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TeensLoveAnal! What’s tighter than a teenage slut’s cunt? A teenage virgin’s butthole. Scientists agree it’s the tightest human flesh-hole suitable for receiving boners, and it’s the star of the show over at Teens Love Anal.The blurb at the top says TeensLoveAnal is the official home of TeamSkeet’s newest anal site. That’s interesting, since they’ve been up and running since 2013. I guess they’re hot enough TeamSkeet hasn’t felt the need to build a new one. Either way, the name TeamSkeet is associated with quality. Let’s see what kind of ripe teen assholes they’re serving up.Hot Teen Sluts Deflowered AnallyThe TeensLoveAnal logo is clever as hell. It’s an inverted heart with a bikini and another tiny little heart in the middle, and would almost look innocent if it wasn’t right beside the site’s name at the top of the page. Kudos to whoever designed it. I hope they gave you a logo hat, a bit of swag to give to your unknowing teenage daughter.You couldn’t call the teens on this site unknowing. No way. These girls aren’t nearly as innocent as they look. If they are, well, those days are over by the end of the first shoot.The pre-login page does a damn fine job seducing potential subscribers with a menu of ripe young things giving up their anal virginity. There’s a smiling teen girlfriend on the couch, exposed asshole up in the air to celebrate a One Year Analversary. There’s a smiling schoolgirl with her legs spread and a cock rammed up her butt in a video called Maya Stays Pure. The next schoolgirl also has her legs up and her butt penetrated, but she looks a bit more surprised.There are previews available. I clicked the Mom Teaches Daughter Anal screencap, because I love butt-sex with a taboo angle. The still on the video player showed Mom spreading daughter’s ass cheeks while she sits down on a dick. My own cock was hard before I could click the Play button.Instead of seeing a tight little ring of flesh get stretched out, I watched a little ring spin around. It kept spinning for a few minutes, indicating it was loading, but no mother-daughter anal threesome played out on my screen.Well, that’s not a good sign. I tried another one about a pig-tailed slut Learning From Her Step Dad, but that wouldn’t load either. My connection is good and everything else on the ‘net loads fine, so I know the issue isn’t on my end. Hopefully, the actual movies are hosted on better servers than the free previews.I Just Want To See Teens Butt-FuckedSince the previews aren’t working, there’s only one way to find out if TeensLoveAnal has the goods. The regular monthly rate for a membership is thirty bucks, but it’s as cheap as ten if you pay for a whole year in advance. If you’re worried about the quality or whether or not the teen buttfuck movies will even play, there’s a one-dollar, two-day trial.TeensLoveAnal is part of TeamSkeet’s massive network of porno sites, so the login page dumps you off in TS’s central hub. If you’re subscribed to a number of TS sites, you’ll see all the newest and most popular movies here. I’ve got a big enough stash of their material that I have to make my way to the TeensLoveAnal section before I can see anything.This is actually my first opportunity to see just how big their collection is. They currently have around 80 movies about teenagers experimenting with anal sex. They’ve had 111 different models getting action for the site so far, so it’s looking to be a diverse and delicious menu.It’s not an amazing number of movies to look at, but it’s a decent collection size if the movies are good. The update schedule is almost random, though. There were 21 days between the most recent video and the one before it, and 9 before that. That’s bad news if you get excited and schedule your bonghit-and-jerk sessions around new releases.The movies are sorted by Newest to start with, but I changed it to Percent Like to find the most popular clip with visiting masturbators. The 40-minute piece of smut with a 92% overall rating was called Social Media Addict Gets Analized.Instant Butt-Fucking Vids On DemandFortunately, I didn’t have any buffering issues with the movie like I did with the preview. It started as soon as I hit the Play button, and let me skip ahead to the doggystyle sex without even a second-long pause.TeamSkeet’s built-in player will select the best resolution for your connection speed, or you can tweak it with the Quality button. It goes from 360p up to 1080p, so you can watch on your new TV or whatever antiquated ‘90s brick phone Donald Trump still uses.You can also download the movie at any of the same screen resolutions. I started the 3.7 GB, 1080p download a couple minutes ago after seeing Liv Revamped get creampied. Good goddamn.Some “teen” sites hire all these haggard, fake-tittied old bitches who are clearly in their 30s, put them in plaid skirts and claim they’re schoolgirls. It’s an annoying crock of shit, but TeensLoveAnal ain’t pulling that. The horny young Latina bouncing her booty on this dude’s cock is fresh, young, and ripe. I think I’m in love, or maybe just lightheaded from the blood flowing to my dick.This movie is actually missing a feature I know TeamSkeet has. On other TeensLoveAnal movies, like Mom Knows Best, there are green marks along the timeline in the video player. Each one will let you jump to conveniently tagged sex acts in different parts of the video. That’s one-click access to Masturbation, Licking, Blowjob, Cowgirl, and Anal Creampies. It works a lot better than blindly clicking and hoping you land on that anal fisting bit you were looking for.Do you like commenting on porno clips? I ask because I don’t, but feel free to join the chorus of perverts talking about how hot Liv’s ass is. The blind will surely appreciate your description. You can also join the weird argument about whether or not she should lose the knee socks next time. I think they’re sexy, so I agree with the commenter who said, “Get bent.”Each movie has a gallery of Pictures and Screencaps. I saved a few of Liv posing in tiny pink shorts, but honestly, I’ve rubbed myself raw watching her in Social Media Addict Gets Analized. I’ll have to wait until the scabs heal, or maybe I’ll just go pick up a more industrial-strength lube.OMFG, So Much Anal ActionIt’s hard to overstate just how sexy these scenes are, and how gorgeous the girls are. Such a selection of babes, too. You can see an Arab teen in a hijab getting it up the butt, a teen redhead taking anal poolside, or a little Ebony teen getting picked up and speared on a big dick.TeensLoveAnal really delivers when it comes to beautiful teenagers getting pounded up their tight asses. The overall quality of the videos is what I look for in a paysite. The production values are high and everyone involved is super talented at what they do. If you like anal porn, this site will get you off over and over again.My biggest issue with the site is their really weak update schedule. Nobody wants to wait nearly a month between new buttfuck movies. If they started doing weekly updates, this could easily be one of the very top anal sites in the world. As it stands, it’s hard to justify paying for a recurring membership.My advice? For the most booty-bang for your buck, sign up for TeensLoveAnal for a month at a time. Save the movies you like so you can beat off to them whenever you want, no subscription necessary. Then sign up every once in a while to check out the new stuff. TeensLoveAnal is also worth your time and money if you get it as part of a package deal with multiple TeamSkeet sites.