It’s hot, it’s warm, and it’s wet. Step into the golden shower with me and take a dive into the wild, wet world of piss porn. Don’t like it? Good, you can fuck off back to your boring ass vanilla porn. This is content for those out who dare to do something different. To follow the untrodden path. To walk the yellow brick road. Whether you love pissing on others, getting pissed on, drinking it, or are just curious to find out the truth about “squirting,” then you’ll find something to love at the premium piss site I have for you this This name does a lot of legwork for the site already. You know it’s premium by the sneaky VIP in there, and you know it’s all about piss. And this site actually is all piss and pee. If you’re looking for some of the good brown stuff, then you’ll have to search elsewhere. But they do piss, and they do it well. Somehow, they are criminally under watched. I get it. Piss is more of an extreme niche, but, still, around 50k views every month is still low for a site like this. And they’ve been around since 2012, so being new doesn’t quite explain it. On the surface, this site looks great, but let’s see if we can explain these numbers.Piss-Colored Site Design with Lots of Navigation OptionsWell, the color scheme isn’t doing them any favors. We get it. It’s about piss, but did you really need to make everything a bright white and yellow design? At least go black background or something to make the yellow less nauseating. Even if you love piss this is a bit much. But, aside from colors, the site layout is sleek and looks well put together so far.There’s a header up top for “Models, Updates, Galleries, Support, Deals, Forum, Cams, and VR Pissing.” Pretty solid selection of options that I’ll explore here shortly. You also get a nice welcome message saying that they promise to read and respond to any and all suggestions, questions, or concerns via their support page. That’s cool. I don’t see audience engagement like that often.The rest of the main pages is mostly dedicated to video thumbnails. They run the length of the page down the center and can be organized by recent updates, featured, or most viewed. While we’re at the previews, let’s talk about how great they are… in some ways.Fully Animated Previews that Lack Important Information like Video LengthFirst off, these are fully animated previews. You get a short 10ish second gif from the video. Not bad at all. And the previews are big enough to really get a good view too. Below the image you get a title, 4k HD indicator, rating out of 5 stars, and a bunch of tags. Notice what’s missing? The video length and model names! Why the fuck do they not include that? Who needs the tags in the preview? Throw that shit on the video page and include view counts, a favorite button, model names, and a video length. It’s just common sense. You can even sort by most viewed and it still doesn’t show view counts!They do redeem themselves a bit by including all of that information and a lot more when you actually go to view one of the videos. You get a full paragraph description of the video, who stars in it, how long it is, and you can even view a related photo gallery from that shoot. And you can download the video in a variety of formats. Not bad at all, though my prior complaints still stand.Great Video Streaming and Download OptionsThe video player itself is great, as I have come to expect from premium sites like this. You can stream the content quickly and without any noticeable buffering all the way up top 1080p quality. And you knock it all the way down to 320p if you’re running it on a potato. Other than that, there’s not much else to say about the videos. They’re great! But there is a lot more to the site to talk about.Models Page Tells You Everything You Need to Know about These Piss Soaked SlutsLike the model page. Each model preview has a full HD picture of them posing or engaging in some piss related act. When you click over on a favorite model, say Licky Lex a sexy blonde babe, you get their age, height, weight, breast size, home country, rating, and some sample images of her drinking piss. Now, that’s the good shit. Below that you can check out videos that they have starred in, as well as personal photo galleries. That’s how you do a fucking model page. Other sites should take notes on this shit.The gallery page is straightforward. I’ve talked about them a good bit already, so I’ll go ahead and just give you the quick version. Each video has a photo gallery. You can click on each gallery to view hundreds of images from each shoot or download them all at once using their handy in sight downloader. Easy as that.The support page lets you submit tickets if you have any complaints, suggestions, or issues with the sight. “Deals” shows you special discounts you get on other sites for being a member of Basically, the same page that every other premium porn site has. Next up is the forum. It’s fairly active, but there aren’t many threads. Your mileage may vary here, but it looks to be worth checking out if you want to engage with any of the other piss freaks on the site. Though some of the threads only have like 10 posts or haven’t been updated in a while.The cams section is actually worth mentioning this time around because the cam girls here are exclusive “Vipissy girls.” That’s right, you can actually watch babes piss on camera for you in real. What a world we live in. But, yeah, it has its own token system separate from the premium site, so keep that in mind if you’re viewing vids on Vipissy using their token system. It will not transfer over, at least as far as I can tell. The “VR Pissing” sounds cool, but it takes you offsite, so you can explore than at your own leisure.Very Good Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site is great. The layout works well, and all the menus are shrunk down to drop down menus that are easily accessible and not too small. The previews are blown up and take up most of the screen as you scroll through, which works really well. It’s super easy to navigate the site on mobile. The videos all load quickly, and you can download just as easily as you could on the desktop version of the site. Still, the bright design feels like too much at times, but it’s a great site design otherwise.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about, aside from the high-quality piss content, is the model page for sure. It’s set up really well and it’s honestly easier to navigate using that page compared to the regular video tab. Just find a model you like, and you can browse through all of their photo galleries and videos all in one easy place. Imagine if you had the kind of information available for real sluts. Just look at them and see every nude or sex tape they have made. Hm, maybe someday.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAs for suggestions, I think this site needs to do something to reach a larger audience. Those numbers can’t be enough to keep going in the long run. Maybe cheaper membership options or a free section with ads. Hell, maybe open it up to other kinds of porn but just specialize in piss. I don’t fucking know, but this site is great and should be viewed a lot more than it currently is.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you love pissing babes and kinky porn videos, then I don’t know what else you need to know. Head over to and get wet and wild. The porn is high quality, the site design is pretty nice, and you can download everything and anything you want without issue. It’s a solid fetish porn site that deserves some more love, so go give it some much-needed attention and sign up for a membership today!