I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word "tushy". It’s pretty much the cleanest way to refer to what is widely considered to be the dirtiest part of the human body: the butt. If you were going to tell your grandma about a bloody hemorrhoid erupting on your asshole, you’d probably tell her your "tushy" has an "ouchy". It’s that kind of word. I think the general cleanliness of the word is why I think it’s so funny that Tushy.com specializes in such hardcore anal fuck movies.Don’t get me wrong, Tushy ain’t a comedy site. A quick look at their landing page shows exactly what’s inside. This is high-quality porno, with gorgeous talent, shot in glorious 4K ultra-HD. Oh, and the beautiful girls take it in the ass in every scene.Entry Through the BackFirst things first. Tushy is a premium site, so it’s going to cost you a few bucks to get in. If that pre-login page doesn’t make you raging hard, you should head on over to a free porn tube or maybe a site that doesn’t specialize in butt stuff. Tushy is unapologetically aimed squarely at connoisseurs of anal hardcore flicks.It’s 30 bucks a month, the gold standard for porn sites right now. If you just want to dip your feet in, there’s a 2-day tour for $5. Long subscriptions break down to a lower rate per day. You know how it works.The sign-up page has a bunch of awards listed on it. You’ve got to be careful when you see those laurel leaves surrounded the word WINNER. Sometimes you’ll look closer and see they won bullshit, made-up awards like Best Picture of 2014 from the Uncle Jimmy’s Living Room Awards. Tushy is legit, though. They’ve won 16 AVN Awards and 5 XBiz Awards.I’m not going to list them all here, but AVN called Tushy the Best New Imprint in 2016. In 2017, they named it the Best Membership Site, and Xbiz awarded Tushy the 2017 Adult Site of the Year. The site has anally oriented acclaim from both.Stretching the Chocolate StarfishYou know, it’s hard not to make chocolate jokes when you’re talking about a site specializing in butt sex, but these girls have some clean-ass asses. I see a lot of gaping, but not a fleck of brown. Good god, I love pornstars. Most chicks act offended when I ask them to go on a liquid diet, get an enema and bleach their buttholes.The main page of Tushy, once you log in, shows you the latest videos first. This Week’s Update, at the very top, is called Catching Up Fun. It’s a one-hour fuck-fest about two babes catching up with an old friend who has become a tech mogul. All three screengrabs show anal penetration.It’s a fucking classic scenario. You grow up in the friend zone, strike it rich, and suddenly your old chick friends start letting you take prods at God’s blind spot. Let me tell you, once that Porn Dude money starts rolling in, I’m going backstage every night.Anyway, Catching Up Fun is called This Week’s Update, but Tushy actually updates on a five-day schedule. That’s 6 updates a month, for the mathematically challenged perverts out there. We’re talking full-length movies here, at least a half-hour but often way more.I did a little more math and figured out they have about 250 movies right now. The archive goes back to 2015, and they’ve always had the same high standards. All the movies also have a giant gallery of stills.Caution: Tight Squeeze AheadThe Models page lists a couple hundred of the pornstars they’ve worked with. By default, they’re organized by popularity, so the first page is mostly names you recognize. Alex Grey is currently holding the top stop, with a user rating of 9.0. The half-dozen anal movies she has on the site show exactly why.Mia Malkova has been one of my favorite blonde sluts for a while, so I clicked my way to her profile on Tushy. She’s got three movies there. All of them involve anal, and two of them are threesome movies. Do you see why I love this girl?The first video I actually watched on Tushy was called Anal Muse. In it, Mia and Vicki Chase meet some glamour photographer, which naturally leads to a girl-on-girl scene that evolves into anal group sex when Vicky’s husband comes home early.I watched the trailer first, and wow, the production values are just fucking ridiculous. It honestly feels like the setup for a Hollywood movie until Mia starts licking Vicky’s hairy bush.The montage hits hard and fast and dirty as hell: Vicky sucking a cock that goes spit-slippery into Mia’s asshole, Mia squealing with a dick up her butt and her face in Vicky’s snatch, Vicky held down with her legs over her head and a cock stretching her tight ass open.It’s a lot of action for a minute-long trailer, so you can imagine how fucking hot the full hour is. The video player has little green tags along the timeline so you can skip to specific scenes, clearly labeled for your masturbatory perusal. Anal Muse has 69, Doggystyle, and Spoon scenes, as well as plenty of anal.The 4K HD-video is no joke. If your bandwidth can handle it, this is as crisp and clear as it gets. Skip to about 31 minutes in and admire the clarity of Vicky’s pussy lips and asshole as she’s getting some surf-n-turf action.That high-def image of Vicky stretching her asshole is going to look great stretched across your TV. If you’ve got a Chromecast on your Wifi network, the icon will show up at the bottom of the video player. Hit that for an easy way to accidentally show your house-guests some buttfucking.If you’re on an older connection or device that can’t stream 4K, no worries. There are a few resolution settings all the way down to 360p. I gave it a look at the lowest setting and it scales down really well. The picture is clear enough that you won’t have to squint and try to jerk off to pixels. Downloads are available at the same resolutions.Tag ThisAnal Muse is tagged with 14 category tags, including Missionary, Bush, 69, and Ass To Mouth. As a sucker for both lesbian hardcore movies and anal hardcore movies, I clicked on FFM in search of more.Tushy currently has about 40 movies tagged with FFM. What’s weird is that you can only access them by clicking on the FFM tag on one of the videos, or by typing FFM into the search bar.You can access Tushy’s Tags page from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and First Anal all made the cut, but there are only 12 tags listed here.They could really do better here. I already know they have more than 12 tags because Anal Muse has 14. Honestly, it seems like someone got lazy when they put the Tags page together. We should expect more from a premium site.The search bar does the trick, though. I ran Latina, Ebony, Toy, and Small Boobs through the search and found results for each. Why they’re not listed under Tags is beyond me.Playing with the search bar did expose some gaps in Tushy’s catalog. The site doesn’t seem to have any Asian babes getting boned up the butt, nor do they have any kind of fisting.The inadequate tags would be a bigger issue on a more rounded site. Not to knock Tushy at all, but you should already have a pretty good idea of what their videos are all about. If you’re searching the tags for fetish movies or solo girl scenes, you’re in the wrong place. Tushy does anal sex, and they do it very well.I’d recommend Tushy to porn fans who really love butt-fucking. You’ll see the top sluts in the business getting hammered in the ass, all shot in high def by true artists and professionals. Tushy is the champagne of anal hardcore sites.