to go fucking wild getting black-out drunk, popping molly, and fucking a ton of strangers. For sorority-bound babes, it’s also a time of extreme and punishing challenges in the name of bonding with your fellow sisters. The movies at HazeHer follow exactly those antics.HazeHer.com, as you may have guessed, is a sorority-themed premium porn site. The domain was registered in 2009, so a lot of these girls have graduated by now. They’ll always have cherished memories of sisterhood, education, and the time they sat on dildos with a bunch of their naked friends. The perverts who tune in to watch will also have the scenes indelibly burned into their consciousness.Naked Sorority Sisters, Lined Up Like Cuts of MeatI don’t usually mention the adults-only warning screen in my reviews, but they’ve got a really eye-catching one at HazeHer. It’s got the usual all-caps declarations that you are OVER 18 AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, but it’s also got some sleazy exploitation horror graphics that would look right at home on a slasher VHS cover from the 80s. The Haze Her logo bleeds red and drippy over a hot babe on her knees with her head over a toilet, Solo cups littering the floor around her.“Sometimes Girls Will Do Anything To Get In!” reads the tagline. The pic makes it seem like these broads are just going to drink themselves under a table and then go throw up for a while, but the blurb makes it a little bit clearer. “See sorority pledges as never before as they strip, eat pussy, suck cock, and do whatever it takes to become a Sister. You have never seen anything like this before.”As The Porn Dude, I pride myself on all the things I’ve seen in the world of porno. I’m guessing I actually have seen something like this, but hey, challenge accepted. To tell you the truth, I was going to whip my dick out and take the site for a test fap either way.I can’t say I’m not impressed when I hit the ENTER button. The layout is dated, which you kind of expect from a site that’s been around this long. Seriously, is that fucking Comic Sans spelling out the movie titles? The college girl's perversion and degradation on display is something to behold, though.HazeHer does that typical porn site bullshit where none of the Play buttons on the thumbnails actually play the movie; instead they bring you to the sign-up page. I may not have video previews, but the thumbs already have me pretty hard. The newest flick, Let’s Get Those Clothes Off Now, is represented by a bunch of pledges standing against a wall wearing only their tennis shoes, a row of hooded sisters facing them down. I can only guess what happens next, but it makes me get a little bit drippy.There are a lot of naked girls lined up the page, to be honest. Sometimes the girls look nervous and scared, hiding their coochies behind their hands. Other times, these stone-cold sluts are eager to slurp on a dildo, jog naked around a tennis court, or lick their sorority sister’s juicy cunt.Way Cheaper Than College, Considerably Less FreshGoing to college is a wonderous, life-changing event that will put you in debt for the rest of your natural life. Watching gorgeous sorority girls getting sexually hazed on HazeHer is a wonderous, life-changing event that will run you a mere $30 month. It’s the same standard price most adult paysites are charging in 2021, with a yearly membership available for a little under ten bones a month.Here’s where shit gets weird. Out front, I’d noticed that the thumbnails were a bit grainy compared to most porn sites these days. I hoped it was just a quirk of their outdated layout, though in the back of my head, I wondered if this was all old material. The top of the tour page says a new sorority hazing video was added literally today.Well, when I got signed up and logged in, I didn’t see anything added today. In fact, I didn’t see anything added this year, or in the five years before that. The entire front of the member’s area is college sister sex from 2013 and 2012.I thought I might be looking at their all-time most popular content, but there’s no way to reorder or filter the page. It’s pretty clearly in reverse chronological order, with consistent updates every couple weeks up until November 19, 2013. What the fuck?I’ve seen stale sites before, but this one claims out front that they’re actively adding new content. If I had to guess now, I’d say the front page always says they updated today. That’s blatantly shady, and I’m more than a little annoyed. It looks like they actually released around 60 movies between 2011 and 2013, and then just stopped.When stale sites like this still survive, it’s often because they have some really good shit in the archive. I’m hoping that’s the case here, because otherwise, they’ve just survived by lying on the front page about having new material. I guess I should probably try masturbating to one of their movies to find out.The Hottest Sorority Sex of 2013I decided to start with their “newest” movie, Lesbian Roommates. The thumbnail shows a young hottie getting a dildo shoved inside of her by another young hottie, and that’s exactly the kind of thing I like to see. The 37-minute film starts playing in what is ostensibly 1080p HD as soon as I hit the Play button, though I’m not convinced it was actually shot in that format. It doesn’t look as crisp as most HD offerings.At least the girls are fucking gorgeous. The bitch behind the camera telling them to strip is straight-up mean, asking them if they’re embarrassed, demanding they turn around, and marking their bodies up with a red marker.“Squat!” she demands, and the naked babes do their best to obey her command. “That’s not even a fucking squat!” She makes them repeat it a few times before making them turn around and show off their asses while doing it. Then she marks their flat tummies with the marker and basically calls them fat, which is bullshit, but I guess you’ve got to break a girl somehow.I skipped ahead to the halfway mark. Now we’re watching a POV shot of the brunette licking the mean bitch’s shaved cunt. “Lick my fucking pussy!” she says, angry about the girl’s hesitation to stick a tongue in her private parts. Meanwhile, the other chick is masturbating on a couch in the background.“Do you want me to do that again, sister?” the brunette asks after running her tongue slowly up the camera girl’s clit and making beautiful eye contact. I love the hesitation here. It really seems like this girl is going through with something naughty only semi-willingly, just to become a member of the sorority.That’s the gimmick here, and it’s why HazeHer is still selling memberships years after all but abandoning the site. They do a fucking killer job capturing the weird power dynamic of a sorority house and making freaky group porn around it. It’s not the only college girl porn site out there, but it’s certainly one of the more degrading and forceful ones, while still being sexy as all fuck and at least semi-realistic.I figured with the outdated layout and content; they’d at least still offer downloads like most paysites did back in 2013. Unfortunately, that ain’t the case. Perhaps that’s another reason they’ve been around so long. If you want to crank it to your favorite HazeHer scene, you’ll have to sign up all over again.HazeHer.com put out some really good sorority hazing porn between 2011 and 2013. The site has since grown stale, despite what the tour page says about the matter. Despite the total lack of updates in the succeeding years, the site still pulls viewers and members eager to see their degrading take on the sorority porn genre. I recommend taking a look at the tour page if that’s your thing, but keep in mind that what you see is what you get, with nothing new for you coming down the tubes.