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Anal Vids are arguably one of the main reasons the Internet was invented. I know that sounds like some butthole-loving pervert talk, but hear me out. Even though people don’t like to talk about it in polite company, dirty movies have built and shaped the Internet. Buttfucking used to be considered more of a kink than a traditional sex act, but these days it’s become pretty normalized for your girlfriend to ask for a finger in the pooper when she’s drunk. Through the magic of the global web, culture has shifted for the better.Look, even if those nerds plugging their computers together weren’t doing it for the sole purpose of promoting butt stuff, nobody’s going to complain about the end result. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of ass-fucking, butt-stuffing and rectal-sucking films without even trying too hard. For example, the aptly named offers their namesake product by the tens of thousands. These guys have had a massive traffic spike over the last few weeks and are currently getting 35,000 visitors a day. Let’s see what all the commotion is about.Let’s Watch Some Anal Vids!I thought AnalVids was a brand-new free tube at first. It sure looks like one; the layout looks cheap and generic, with anal porn thumbnails covering the whole front page. If they were giving out free DP movies, rimming videos and hardcore fisting extravaganzas, that would explain all the sudden, explosive traffic.It turns out I’m wrong, though. It’s actually a premium anal site with a ticket-based subscription mode. The domain’s been around a few years, too, registered in 2016, and the actual archive stretches back even further. Frankly, the name sounds like Internet gold, so it’s possible all those visitors are just strays typing what they’re looking for into the box: Anal Vids. Whatever the case, their traffic has recently exploded and I wanted to know why.I guess it could be the wide variety of butt stuff they’ve got going on. On the front page alone, I see girls getting fucked up the ass on the couch, double-teamed in bed, and having their assholes crammed in anal orgies. There are extreme fisting scenes, and even an “Anal Rampage” where the chick’s got a fucking doll’s head sticking out of her butthole in the preview. White girls, black girls, Asians, Latinas are all getting down with some butt love.While it’s anal-focused, there’s a lot more going on than just sticking things in the out-hole. The action seems to lean toward the more hardcore, intense styles of pornography. There’s a ton of group sex and orgies, rough fucking, and even kinkier shit like golden showers, trannies and BDSM. If you’re just looking for some nice, softcore booty grinding, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.A trip to the Genres page only confirmed that. All the staples like Big Tits, MILF and Asian are on the list, but holy shit, wait until you see some of these categories. They’ve got a couple of dozen Piss Drinking movies, a few hundred with Triple Penetration and no fewer than 689 with Fisting. There are over 6,000 with Gaping Asshole, 160 with Triple Anal (TAP), 743 with Gape Farts, and 312 Prolapse scenes if you want to see girls turn their rectums inside out.Free Previews by the ThousandsI clicked on a wild thumbnail of a quartet of lesbians with their arms up each other’s poopers. Even though I haven’t subscribed, I still get to watch a 70-second video montage teasing all kinds of filthy action. One thing this site definitely has going for it is all the free video previews you’ll find. So many premium sites pretend they’re going to show you a trailer, but the Play button just shuffles you to the signup page. I appreciate the sneak peeks here.I couldn’t help noticing the watermark for LegalPorno on the trailer I just watched. It turns out they have Anal Vids from dozens of different studios. There’s a full list under the Studios tab, complete with thumbnails of pretty girls doing all kinds of kinky shit with their butts and other parts.Some of the biggest names that pop out at me immediately are Brazzers, Private and Bang Bros, each of which has thousands of flicks in the catalog here. Private Black’s on the list, as are a ton of more obscure studios, many of which I don’t recognize by name.When you see those big studio names, it means you can expect serious production values. When they’ve got money to spend, that means you get to see hotter girls. Here, you’ll find AnalVids starring tons of major pornstars. The full Models index lists around 5,000 babes, and I started recognizing chicks as soon as I spotted the list. Jane Wilde, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox and Rebecca Volpetti are all among the most popular butt-sluts on the site.What’s This About Tickets?So far, we’ve seen that has a ton of depraved anal subgenres, a ton of high-end porn studios, and a ton of gorgeous, talented video whores. Do you know what else they’ve got? Tons of anal porn! As of this writing, they have 18,352 scenes available, easily making them one of the better-stocked butt-loving libraries out there.The trouble is, they ain’t free. Those previews are hot, but it’s not always easy to whack off to montages. Sometimes you really need to see the whole thing. AnalVids uses a ticket-based system that places them somewhere between a clip store and a traditional subscription site.Here’s how it works. Anal Vids cost tickets, which you can get in two ways. Direct ticket purchases start at around thirteen bucks for ten, with slightly better rates as you buy more. Alternately, you can get a monthly subscription that earns you 42, 45, or 48 tickets each round, depending on which package you buy. Members also get access to another couple thousand “free” movies they don’t have to spend tickets on. As with other paysites, subscriptions start at thirty bucks a month.No matter how you slice it, you’re arguably getting less than you would on most any traditional paysite, where you can watch all you want for the membership fee. The main reason I can think of for using this site instead of getting a regular membership elsewhere is that you get such a variety of content here. For thirty bucks, you can pick and choose a handful of flicks from different studios instead of just settling for whatever your current paysite has on file.How far will those tickets really go, though? It’s hard to say, because their pricing structure doesn’t have any clear rhyme or reason. It’s not based on length, as you might expect. Perusing the Best Sellers this month, the prices are all over the place. There’s a 21-minute anal movie for 0.67 tokens, an hour-long TAP orgy for 8 tickets, and a half-hour triple-fist-in-butthole flick for ten tickets. They mostly maxed out at ten tickets, though I did see a 4-on-2 DP movie for 10.7 tickets.Is Worth It or Nah?The convoluted, expensive pricing scheme is the biggest strike against the site. It’s kind of hard to justify spending thirty bucks when it might only get you three videos, while the same amount of cash will get you dozens or hundreds elsewhere. The 1916 “free” scenes do help even it out, especially if you like the harder style of anal content that seems to be the site’s specialty.The other strike they have against them is that crusty-ass layout. I don’t usually complain about ugly setups, but usually, when it looks like this, the porn is free. If you’re going to pay for a premium experience, you expect something that’s, um, premium! Where’s all that money going? They’re certainly not pumping it back into making the place look nice.Despite the flaws, does have some points going for it. I’d say the main convenience they offer is gathering all this hardcore anal content from multiple sources into one massive, well-indexed library. Also, they’re one of the only premium sites out there that shows you video previews of everything on the menu, no subscription necessary. That means you don’t have to go into this one blind. I recommend digging around a little before pulling the trigger on a membership, since you can sample everything, or just spring for a few tickets at first. I can see this one getting expensive if you don’t plan ahead a little.