Tushy Raw

TushyRaw! If you asked me for the most inherently innocent way to refer to someone’s butt, I might call it a tushy. A booty is something you smack, and an ass is something you’d like to fuck. A tushy, on the other hand, is what you hurt when you fall off your bike when you’re just learning to ride. If you add the word “Raw” in front of it, the entire vibe changes. TushyRaw doesn’t sound so innocent, now does it?TushyRaw.com has been exposing hot bitches in nasty hardcore anal porno since 2014, earning a strong following in the process. If you’ve never subscribed to their site, you’ve probably cranked it to fuzzy pirated copies of the movies on the spammy free tubes. They get thousands of hits a day, which should come as no surprise once you see the sexy smut all over the landing page. Grab your Fleshlights and your lube, fellas; you might be here for a while.Slippery, Gaping Assholes AplentyThe layout at TushyRaw is flashy and modern, with large, bright thumbnails and a big video montage that plays at the top of the screen as soon as you land. It’s a peek at their newest movie, Sweet Martina starring Martina Smeraldi, in which she gets her oiled-up ass fucked hard from multiple angles. She’s a sweet young thing, but damn, what a nasty girl! Just wait until you see her bounce that thing on the stud’s cock.There is an abundance of lube in the previews. The slippery stuff is always a helpful asset when putting things in any kind of out-hole, including the ol’ pooper. I’m immediately turned on by the depravity level of the perversion on display, and I like the way it’s superimposed against brightly colored, brightly lit sets. I feel like I just popped some molly and snorted some Viagra, and now I’m about to go take a tour of an anal adventure wonderland.I see a couple of world-class MILF pornstars on the page like Cory Chase, but the overall vibe skews young. They’ve got Kendra Spade and Emily Willis in a gaping threesome movie, and tiny little Mackenzie Mace getting her asshole stretched out by one of the biggest porn cocks I’ve ever seen. Rising Ebony starlet Kira Noir athletically bounces her asshole on her partner’s dick, and just wait until you see Lexi Lore’s face while she takes it up the ass. Alicia Williams, Casey Calvert, and Gabbie Carter have all made recent appearances on the site.The recurring themes at TushyRaw are pretty fucking clear: they’re into pretty girls, anal sex, and gaping. Their depiction of these wonderous and amazing acts has earned them worldwide attention and acclaim. A blurb toward the bottom of the page lists media mentions in such mainstream outlets as Forbes, Rolling Stone, BBC, and the New York Post. And now they’ve also been reviewed on ThePornDude, one of the highest authorities in the land.Standard Price for World-Class Ass PornTushyRaw is asking the industry-standard thirty bucks a month for the regular recurring membership. There’s a 2-day trial for a couple of bucks, or you can save money in the long run by signing up for a 90- or 180-day membership. If you’ve signed up for a premium porn site in the last few years, you already know the drill. These guys are pretty fucking standard when it comes to prices and perks, listing all the usual stuff on the sign-up page. They’ve got HD video, discreet billing, and the site works on any device, just like every other paysite.They update 6 times a month, which is about right. It’s not too slow, but it’s nothing to get super excited about either. You’ll get an exclusive new movie to fap to at least once a week, plus some change. The best part about the release schedule is that the movies are long, so you ultimately end up with a fair amount of original spank fodder to keep you cranking.I was worried downloads were going to cost extra, because I didn’t see them mentioned at all on the sign-up page. One of the first things I did after signing up and logging in was trying to save an MP4. Thankfully, TushyRaw gave me a bunch of resolution options up to 4K ultra-HD, and didn’t ask me to shell out more money.The member’s page is virtually identical to the landing page out front. The only difference is now I can actually watch and fap to all the movies, and there’s a big row of available deals for members at the bottom. If TushyRaw’s monster catalog of ass-banging movies ain’t enough, you can score a discounted membership to premium sites like Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty American, and Blacked.Top Pornsluts Gaped in Stunning 4K UHDThese guys include a preview of upcoming shit to keep subscribers hooked. It looks like I’m in for a treat tomorrow, when they release a new scene starring Zoe Bloom. The sweet-faced young thing gets her asshole banged in a swank high-rise apartment, but only for about a minute in the trailer. I guess I’ll have to tune in in 1 day, 58 minutes, and 54 seconds according to the countdown timer. Can I wait that long? Only time will tell.I wouldn’t call it settling when I opted for Spicy with Cayenne Klein. The recent flick has a user rating of 8.5 stars, and I’m already turned on by the thumbnail of Cayenne with her legs in the air and a dick up her butt. Spicy, indeed!One of the things I really like about TushyRaw is that the movies are fucking long. Spicy runs a cool 42 minutes, beginning with Cayenne strutting around in public, wearing a short, revealing dress. When we get back to the hotel room, we see the butt plug in her Tushy and can only wonder if it’s been in there the whole time.Little yellow markers along the timeline point out where the best parts of the movie are, so you can skip around at your leisure. Bandwidth is fucking solid, so I’m not having any problems with buffering, even streaming the scene at 1080p HD. I skipped ahead to the blowjob, and then to the initial gaping that starts around 5 minutes in. This girl doesn’t fuck around, and I appreciate how quickly they’re getting to the butt stuff.I skipped ahead again to the doggystyle. This broad’s fuck-me face is hot as hell, but it’s that stretched out butthole that gets me all excited. I’m surprised the dude is able to bang her twat as long as he does before pulling out and shoving it in her brown eye.The missionary anal is fucking beautiful, with Cayenne’s legs over her head and her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Every time dude pulls his shaft out; she’s gaping wide like the filthy slut she is. The camerawork is really nice, capturing the action from various angles. I’m into the high shot that shows Cayenne’s body and face as she’s getting her shit packed. There’s also a vertical gonzo shot I think the stud takes on his phone. I would have done the exact same thing.Ass-to-Mouth and Other Naughty ActsCayenne goes ass-to-mouth at around the midpoint of the movie, cleaning the fucking hell out of his shaft. Admittedly, this chick’s butthole is pretty clean and pink, without any santorum or chunky bits spilling around. A liquid diet for a few days and a good enema will do that to you, or maybe she was just blessed with a superhumanly sparkling poop chute.Seriously, with that 4K ultra-HD video, they could be showing this movie in med school to give students a real glimpse at the inner workings of the anus. The video is crisp and clear and clean, and so is that butthole! TushyRaw clearly knows how to do anal porn.TushyRaw.com has established a pretty strong name for themselves in the world of online anal porn. They update 6 times a month with long fuck flicks starring your favorite pornstars taking it up the ass, gaping, and going ass-to-mouth. If you love hot girls and butt stuff, this site is going to seriously fuck up your productivity for the rest of the day.