Are you a Scat Hunter? I don’t mean to draw conclusions or anything, but the reason I ask is because I noticed the dirty sanchez and the powerful aroma of human fecal matter. Some might call it a major turn off, but you aren’t the same some, now are you? No, that porta-john fragrance is more enticing to you than any bouquet of flowers, freshly laundered sheet or fine cigar that hasn’t yet been in somebody’s unwashed asshole after a bout of thin and soupy diarrhea.Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you, poopy. The bad news is that while VR has come a long way, they still haven’t figured out how to send the smell of shit through the tubes that comprise the Internet. The good news is that ScatHunter.com has a shit-ton of shit porn movies for sale.Yeah, you read that right: this isn’t some hole-in-wall free scat tube full of pirated content and low-res bullshit. This is a full-on professional scat porn outfit by perverts who love shit as much as you do. Sometimes you end up fighting over scraps when it comes to fetish content on the free sites, but the fact that there’s any money behind this should mean the overall quality is better than you’re used to when it comes to poo. Let’s find out, shall we?How Much Scat Could a Scat Hunter Hunt?ScatHunter obviously isn’t your typical porn site. The very first image I saw was a babe catching a turd with her open mouth, which is a little bit different from the typical mouthfuls of sperm you see in most fuck flicks. Do you know what caught my eye right away, though? That poop-eating girl is fucking hot! I flipped through the header images and the quality of the girls remained pretty fucking consistent. These are definitely some of the hottest women I’ve seen in scat movies.Deep-niche fetish porn is often full of ugly chicks and junkies hard up for cash, and that’s what I was expecting when I saw the domain name. You can see the Scat Hunter’s personal preferences at play here, and while he and I feel differently about getting a thick log of poopoo extruded into our faces, I sure can’t say anything bad about his taste in women. He’s got some nice-looking ebony chicks, Latinas, mixed exotic beauties and white girls.ScatHunter’s also got a serious preference for big asses. The puckered buttholes pooping all over the bed and into each other’s mouths are all centered between some beautiful, lovely round ass cheeks. If you prefer your scat with some extra junk in the trunk, you’re going to love this (literal) shit. I have to wonder how ass size correlates to colon size; can these girls hold more Hershey squirts than your typical skinny pornstar?I keep referring to ScatHunter as a dude and not a group or whole production company. Maybe it’s just because of the clever name chosen for the website, but it also has a very personal feel. For one thing, there’s a lot of consistency in the feel and tone of all the big-butt poopy thumbnails I see all over the screen.There’s also a certain amateurish quality to some elements of the web design. The focus here is much more on the scat videos themselves than the presentation. I don’t mean this as necessarily a bad thing, as you definitely want your fetish porn to be produced by fans of the material. Whoever’s running ScatHunter.com, they clearly love seeing pretty girls release their bowels and playing with the ensuing mess. The whole site’s a real labor of shitty love.Dry Cleaners Love Him, Motels Hate HimScatHunter.com is currently hyping a featured film called Modern Whorefare Pt #2 (Advanced Scat Training). I guess that explains the camo bandana and face paint on that sexy chick about to eat the caca straight from the faucet. There’s a small gallery of thumbnails at the top of the landing page, giving you a small taste. Spoiler alert: it tastes like fucking shit, but not like it does at Denny’s. No, at Scat Hunter, it tastes like fucking shit in the best way imaginable.So what kind of training takes place in Modern Whorefare’s exciting second installment? Well, there’s a couple of thicc, sexy mamas fondling and licking each other’s half-naked bodies in a few of the stills, but those have got to be the very beginning of the movie because they ain’t covered in mud yet. The other screengrabs show them eating chocolate soft serve straight from the dispenser, opening shit-smeared mouths wide for more, covering their faces in the stuff and almost certainly ruining those sheets forever. The girls do try to help clean up, though, slurping brown butt water off the plastic laid down to protect the security deposit.One image shows a gorgeous woman with her legs spread and liquid doodoo all over herself and her immediate environment. She’s going to town with a big fucking dildo gripped in her Nutella-coated hands, spraying some kind of fluid from her genital area. Since it’s an action screengrab, I can’t tell if it’s piss, squirt, or a fine of mist of crystal clear asswater. I guess you’ll have to watch it and find out!Hunting Scat So You Don’t Have ToI think the biggest complaint most of you are going to have is the typical lament of premium porno: it costs money. It’s the same worldwide, no matter what kind of pervert you are or what you’re into. Whether you like seeing MILFs giving blowjobs, Asians doing threesomes, or thick-booty ethnic girls dropping deuces straight into each other’s mouths, the good stuff always costs money.And unfortunately, those of you with a fetish already know you’re probably going to pay more than you would for a teen striptease or premium reality porn network. Modern Whorefare runs just under twenty minutes, but the instant download will cost you nearly as much as a typical paysite subscription.Fetish producers will often charge more just because they know you’ll pay for it. If there isn’t much of the content you love on the market, you’ll settle for whatever you can find, at whatever price you can get. With ScatHunter.com, I don’t get the sense that they’re gouging their customers. You can tell from the caliber of the performers alone that the production values are higher than most fetish porn operations. Whether you’re dealing in kink or not, those costs have to be covered somewhere.If you’re looking for the bigger, better values on thick-booty shit porn, their longer scat flicks and compilations break down to under a buck a minute. If you’re into the kind of kinky shit you can’t find on paysites and have to buy by the clip; you already know how much of a deal that is.How About Some Free Shit?I couldn’t find a trailer for that Modern Whorefare movie, but ScatHunter.com has a bunch of free video trailers to peruse while you’re deciding if you should spend money on premium poop porn instead of beating off to whatever you can find on the tubes again. I watched a few, and I can say they’ll either make you want to gag or make you raging hard. Maybe both.The trailer for Doja Scat shows this beautiful chick with an amazing ass spreading her cheeks, getting her butthole licked, and then blasting a pile of yellowish-brown dookie right into this masked dude’s mouth. She eats some next and does her best to hide her disgust, then proceeds to give head with crap smeared all over her face and chest. It’s something of a freakshow, but then again, I bet you’re something of a freak.ScatHunter.com is putting out premium movies that definitely are not going to appeal to the average porn fan, but are really going to do it for a specific type of fetishist. I’m not into scat, but there’s no fucking denying just how hot these girls are. If you are into that messy, stinky kind of dirty love and you’re willing to pay for a higher quality product, this one’s easy to recommend. It’s premium hardcore shit porn produced by true fans of the genre, with higher production values than your typical amateur fetish videos.