Want to see pissing Japanese girls at Piss Japan TV? I have just renovated my bathroom last month. New shiny tiles, new shower cabin with a radio in it and a massager that my girl uses when I'm not around (I know what she's up to), elegant swan faucets, fancy soap holders, you know, the whole nine but the second I saw that toilet on the +18 warning page on PissJapanTV.com I kind of figured that maybe, just maybe I've bought a god damn wrong toilet bowl! Damnit! I knew I shouldn't have trusted my toilet guy! He's too slick with his salesmanship, that bastard! Crap! That dude always gets me into shit! No puns intended. But as I started checking out PissJapanTV.com, I kind of realized that maybe my toilet isn't all that bad since what I've seen on PissJapanTV.com blew my mind! I had the impression that Japanese were clean, neat and hygienic sort but as it turns out based on what I've seen here, they are the masters in taking a piss and just piss porn in general! Who knew? Now, I have a new appreciation for my toilet bowl and my plumber/my toilet guy.PissJapanTV.com is a premium site, one that has a very clean, neat and elegant look to it in contrast to the actual content that they host. I especially loved how the left part of the page had the Network Info, Updates, and the Latest Comments. It made the whole thing come alive as if this was a live page, one that's active as you are browsing through it and checking out the videos. That's the vibe I love on any site, especially the ones where you wouldn't expect it. PissJapanTV.com is a part of the Network that consists of SexJapanTV, PissJapanTV, and VoyeurJapanTV. The whole network has 817 scenes and 549 sets of pictures. Basically, by becoming a member you get a three in one deal, which is always a cool feat to get.Clicking on the videos on PissJapanTV.com you get a very organized overview of what it is that you are looking at. First of all, you can download the videos, depending on the qualities that they have of it. The one that I clicked on had the HD 1196mb, the Ipad 338mb, and the mobile video 130mb quality. Each video can be rated, commented on, it has a brief description of it, and the screenshots of the video. The whole thing is very efficient and easy to maneuver through. Now, let's get to the actual matter of the topic.The videos are all dealing with urinating. Asian girls getting nasty in the public, or in the toilets is what this site is all about. As far as the directorial quality that the videos have, it's not Ford Coppola like but it works. The biggest let down was that even though it might seem as if the videos are amateur, they are not. That effort to make it seem as if the girls are that crazy and perverted to take a leak in a corner of a street is just too evident. Also, there are some videos where there are double camera angles and the cameras are set up perfectly to capture the shot so don't get your hopes up that you will see some authentic pissing. Even the piss itself looks way too clear for me to think that it is all done in a spontaneous moment. I can't imagine just how many bottles of water these models had to chug down just to get one 18 minute scene.When you get tired of watching girls on video taking a leak, head on to the Photos section, where there are pictorials, all HD, where you get a story done in pics. There are plenty of sets to check out to enjoy in the watery pleasures that these girls are engulfed in. Also, there is the Stars section, where you get to check out the models who are featured on the network and you can easily find more videos of them with just a few clicks. Lastly, there is the webcam section that, leads you to a webcam site.When you take all into consideration, those that have a fetish that revolves around teens, pissing and Asian girls, PissJapanTV.com is a bullseye for any fan. The site is truly made to slide and glide. The scenes are made in a typical Japanese fashion so all the stereotypes will be there and it is the content that's driving this site and I can't say anything bad about it regardless if I'm not a fan of water sports. To those who are intrigued by this kind of a fetish, check it out since you will be getting more than what you bargained for.