Sometimes I try to think of general complaints about porn, just as an intellectual exercise. I guess a real nitpicky fag could complain that it’s all kind of the same. There are formulas, sure, but they fucking work. Even if you could get tired of the classic girl/guy scenario, you could always spice it up with a girl/guy/girl threesome or girl/guy/guy/guy/guy gangbang. The formula for the movies at GirlGirl is written right there in the name, but it’s a selling point, not a drawback!Tearing it down to formulas might be oversimplifying it a little bit. does pride itself on being “the highest quality story-based lesbian porn adult content anywhere online.” Porn sites are always full of bold claims, and that’s a pretty big one for a website that ain’t even a year old. They posted their first girl-on-girl movie in June 2019, going hard right from jump with porn goddess Abigail Mac. That alone tells me these motherfuckers might be legit.Top Porn Babes in Every Lesbian SceneWhen you put Abigail Mac in your very first movie, you’re setting a pretty fucking ridiculous bar for yourself. I checked out GirlGirl’s preview page to see if they’ve been able to book more top-tier talent for their more recent movies. Sure enough, I see plenty of faces I’ve fantasized about splooging on and plenty of cooters I’ve secretly envisioned while banging local soccer moms.Good goddamn, friends, the What’s Hot section reads like a Who’s Who of the hottest bitches in the business. Alina Lopez and Reagan Foxx are getting it on in a flick called Almost Getting Caught, and Adriana Chechik is giving squirt lessons to Kenzie Reeves and Chloe Temple. The most recent update, added a few days ago, features Serene Siren in a taboo affair with Katy Jayne called My English Cousin.I love that incest angle, so I’m pleased to see more of the same in a few of the recent updates over the last month. Gina Valentina and Kristen Scott star in the rough My Reluctant Stepsister, and Cherie Deville, Sarah Vandella, and Alina Lopez play a really fucked-up but gorgeous family unit in She’s My Daddy.GirlGirl is one of a dying breed of paysites that still gives out free video previews. I watched the trailer for She’s My Daddy, and my dick started beating the bottom of my desk. The two MILFs teach Alina a hard lesson in discipline that includes titty sucking, pussy licking, and hard asshole tonguing. With dialogue like, “Watch how I fuck your mommy!” interspersing the real squeals and orgasmic moans, you’re going to cum goddamn buckets.Lesbian Sex Way Cheaper Than Dinner and a MovieHow much would you expect to see the hottest lesbians in the world sucking each other’s nipples, licking each other’s pussies and fingering each other’s assholes? A hundred dollars? A thousand? A million? A goddamn billion?I'm just kidding. The standard monthly rate at GirlGirl is thirty USD, just like it is on most premium sites these days. There’s also a streaming-only membership if you don’t need to download anything and want to save ten bucks. You CostCo shoppers, thrifty grammas, and Armageddon preppers might want to opt year-long membership, which breaks down to about 27 cents a day.GirlGirl updates every 4 days with exclusive new, full-length lesbian fuck scenes starring girls like Gianna Dior, Jade Baker, and Ari Love. The big names and high production values are going to be a major draw, but one of the site’s significant drawbacks is that it’s so new. There are only about 50 movies currently in the archive. While that’s going to be more than enough for the typical pervert, it can’t compare in volume to the premium networks offerings hundreds or even thousands of girl-on-girl flicks.Given the caliber of the talent on display and the rapid release schedule, GirlGirl does strike a solid fucking balance between quantity and quality. Sure, they’re new, and their archive is small, but you’ll get a couple of new lesbian flicks to jerk off to every week, and they’ll always star some of the top video whores ever seen. It’s a decent trade-off if you ask me.Put Three Perfect Sluts in a Room…There are certain combinations of things that just always work thanks to some inherent, magical synergy. I’m talking about peanut butter and jelly, whiskey and cocaine, snorted Viagra and crackwhores, and the terrifying dildo I carved from a little league bat. Another great, perfect-every-time combo? Darcie Dolce, April O’Neil, and Valentina Nappi, the three babes starring in The Photographer.The movie starts playing in HD as soon as I hit the Play button, no buffering or other bullshit slowing me down. The film is part of GirlGirl’s Large Naturals feature. There’s a voiceover setting up the scene, with Valentina as the photographer and April as the make-up artist. There seems to be some friction between the broads as I skip ahead a few minutes.The video player is responsive, letting me jump around the timeline without buffering issues. Five minutes in, Darcie is topless on the couch with April, who still seems a little reluctant. The site wasn’t lying about their pornos being story-based, and April does a decent job pretending she’s not into it even after pulling out her big jugs.Ten minutes in and April still has her tits out, Darcie is almost totally naked, and Valentina has joined the scene. April is still playing the odd girl out, looking on uncomfortably as the other girls make out. She tries to make a quiet getaway, only to be pulled into the action.Slow Buildup, Big Sensuality, Hardcore SexThe slow buildup may be annoying to reality porn fans who are used to seeing “strangers” fucking almost immediately with little introduction. On the other hand, the story-driven sex narrative adds a level of sensuality and realism that’s often hard to find in your typical hardcore porno.The pussy-eating doesn’t even start until halfway through the flick, by which point April is finally out of her clothes. So are the other girls, and the moans and squeals all sound totally real as these nymphomaniac sluts give in to their own base desires.Once April stuck her nose in Darcie’s ass crack and started licking her from behind, I knew I had a new entry for my permanent spank bank. I filed it away in my photographic pornographic memory, but I also saved the file just in case all the bong hits turn me retarded.If you’ve paid for the full membership, you can download the MP4 in a range of resolutions all the way to 4K ultra-HD. It’s interesting to note that while many premium sites are asking $30 for streaming plus another fee to download, GirlGirl offers downloads included at thirty bucks with a discount if you don’t need to save your lesbian movies. That makes it a better value monetarily, whether you’re a downloader or not.I spent a couple of hours fap-testing the lesbian movies on the site. Next was The Office Slut starring Kenzie Taylor and Angela White, then Poolside Squirting with exotic beauties Kira Noir and Luna Star. Though the action starts relatively slowly, the babes are squirting within the first ten minutes.The action can sometimes build a little slowly thanks to the story-driven thing GirlGirl is doing, but it pays off in multiple ways. For one thing, it makes the girls seem more deeply intimate as they set up the scene and pretend to get to know each other. For another, that slow buildup makes the intense asshole rimming all the more erotic.There is a good range of sexy stories on the site. Some are realistic and others over-the-top, with plenty of the classic porno scenarios given fresh twists. They always bring the hottest talent, too. I watched a lesbian voyeur scene with Kali Roses and Emily Willis, and a Paranormal parody with Kristen Scott and Naomi may be a new lesbian site, but they’ve been putting out some seriously high-quality smut since day one. They seem to have the top babes in the business starring in every scene of all-girl cunnilingus, scissoring, and threesomes. The archive is small but growing rapidly, and the regular updates ensure perverts will always have fresh material to completely destroy their workplace productivity.