Anal Mom

AnalMom! Let me give you two simple words that will put all kinds of dirty thoughts into your head immediately: Anal Mom. Goddamn, the two concepts go together like carrots and peas or big shafts and tight holes. Lead with that, and you’re going to have to really fuck things up to lose your audience. Anal sex and MILFs are just two of the most popular subgenres of smut, so combining the two should be a recipe for almost certain success. A site with the simple motto “Moms Do Anal On Video” is probably going to be worth busting out your favorite jizz sock is a new ass-banging MILF site from the deviates at MYLF. The website was launched in early 2021, getting into the game strong with an exclusive butt-sex movie starring legendary cougar Dana Dearmond. I’ve written about the MYLF network before here at ThePornDude, so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to see them pulling out the big guns on a brand new site. I mean, shit, that’s how they earned those laurel leaves you’ll see on the sign-up page: they won the 2021 XBIZ Award for Best New Paysite.Major Pornstars Take Major Anal PoundingDana Dearmond may have been the first to spread her ass cheeks for the perverts of AnalMom, but she wasn’t the last distinguished face and cherished bunghole to work with the site. They regularly feature some of the hottest MILFs in the business, taking it up the butt. If you’re a regular consumer of mom smut, you’ll probably see a few of your favorites out on the front page.You can watch some free preview videos on the tour to see exactly who I’m talking about. They’ve had Veronica Avluv on her back with a boner in her pooper and Anissa Kate spreading her pussy lips while balancing colon-first on a dude’s ding-dong. They’ve featured big-bottomed Latina Mercedes Carrera, the thick little Summer Hart, and the illustrious Cherie Deville, all getting it where the sun doesn’t shine. Anissa Kate, Lilly Lane, and Sarah Vandella are just a few more famous names on the roster.Teen anal sites typically promise the exciting spectacle of first-time booty love. It’s a lot rarer with older pornstars just because they’ve been in the game for so much longer. If anything, you’ll often get some “first time on video” anal moments with MILFs. One of the things that makes AnalMom special is that the series features horny moms getting drilled up the ass for the very first time. These chicks have that MILF level of experience, expertise and skill when it comes to sex in general, but still the thrill, nervousness and pain you expect from butt virgins.You can’t discount the finely aged good looks of the modern cougar, either. Anal Mom has a nice variety of MILFs, but one of the things I like immediately is how many of these girls have nice big asses. I love skinny little bimbos as much as the next guy, but who doesn’t appreciate a couple of nice round cheeks surrounding their dick while pounding the stink eye?Cheaper Than a Crack Whore is A MYLF Premium Series. In other words, it’s not part of the standard collection of sites you get with regular access to the MYLF network. You can get it as part of the all-inclusive MYLF Unlimited for $286 a year; otherwise, it’s going to run you $30 a month to get in. Breaking it down in terms of raw numbers makes the network package sound like it might be a better deal, but thirty bones is the standard price on most any paysite these days. It ain’t a bad price at all for exclusive buttfucking films, especially with ladies like this.A new Anal Mom movie is added every week. I’ve seen more than a few premium porn sites slowing down their release schedules thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, so it’s nice to see these guys sticking it out while sticking dicks in butts. I, for one, look forward to every new movie of the world’s sexiest MILFs allowing back door entry.I’m going to warn you upfront, though, the current catalog is still pretty goddamn small. They just launched in March and I’m fap-testing the site at the beginning of July. I’ve only got 15 movies to choose from right now. They are full-length releases, though, typically running around 40 minutes a pop. That’s a fair amount of fapping before you have to flip the tape.You can also download any or all of your favorite movies without paying extra. It wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t even have to mention this perk, but with so many premium sites doing away with downloads or asking for more money, you’ve got to appreciate these motherfuckers keeping it old-school. Cheapskates will also appreciate the hell out of it, because you can sign up once, save all the videos and fap to them indefinitely until you inevitably sign up again. Anal MILF porn addiction is a serious and crippling condition.What I Do to Your Mom SometimesI’m a real sucker for incest movies, so I was immediately drawn to a film called Stepmom’s Cam Show. It’s got Silvia Saige as the stepmom, and the spread-eagle thumbnail alone had me hard, drippy and trying to fight out of my pants. It’s a great way to make a first impression, and frankly, I think young ladies could learn a lot from studying this educational material.Bandwidth is fucking solid, so I had the movie playing at 1080p with just a second of buffering. Silvia bids goodbye to some invisible family member heading to work in the morning, and then heads upstairs to do some pervy shit on camera. Before she even pulls up her dress and pops in a buttplug, we get a glimpse of her true intentions when she peeks in on her sleeping stepson.The camwhore act is sexy as hell, and she really works that ass, getting viewers all excited for what’s coming next. She shoves her toy in and out while making eye contact and dirty talking at the camera, moaning loudly when she pulls it out slowly, savoring the feel of the ridges against her butthole. I’m particularly thrilled when she licks it, because I understand completely what that implies: she’s going to do ass-to-mouth later.When sonny boy wakes up, he checks his phone and sees step-mommy fucking herself up the ass. I can’t say I blame the dude for taking advantage of the situation with a little blackmail. She acts angry, tells him to shut the fuck up and says, “Let’s get this over with.” She seems to change her tone the second she gets a taste of his cock, eagerly bobbing her head on his shaft.The AnalMom show is still live on the Internet as Silvia goes to town, working the head and the shaft with her whole mouth. The scene is supposed to look like it’s shot on a stationary camera she set on the counter, but I’m glad it’s actually a very steady handheld shot, eliminating the poor angles you often get with true webcam shows.Mom Finally Got It Up the ButtI hate when you watch an “anal” scene and the girl doesn’t even get it up the butt until the last 3 minutes of a 45-minute movie. Anal Mom doesn’t bullshit viewers with that bait-and-switch scam; there is a ton of anal action in these ass-themed fuck flicks. As soon as the lovely Sylvia gets her butthole poked, the entire soundtrack changes to a whole lot of excited, orgasmic and slightly pained screaming.I was honestly ready to call bullshit on the idea of this practiced cougar getting it up the ass for the first time. If she ain’t actually getting her rectal cherry popped in this video, she’s really selling the fuck out of it. Either way, it’s a damn fine performance and a damn fine piece of anal cougar smut.MYLF won the 2021 XBIZ Best New Paysite Award with its polished, professional brand of MILF pornography. is one of their Premium Series, adding value to an already superb product by having these beautiful and talented cougars get assfucked for the very first time. If you’re on the hunt for a premium site with gorgeous MILFs doing a ton of anal, this may well be the one.