It’s time to lube up and get yourself ready for one of the biggest fetishes out there. Anal porn. It’s been steadily growing in popularity lately. Especially eating ass. I mean, what’s not to like about a big bodacious booty in your face? Plus, if you get the right slut then she will love getting down and dirty with some anal play. If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to pound town on some babe’s tight ass, then, fuck, you are missing out. But, don’t worry. I’ve got a site today that will let you explore that fantasy.Did you guess that the site was about anal? It’s about anal. It’s called, fittingly enough, Analized.com. It’s a premium anal porn site with HD videos, unlimited downloads, and a network that you can access at discounted costs, which is how most premium sites like this do it. Analized is doing pretty decently for only being around since 2014. They are bringing in around 700 thousand views every month, with a pretty steady climb upwards over the past few months. Not bad for a site dedicated to just anal porn.The Cost is Premium but FullPornNetwork Brings a Lot of Quality Content to the TableYou have to pay up for this site. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. Hah, buts. But, yeah, there’s no free trial or sample videos. If you click on a video, you’ll get bumped over to the membership page to cough up some cash. It’s not too expensive. Under 10 bucks a month if you pay for a year, but if you want a shorter membership you’ll double or triple that cost. Still, it’d be cool if they included short (under 1 minute) clips from their videos so potential users could get a taste of the action without having to pay for a premium membership.When you do pay up or sign in, you’ll get taken over to the main page. It’s certainly premium looking. Nice, dark black design with big ass previews running down the center of the page. A small header up top and that’s it! Easy and simple. I like that shit. Though they don’t keep the ads to the “deals or specials” page like other premium sites do. They have that page, of course, but you’ll see more than just a few advertisements as you browse the site. I hate that. I’m paying for your fucking service. Don’t go bombarding me with other sites or ads. It makes the site feel cheap and scammy.Multiple Downloading and Streaming Options Let You Watch AnywhereAnyway, the videos on the front page are organized by favorites first, then below you get upcoming updates, recent updates, and most popular updates. And the previews are okay. You get a pretty big HD shot from the movie. I wish they were animated or did a slideshow, but you’re stuck with plain-jane still images on this site. At least they get the descriptions and shit right though. Before you click through to the video you will get the title, pornstars in the movie, rating, date uploaded, and video length. Finally, a site that puts everything you need right there without making you go on a fucking hunt for it.While we’re at it, let’s go over the videos and video player. Both are awesome. You have multiple streaming and downloading options. Streaming is available up to 720p, but you can download videos at 1080p quality if you need to see every dirty, sexy detail. There’s even a photo section that lets you browse through a photo gallery of that particular movie. You also get all the tags, a short description of the vid, and an option to add this to your favorites. Overall, not bad at all. And the videos play smoothly and without any annoying buffering regardless of quality. Though your connection may impact that.But if you don’t see the anal video you want on the front page, then you’ll have to take your search over to the Categories, which you can find under the Browse drop-down menu in the upper left. Aside from categories, you can sort by Latest, All FullPornNetwork, Channels, Categories, and Photos. Most of these are straightforward.Photos provide you with a pretty big selection of anal porn photo galleries. Channels let you sort by content from the other channels in the FullPornNetwork. All Full Porn Network just throws everything from every channel on the page. That’s great and all. I like the fact that this is kind of a one-stop-shop network for all porn, but I will keep my focus on the anal content for this review.Extensive Category and Model Page Make Finding the Next Video EasyIf you want to stick in the realm of anal while still having some search options, then you need to head over to the categories tab. Here you can browse a surprisingly large collection of porn fetishes and genres. Most of it is focused on that good, good anal content, but you also get some stuff like “deepthroat, cum swapping, and pussy eating” mixed up in there for good measure. And each category has a large selection of full-length vids to keep you coming back for more. And when I say a large selection, I mean it. Each category has hundreds of fucking videos, most of which are over 30 minutes long.The models' page is also pretty good. And they actually have male and female models on here. You usually don’t see that. I guess the dudes deserve some recognition for all the babes they have to fuck. When you click on their HD preview image you can rate them and see which videos they have done. You also get a short bio paragraph for some of them. I didn’t see any bios, which was a bummer. But you can’t have everything, I guess.All of the other tabs “Live Girls, Trusted Partners, Bonus Scenes, and Specials” all just take you either off-site or to a page where you can get site discounts. Not really worth discussing any of those here, so browse through and maybe score a deal there if you feel like it.Decent Mobile Experience with a Weird Video PlayerEverything about the mobile site is pretty good, except for one minor issue. The video player is tiny as fuck. Why? It makes it hard to even full screen that shit with it being so small. I just don’t’ understand. The ad below it is like 5 times bigger than the video itself. That definitely needs to be fixed. Sometimes I just want a little taste and don’t’ want to full screen the video. Without full screen, it’s not even watchable!ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Analized.com is the multiple streaming and download options you get when you go to a video. It’s cool being able to tone it down if you’re trying to stream content over a shitty content. And it’s even better being able to download those videos in full 1080p if you want to look at them offline. Now, that’s some good premium service.I also like the overall layout and site design. The sleek black backdrop and big ass previews makes for a really nice site for night/discreet browsing. It’s not ugly and actually feels like a premium experience when you’re using it.ThePornDude’s SuggestionI would suggest Analized.com just make some small changes. The site is already pretty fucking great as is. Increase the video player size on mobile, get those stupid fucking ads off of the video and main pages, and make the previews something other than static images. Do that and this site will be even better. Oh, and make it so people can check out short clips of the videos for free. Nobody wants to pull the trigger on a membership without at least checking out the content. Do that and I’m sure you’ll bring in a bigger audience.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Analized.com has exactly what you think it would have. Quality, HD, full-length anal porn videos from the hottest, best, and newest pornstars in the industry. You have to pay to view this premium content, but FullPornNetwork brings a lot to the table for the price. If you love high production values, unlimited downloads, and amazing anal porn, then I don’t know what the fuck you’re waiting for. Head over to Analized.com and jerk off to their awesome anal porn catalog.