Lez Poo? Ah, lesbian scat aka lesbians shitting on each other! As most of you already know, I’ve seen a fair bit of shit in my career while looking through the various porn sites out there. And we’re talking about both literal and metaphorical shit here. Now when it comes to the literal shit, that’s where things start getting a little bit too crazy for me, but I know that there are guys out there who like this sort of crap (literally) so I’m here to show you an amazing site called LezPoo.com where you can get all of your dirty (again, quite literally) fantasies satisfied to the fullest extent which is possible.Lesbian scat porn for all fans of this fetish nicheThere are many scat porn sites out there, so what is it that makes Lez Poo so special that you should pay special attention to it? Well, while I don’t know what kind of scat porn you’re into, I guarantee that you can’t find a lot of this lesbian scat shit that you can find on LezPoo.com. As the name suggests itself, it’s a site that specializes in showing you the hottest lesbian models being covered in shit, piss, puke, and all other sorts of bodily fluids that most of us normal folks wouldn’t even like seeing let alone having spread all over us.Really hot models that are amazing with their workNow that I say that, I have to take my hat off to these amazing models. I meant the shit they go through is absolutely insane, so I really hope that they have that fetish as well and that they’re being paid well. Who knows, maybe they’re being paid the best in the entire porn industry. If you look at the prices of the memberships on LezPoo.com it would seem that since the prices are more expensive, the models themselves would have a much better paycheck on LezPoo.com than on other normal porn sites that you can find out there. I mean we all know that even normal pornstars get paid pretty well, so I bet that these bitches get paid a crazy amount.I mean just the willpower that it takes to stomach all of these sick scenes is absolutely astounding in it of itself. Then you also take into account that most of these girls probably do more than just one set or porn scene and, for me at least, these are some of the hardest soldiers that we have in the entire world. I mean these bitches won’t have a problem eating shit or anything like that, so they probably don’t even fear death. It doesn’t take a lot of scrolling through the site in order to see some of the sick shit that you can see on here.The membership is more expensive than your average premium siteOf course, you won’t be able to see anything on LezPoo.com unless you have a membership. Since we’re talking about premium and exclusive porn, it would only make sense that you’d have to pay for this content. That’s usually the case when it comes to most fetish sites. I mean do you really expect to have some free scat porn that’s also high in quality and that has some really hot models in it? Let’s be real, you won’t be able to get any of that content unless you pay up on sites such as LezPoo.com. And as far as the prices are concerned, they are definitely more expensive than regular premium sites, but they’re still manageable.Two payment plans so that you can choose the best one for youIn order to get access for a month, you’ll have to pay $30. Now that’s quite expensive, but there’s also the option of getting 3 months access for only $60. Basically, if you get the subscription for 3 months, then you’re effectively getting one month free of charge. That final month might even be the sweetest one. Everyone loves having bonus and free content, so think of that last month as LezPoo.com being really nice to you and giving you some extra content. And since they’re always uploading something new, having the extra month will go a long way so that you can check out some scat porn that nobody else did.There’s some pretty weird shit going on hereI know I’m talking about all of this as if though it’s completely normal, but I have to put a disclaimer right here so that people don’t think that I’m weird. I really don’t get your guys’ thing with scat porn. I mean you have so much better porn that can also get pretty dirty. But these are videos where lesbos wrestle in mud and then lick each other. The difference is that the shit smells really bad whereas the mud does not. I just don’t understand how you guys stomach this shit. I would be puking all over the bitch if I was fucking her and she was covered in shit. Luckily, I still haven’t had that experience and I hopefully never will. LezPoo.com definitely hasn’t made me more interested in this niche, that’s for sure.You’ll never run out of lesbian scat content to watchSo, once you finally get that subscription set up on LezPoo.com you can expect to have so many videos to watch that it’s going to be hard for you to even watch all of it. I mean not only that you have so much content to go through, but you also have to take into account the fact that new content gets uploaded on LezPoo.com all the time. Right now, they’re even giving the site a complete makeover so that it looks more modern. And while I expect the changes to come, I have to review the site as it is right now, and that means that the design is not going to be top notch as you’d expect.The design is still waiting for that makeoverEverything looks pretty blocky and dated here. There are no cool effects or nice animations. I mean, I guess if you’re into this niche the very fact that you’ve even found a site that has this sort of content is good enough for you, but I have to look at the site objectively which means that I’m going to take a big steaming hot shit all over their design choice, pun intended. I don’t understand the reason behind the stretched version of the thumbnails. Couldn’t’ they have normal thumbnails just like every other porn site out there? I guess they want you to have a wide-angle view of the scene in question? I don’t know.Familiar way of navigating the websiteAt least the navigation is as simple as you’d expect from any other porn site and that means that it won’t take a long time before you’re used to using this website. But let’s be honest, if you’re looking for sites such as LezPoo.com, then you’ve probably seen everything that the porn industry has to offer and everything else got really boring. I totally get it, but I still don’t think that eating shit is the way to solve that problem. Anyway, I’m not gonna shit all over your parade any longer. To each their own, and if you enjoy LezPoo.com then you should definitely enjoy it.At the end of the day, LezPoo.com is probably a site that only a handful of you will enjoy. Not everyone can stomach this sort of content since there’s a lot of piss, shit, and other bodily fluids involved. If you’re the type of dude that’s into this sort of stuff, then LezPoo.com is a dream come true. You’re going to see some of the hottest lesbian models go at it while their mouths are full of shit. You’ll definitely enjoy this place and all of its exclusive and premium content, and once they’re done with the makeover I think that their site is going to look and feel much better which is great news for all of you that are willing to pay the price in order to watch all of the content on LezPoo.com. Check it out today!