Alright you nasty fucks, take a seat. You’re the reason I’m here this time. You’re about to get a peek at one of the most extreme, nasty, and taboo sites on the fucking internet. No, not gore or snuff porn. Even I have to have my fucking limits. But this content is much more gag-inducing to the average cuck: scat porn.We’re talking hot, rancid shit. If you get a hard-on watching hot babes eagerly gobble down liquidy mountains of shit by the heaping handful while they piss on some other bitch, then this is the sort of site for you. No normies here. If the thought of a warm, custardy shit being smeared on your cock while a disgusting slut jerks you off doesn’t make you diamonds, then it’s time for you to head back to isn’t just any shitty scat site. This is premium content that will leave your mind fucking blown. No poor quality shots or amateur productions to speak of. You’re getting the best and most extreme degeneracy out there. For an incredibly niche premium site, they bring in a fair number of you freaks every single month. Right around 350 thousand of you to be exact. And would you believe that this site has been around for nearly 20 years? That’s right, these crazy fucks launched their site back in 2001.Expensive Membership Cost for This Premium Extreme ContentYou fucks know that this kind of content doesn’t come cheap. This is a top dog premium site that is going to charge you a pretty high cost. This site will run you around 50 USD a month if you’re just going for the single month. You can pay out around $400 to get access for the whole damn year or check out some of their other discounted rates for 3 or 6-month plans. But they can do that shit because where the fuck else are you going to get a site with nearly 20 years of premium scat content to jerk your dick to? Nowhere.Or you can go ahead and purchase credits if you don’t think you’ll need access to the entire damn catalog. You can pay cash per video, or use your credits to unlock access to them. Despite the high cost, they are pretty flexible when it comes to buying options.Dark and Sleek Site Design, but With a Giant “Deals” Banner Once you manage to sign up or login you’ll be greeted by the sexy homepage. The first thing you’ll notice will be the huge banner that is just a damn ad. I can’t fucking believe they aren’t using that space to show off some shit coated hotties eating each other's asses or something. Instead, it’s just advertising deals for memberships, ways to become a model on the site, and DVD deals. Lame.There’s a header up top that lets you flip between videos on sale, different categories, pornstars, and an about us page. Pretty simple really. You can also find your profile up there where you can check out the videos that you’ve bought and other details about your membership. Below that and the giant banner you can watch a promo video that tells you what to expect from the site. You get access to that and a 1ish minute previews of the videos before you even pay up, so you can make sure you’re ready to fap to the very extreme content they house.Piss, Shit, Vomit, Domination, and Humiliation Videos With that, there’s nothing separating you from the sordid and sexy content down below. It’s mostly shit and piss, but they also have some vomit, domination, and humiliation thrown in there for good measure. If it involves gross bodily fluids, then this site has got at least a dozen videos dedicated to it.You can browse by the newest videos on the homepage, or you can hop over to categories and narrow your search down by fetish. And they have a wide selection of options like “Scat Into Mouth, Enema, Pee and Fuck, Farting, and Vomit Girls.” It makes it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to search by hot sluts, then the pornstar page will give you big ass HD photos of each chick getting dirty. The profile pages have some basic bio info and videos that they’ve been in. It’s pretty standard.HD Previews Give You Shots from the Dirtiest Parts of the VideoDamn these fucking previews man. They don’t leave anything up to the imagination. You’re getting large, HD images of hot babes eating shit, pissing like a damn sprinkler, and chicks rubbing shit across each other's chests. I’m glad I ate earlier because I don’t think I’ll have an appetite for the rest of the day.Each preview gives you a good bit of information. They aren’t animated or anything, which you might hate, but I’ll count it as a blessing. You get a title that tells you which dirty slut is starring in the video, how long it is, if it’s in 4k or not, and what category it’s in. Pretty much everything except an upload date, but that’s not a huge deal. This site is adding new scat videos to its 2000+ selection of videos every fucking week at least.Enjoy 4k and 1080p Videos With up to 5 Downloads for Each Video You Buy The video page will give you a more in-depth description of what goes down in the video, a set of tags, a rating out of 10 stars, pictures from the video, and download options once you buy it. Each video lets you download it in SD or HD up to 5 times, so back that shit up as many times as you need. The video player is on the small side, so I would fullscreen that bitch to get the full experience. You can toggle the quality up to HD (1080p) or 4k depending on the video as well. It’s so HD you can practically smell the wet shit.Solid Mobile Experience If for some fucking reason you feel the need to take this content with you on the go, then you can do just that with their awesome mobile site. It keeps the same dark design that the desktop site has, and all of the same menus and features are available to you. Download your favorite scat porn on the go without any issues! And it’s very readable and user-friendly. No small ass menus or text that needs a fucking magnifying glass to be read.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesIf I were a nasty fuck like you I’d say that my favorite feature about was the HD scat porn. And, I mean, if you’re going to delve down this muddy rabbit hole then there’s no better place to do it. You’re getting scat porn of the highest quality. No amateur flicks or terrible videos where the shit looks fake. All of this looks stomach curdlingly real regardless if it is or not. And, fuck, do they have a lot of it. Thousands of videos for you to jerk your shit covered dick to. You’ll never run out of hot, steamy scat videos to fap to here.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMan, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. It’s one of the most expensive premium porn sites that I’ve come across. But, even so, this is a very extreme niche. I don’t blame these guys for wanting to capitalize on you degenerate fucks out there. I also think they need to ditch that big ass ad banner and throw some previews up there, but that’s just me. Other than that, this site is pretty damn good.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, is not, and I repeat not, for the weak of heart or stomach. You’re getting 4k HD videos of dimepiece babes shitting into each other's mouths. You really need to be fucked up to like this, but, hey, that’s not a bad thing. The site is going to run you a good bit of dosh, but it just might be worth it for the incredible selection of full-length scat videos you get access to. Not many sites do scat porn, and none of them do it quite as well as So, get going. Go fap your sick brains out to some premium scat flicks.