Pee On Her! Fuck yeah! Let's piss on some bitches! In today’s ever-expanding, technologically-apt society, the porn industry constantly experiences and ever-growing demand for more and more creative pornography. So far, technology has been able to not only give us porn on demand, allowing us as a society to sexually please ourselves with arousing visual stimuli whenever we want, but it’s also given us a bunch of different ways to consume pornography. Today there are thousands of live cam websites with plenty of cam models that take requests with vibrators in their vaginas that buzz every time you make a donation, and there’s plenty of VR goggle-enhanced XXX content that immerses you in the porn you’re consuming with ‘choose your own adventure’ style sex.There’s even a fleshlight add-on that allows you to watch content where the models react to your dick’s thrusts inside the fleshlight in real-time, which is known as ‘VStroker’ and ‘VStroker-enabled content’, and it’s pretty mindblowing as far as porn-consumption goes. But despite all the tech and software advancements that allow porn to be consumed in immersive and interactive ways, another more organic aspect of pornography has also developed, and it focuses more on the kind of content it delivers instead of the way it actually delivers it. I’m talking about themes, kinks, and fetishes that have become popular in the last decade or so – one prime example of a fetish that’s become undeniably popular these years is peeing. That’s right, piss porn, or ‘golden showers’ as some people call it, has gained enough traction to become one of the most iconic genres of alternative pornography, so much so that it has a good amount of websites dedicated to it. However, one of the best websites for piss porn today is undoubtedly ‘Pee On Her’, and it’s a damn good site if you’re into urinating on your sexual partners…First Thing’s First – Members OnlyAs with any strictly-premium XXX site, this website’s content can be unlocked at a price. If you want a two-day trial to see if it’s the right site for your ‘needs’, then you can pay a mere $2.95 and bear witness to all the golden glory yourself. If you want a monthly subscription, it’s gonna set you back $19.95 each 30 days – or if you’re sure that you’ll watch this site’s content again and again for months on end, you can opt for the yearly membership, which boils down to one payment of $99.95, or $8.35 per month. The choice is yours, but before you make it, read this review to see if this is really the site for you regardless if you’re a piss porn fan or not.4K HD Videos, with a Running ThemeAll of the videos on PeeOnHer.com are in 4K Ultra HD (as is expected of any modern day premium XXX website), and I noticed a few repeating patterns on them that I have to break down. First, all the girls are relatively young, and could easily be added to any XXX tube’s ‘teen’ or ‘babe’ category – they’re not some low-budget skanks that look like they’ve suffered a stroke, they’re actually pretty fit young babes, and they get peed on in every video too. Most videos start off with a blowjob – almost all these babes put those cocks in their mouth before getting peed on, and over half of them involve sex of some kind because this is porn after all. But when it comes to the peeing, the dudes in the videos get pretty creative with their urine.There’s dudes peeing in girl’s mouths, girls sharing pee mouth to mouth, dudes peeing on girls straight up like a cum shot, peeing on their hands, feet, boobs, tits and just about their whole body, and last but not least, there’s girls who pee on guys too, and on some occasions, girls pee on other girls while they’re getting rammed by dudes. It’s a golden shower fiesta for all, and if you don’t mind not seeing any milfs in your videos, which is about the only thing this site’s content is missing, then this site is right up your alley.Of Course, There’s a Model SectionThe model section on this site, like every other model section on every other XXX site, has all the models that appear on this site’s content neatly cataloged so you can choose your virtual pee girl for the night. All the babes on this site can be filtered in/out by using the following variables: ‘recently featured girls’ (for those front-page faces that you’d love to see getting peed on) ‘most favorite’ (only for the best, most wanted XXX piss sluts) ‘new girls’ (for those newcomers that need their fill of piss) and alphabetical. In addition, you can filter the girls by selecting their hair color (black, blonde, brunette and redhead are available colors) as well as filter them by their age, which lets you sift through girls under 20, girls aged 20-25 and girls aged 25+ (although you won’t find any over 30, because I repeat, there are no milf models on this site).Frequent UpdatesIf you’re someone who has such a strong desire to jerk off to piss porn that you simply can’t get enough of it then you’re definitely a top contender to be a member on this website, because not only does it already have an astounding amount of urine-filled HD content, but it adds new stuff almost every day. New videos are added to this site on a near-daily basis which sometimes feature fresh new faces that you can watch get peed on as they suck some lucky guy’s dick at the same time – there are all kinds of girls on these videos too, from American college sluts trying to pay their tuition to Czech hotties sucking, fucking and getting peed on for money, so you should definitely keep an eye out on this site’s ‘Updates’ section. You’re definitely not going to run out of piss porn anytime when you’re a member of this site, regardless if you jerk off once a week or once every few hours.Did Someone Say Pictures?I’m pretty happy with the fact that these guys decided to have a picture section on their website because as of late the humble still-image porn section on XXX sites has become increasingly rarer and rarer to the point where it’s surprising to see one. Not only am I surprised by the fact that these guys have a picture section, but I’m even more astounded by the fact that it’s pretty fucking good – loads of image sets are waiting for you to gaze at their golden splendor here, and they’re full of some good old piss action that features all kinds of hot young babes, from petite raven-haired chicks to buxom redhead babes – they all suck, fuck and get pissed on in their respective photosets, and if you’re someone who has enough patience and imagination to jerk off to pictures and happen to love piss in your pornography, then this site’s image section is your one-stop golden wonderland.They go the Extra MileAny given video you decide to watch on here comes with added benefits to it that make your experience that much more significant and valuable as a paying subscriber. Not only do you get a fast-loading 4K ultra HD video, but you also get dozens upon dozens of pictures that are taken from that very video should you ever decide to fap to a little old-school still-image porn. In addition, if immersion and buildup is your thing, every video comes with its own little paragraph-long backstory narrative that explains just how and why the people in the videos are fucking because all the videos on here have a reality aspect to them. And if that’s not enough, you can download any given video on this site in six different formats, and you can also download the pictures too, just in case you need some golden shower porn on those dark, no internet days.No Categories, But the Tags are Custom-MadeWhile you may not be able to access a section dedicated to this site’s galleries, you can freely check out any tags that are attributed to any one of this site’s videos and filter out any content that doesn’t contain what you have in mind. There are dozens of different tags on this site, and a lot of them are naturally piss-specific such as ‘lesbian pissing’, ‘piss drinking’, ‘diving’, ‘pissing in mouth’, ‘mopping’ and other piss-specific tags that cover the whole spectrum of piss-related sex acts. It sucks that there’s no section that’s dedicated to tags, meaning that there’s no way to see all the tags at once, but regardless of that the tags themselves are pretty specific and do a solid job of organizing this site’s content.