All Anal! Lovers of butt stuff, let me ask you this: how many times have you signed up for a premium site only to be disappointed by how little butt-fucking they’ve got behind the paywall? Some of them really seem to pad the previews with top pornstars getting it up the pooper, giving you a false idea of how hardcore the site is, but not so with AllAnal.Some porn site names are clever and witty, while others keep it real as fuck. draws attention with a title that tells perverts exactly what they’re going to find inside. They’ve got all anal, all the time, which is exactly what 13,000 visitors a day are looking for.All Anal, All the TimeThe traffic is impressive as hell for a few reasons. First of all, it’s not like everybody, and their mom is getting 13,000 hits a day. Well, maybe your mom is, but she’s a stone-cold slut. Tell her I said hi.AllAnal’s numbers caught my eye because they basically exploded onto the Internet in mid-2019. That kind of rise in popularity tells me they have some good ass-banging in there.The preview page sure backs that up. The latest update features a threesome with the luckiest man in the world butt-fucking Keira Croft and Kendra Spade. A few days before that, Lana Sharapova licked Emma Hix’s twat as some dude slammed her butthole.Goddamn, I like the menu of booty bitches here. On the front page alone, I see Chloe Amour and Eliza Ibarra, Natalie Porkman, and Chanel Preston. That’s in like the past month! There are also chicks like Jane Wilde, Chanell Heart, and Arietta Adams lined up like pornstar trading cards in their Models section.AllAnal’s tour does include some video previews, a disappearing perk on many of the major paysites. I watched the two-minute preview for Rear-End Collision with Neveah Snow and Kay Carter. The montage is quick and intense, a rapid-fire blast of stripping, twerking, double cock-sucking and pussy licking. That’s just in the first half, with the anal action heating up the second.Even the audio from this scene is hardcore. There’s so much enthusiastic, orgasmic moaning and squealing throughout the whole clip that all the other Starbucks customers tried to see what I was watching. I should probably get out of here, but my dick is straining against my jeans so hard it hurts. I guess the only way through is forward, a sentiment sometimes applied to butt sex.Watch Fifty Hours of Anal Sex Right NowA one-month membership to AllAnal will run you thirty bucks, with cheaper rates available for anyone springing for 3- or 6-month subscriptions. You know, the standard paysite breakdown, with Credit Card and PayPal payment options available.The perks are spelled out below the rates. There’s a lot of standard shit listed here, too, like exclusive updates, discreet billing, and optimization for mobile and tablet. I’m more interested in the 6+ updates a month, a really respectable release schedule, and the fact that they include unlimited downloads with your membership.They don’t list the total number of movies out front, and that’s probably because they’re so new. Small catalogs are an issue with most new premium sites, and it might give some of you pause here. Right now, they’ve only got around 50 movies. They’re all full-length, though, running around an hour a piece, with new shit added all the time. As long as the porn is good, that ain’t a bad trade-off.No Plots, Just Hardcore Butt SexI should have guessed from the site’s name, but AllAnal ain’t one of those story-driven porno sites. There are no elaborate setups or plots, just real, unscripted interviews before the fucking.They’ve only got a few sets with the bright, fun look of a girl’s college dorm room, and the babes are always dressed in pure pornstar attire: tiny dresses and colorful lingerie, plaid skirts and fishnets, and almost always a pair of ridiculous fuck-me stripper shoes.The setups may be basic, but you didn’t come here for 5-minute intros where they do a half-ass impersonation of step-siblings. You came here for All Anal, and these guys get right down to that good shit you’re looking for.The thumbnails are all so fucking enticing, so I wasn’t sure which beautiful ass to start with. I looked through the models' page and found Brooklyn Gray, who has been one of my favorite pornstars lately. She’s in flicks on the site with Adriana Chechik and Arietta Adams, so I already have the rest of my day planned out.Top Pornstars Gaping and Going Ass-to-MouthThe Nasty Show with Arietta and Brooklyn runs over an hour long, but I guarantee some of you quick-draw perverts are going to pop during the interview segment. In the very first few seconds, Brooklyn is talking about how much she’s been wanting to stick in her tongue in someone’s gape. I’d call bullshit, big talk from a porn slut, but that adorable smile on her face tells me she’s just a true nympho. I love this chick!Both chicks have truly gorgeous, perfectly round, juicy asses that they show off for the camera for a few minutes. If you’re not hard enough to dent a car, ready to watch those beautiful peaches get penetrated, you may have come to the wrong site. AllAnal is clearly catered to folks who like to stare right at ass cheeks, puckered buttholes, and gaping gapes as they jerk off.The actual fucking starts about ten minutes in. They get right into it, with Arietta immediately tonguing Brooklyn’s butthole. These are definitely the butt sluts you’ve been looking for, and Brooklyn’s tossed-salad smile just proves it even more.Streaming is perfectly smooth even in 1080p, with lower resolutions for you perverts cranking it on dialup. I skipped ahead to the 20-minute mark, and the video player brought me right to the cock-sucking without any buffering in between. Both girls make eye contact as Brooklyn works the shaft, and Arietta slurps the head. Dialogue is sharp, with the girls saying things like, “Mmmm, ahhh, ahhh, ohhh, oohhh, god, mmmm, mmm, glob, glob, glob, aaannhhh!”Super Hardcore Anal for Serious PervertsArietta gets her butthole stretched first with a big purple butt plug. She puts on some patented gape gloves as it’s pulled out, and Brooklyn sticks her tongue right in that fleshy, gaping tube. That’s when the scene stud lubes up and slides his monster up that bunghole.The Nasty Show is a perfect title for this movie because these girls are downright filthy! I love Brooklyn’s eagerness to go ass-to-mouth as soon as he pulls that bad boy out. “It tastes good,” she says. By the halfway point of this anal epic, her face is slippery with spit, cum, and lube as she chokes on ass-covered cock.I could go on describing things like how Brooklyn sucks his balls while Arietta rides him cowgirl, but I bet you’re about ready to go see for yourself. This is an incredible anal scene starring two of the most beautiful and talented women in the business, culminating in Brooklyn Gray drinking a martini glass of semen squirted from Arietta Adams’s gaping asshole. Yes, I did take advantage of those included downloads to save the HQ version.It’s no secret that I’m into beautiful girls behaving in completely depraved ways, especially when the action is shot with a pornographer’s eye for flesh, fluids, and penetration. AllAnal has that in spades, with the top girls in the business at their nastiest. No wonder they’ve blown up so goddamn may have a relatively small collection, but it’s a new site and growing fast. Their epic-length flicks consistently feature some of the most hardcore and obscene anal sex out there, performed by chicks who are likely already part of your masturbatory fantasies. If that sounds remotely appealing, and I’m sure it does, do yourself a favor and check out some of the video previews.