Lets Try Anal

“Let’s try anal.” It sounds like a simple enough request, but most of you dudes know how hard it can be to get a sober chick to go for it. Only 36 percent of straight women admit to getting butt-fucked at least once. It’s higher than some of you virginal neckbeards would have guessed, but still way too low. Thankfully, the girls at LetsTryAnal.com are always DTBF.First Time Ass Fucking!The subtitle of Lets Try Anal is FIRST TIME ASS FUCKING! The all-caps yelling and exclamation point are all them, not me, so they’re clearly serious about the product they’re hyping. Can you imagine the same sales pitch screamed at you on the street? That’s the kind of loud, perverted salesmanship I can appreciate.The warning page talks about getting off watching a tight little virgin’s butt get fucked, so I know I’ve found the right place for a sophisticated gentleman like myself. I click the button agreeing that I’m a grown-up, I’ve had my STD tests, I’m signing over my soul to Satan for buttsex movies, and whatever else it says in those things. You know you’ve never read a full one, either.Behind the warning screen, LetsTryAnal seduces you into a paid membership with a montage of pieces from one of their Featured Videos, played at a cartoonishly quick pace at the top of the page. A glistening soapy ass is slapped in a shower, the pretty girl licks a cock up the bottom of its shaft, and then she’s on her back, doing splits in the air and taking that dick into her tight asshole.If that’s not enough, the rest of the screen is images as crystal-clear as the video above. There are hot blondes stretched out, cum all over their asses. I see brunettes riding cock anally, bouncing on it like a pogo stick. A young Latina contorts her face in a mix of pain and pleasure, speared up the rectum with a weapon that’s just too big. Another girl bites a pillow to get through it.Mixed in with all the pics of anal penetration and anal creampies, there’s an offer that’s almost as enticing: Get Access for Only $1. Redeem Now!I’m at the Back Door, Let Me In!The one-buck access is actually just a 2-day trial, or you can do 7 days for 7 bucks. Cancel it before it’s up, or you get auto-billed at a higher rate than the usual $30 a month.Once I got signed up and logged in, LetsTryAnal dropped me off over at Mofos. I didn’t realize this ass-slut site was on the network. That’s a good sign. Mofos has been putting out online porn for a decade and a half, steadily building their reputation as one of the world’s finest purveyors of Internet perversion.While I’m fucking thrilled that membership includes access to the full network and the thousands of videos that come with it, I’m bummed about the download situation. They’re available, in a range of video resolutions, but they cost extra. Don’t worry about missing your opportunity. Mofos will constantly remind you they’ll accept more of your cash to let you save stuff.Below some scrolling posters for new pornos on the network, you’ll find the latest videos. You get all the new stuff from every Mofos site you’re subscribed to, which means you actually might have to do some clicking to make it over to the LetsTryAnal material. It’s more of a feature than a bug; if the anal deflowering videos get a little buried, it’s only because they’re banging out so many new fuck movies.It looks like LetsTryAnal usually releases one a month, but sometimes members will get lucky and get an extra anal fuck video. From time to time, there have even been three in the same month.I know what you’re thinking. There are other paysites out there that update every week or even every day. How can one movie a month possibly be worth it? Well, because it’s just one site on a network, for one thing, and they’ve already got an archive of over 300 flicks. The thing, though, that really gets my blood pumping and my wallet loosened up is the quality of the butt smut.Sexy Sluts Lose Their Anal VirginityLetsTryAnal’s whole gimmick is girls getting their anal cherries popped. There’s a lot of fakery and lies in porn, sure, but this ain’t one of the worst offenders. You know the sites I’m talking about. They say it’s a teen getting her butt fucked for the first time, but show you a haggard old bleach-blonde whose asshole is already stretched loose from years of unlubricated anal fisting. You won’t find that crap here.Their newest clip is a 36-minute fuck-fest called Bath Time. It stars Kenzie Green, a rising young slut who’s been getting banged on camera for a few years now. She’s a talented little babe, so I can’t wait to get into it and see how well she takes it up the ass. You can get a peek at the agenda for the event by looking at the tags on the movie: Anal, Couples Fantasies, Bald Pussy and Doggystyle (Standing) will be had, plus so much more.In case Kenzie’s still a little too obscure for you, check out the next video on the list, Cheeky Tan. This one stars Whitney Wright, 2018’s XRCO Best New Starlet. As a matter of fact, you know what? I better take a closer look at this anal movie right now, just for research purposes.Top Pornstars, Crisp Videos, Hot Anal SexCheeky Tan starts with Whitney by the pool, already looking sexy as fuck in a red bikini. When she gets in the water and shows off the goods, the cameraman can’t help but get closer and reach in for a squeeze. I don’t blame you, my dude. I think Whitney looks kind of like a slutty version of Aubrey Plaza, so I’m hard as a fucking rock by the time she takes the bottom off.The movie is shot in that fake “amateur” style everyone loves these days. It plays out like they’re just a horny couple who happens to have a camera when they try anal for the first time. They just happen to have really high-end cameras, a mansion to use as a set and a girl who is coincidentally a recognizable pornstar with near-superhuman sexual abilities.Whitney definitely has time to show off those abilities. After getting out of the pool, she practices her cocksucking before hopping asshole-first on the lucky motherfucker’s dick. It’s a POV scene, so get yourself one of those VR helmets and pretend she’s actually riding you. Or just grab the monitor off the desk, set it on your chest, and whack off like that. Don’t let the stares from other library patrons deter you.Slut that she is, Whitney immediately wants to suck that cock clean after taking it from her ass. This is only halfway through the flick, so you may have to view it in multiple sessions.After I wadded up millions of my unborn children in a tissue and threw them away, I clicked the heart icon to add Cheeky Tan to my favorites. Then I clicked Whitney Wright’s name to head to her Mofos profile.I need to finish up this review, because it looks like I’ll be busy for a while. Whitney has 7 scenes, spread out among my Mofos sites. Two of them are from LetsTryAnal. Wait a minute. Wasn’t that her first time in the newer video?Come on. You didn’t really believe a girl could pogo her asshole on a dick without any practice, did you? Welcome to the world of porno. The good thing is that the flicks straddle the line well enough that you can believe it, at least enough to get off really fucking hard.If you’re into butt stuff, LetsTryAnal is a safe bet. It’s from Mofos, so you already know it’s some high-quality anal pornography, plus you get access to a whole network of bonus sex films. At the same going rate as most other premium sites these days, LetsTryAnal is a solid booty-bang for your buck.