Looking for a scat shop like Yezz Clips? There’s your regular, vanilla porn videos filled with dreamy lesbians scissoring, simple straight sex, sexy blowjobs, and the occasional bout of anal. Then there’s the darker fetish content that so many of us know and love like BDSM, slave play, gimps, chastity, and more. But even those fetishes are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m talking about the nastiest, most stomach-churning content you could imagine short of death and gore.Wet, sloppy piles of shit being shoved into the eager mouths of filthy sub sluts who just crave that chocolate delight. With a side of hot, steaming piss to wash it all down or a nice enema to clear your system out. There are many different genres, but it all falls under the glorious umbrella of scat porn. There’s simply nothing else like it. It’s definitely one of those things that you love or you hate. If you’re like most reasonable people who hate it, then go seek out your porn elsewhere. But if the thought of shit and piss excites your sick, twisted mind, then stay along with me while I tell you about the treat I have for you today.Yezzclips.com is a site with a very unassuming name. I imagine quite a few horny dudes have stumbled across this site by accident only to leave with a limp dick and some nausea. If you couldn’t guess, this is a premium scat porn site. These guys have been around curating a catalog of content dedicated to the lesser celebrated bodily functions since as early as 2010. And, for a site with a very, very niche selection of content, they bring in nearly 400 thousand sick fucks to the site every month. That’s pretty fucking impressive. So, keep that shit-eating grin on your face as we dive down to brown town to see what this site is all about.Pay Per Video/Clip/Photo GalleryFirst off, this site isn’t a membership-based site. They have a large catalog of scat content and clips that you have to pay to download one by one. And it’s expensive. There’s no sugar-coating it. Especially not here. It’s anywhere from 5-20 euros per video or clip. The price seems to depend on the length and general quality of the video. Some are pretty overpriced in my opinion. People are charging 10 euros for a 5-minute clip. Kind of ridiculous. But you do get to keep and download the videos you buy forever. They charge a steep price, but there really aren’t that many free options for this sort of fetish.Lots of Options to Explore, but the Site Design is DatedThe site design is about as nice to look at as the content is. Take that how you will. It’s got a garish red/pink background with pink boxes around previews and shit. Up top there’s a very minimal header with options for “home, cart/checkout, open a store, store login, and support.”Up there you’ll also see a dropdown menu for categories, which there are more than I expected there would be. You’ve got options for tons of niche genres like “sweat fetish, farting, toilet slavery, ass worship, and boot domination.” Usually, sites like this just give you a massive catalog that you have to sort through yourself. It’s nice to see one that breaks up the content into its requisite subgenres for once.Below that, you’ll see a large banner of previews for the site’s featured stores. Stores are basically people or studios that are selling their content on the site. So, even you could make and upload your own scat videos if you’ve got a stomach and will of steel. After all, people pay premium prices for quality shit. Underneath those, the site will have all of the previews running down the center of the page.It starts with “our latest videos up top” and “new and trending clips” towards the bottom. Between those two sections will be some quick access options to their more popular video categories, along with videos counts next to them. There are also sections down there for top-selling photosets, new stores, updated, stores, and a whole bunch of other options to explore.One complaint I have here is that everything is too small. The text is readable, but just barely. The previews are incredibly small, but at least they’re animated. Though I bet some of you might wish they weren’t. And the general organization could be a little better. They shove a ton of stuff into the front page that could be redistributed to different areas of the site. I wouldn’t mind having a separate category page as well. The drop-down is nice, but some of the more niche categories would benefit from having a preview image to check out before diving in.Videos Vary in Quality and Are Housed in User “Stores”Getting back to the previews, you don’t get a lot of information. Just a title and a short animated preview. It doesn’t tell you upfront who the video is from or how long it is. But at least you get a ton of information when you actually click on the video preview. There you will be directed to that video and every other video by the person who runs that store. Each video will have a large preview, a title, a video format, a short description, video length, category, video size, and a price. The only thing I noticed that was missing was a section for video quality. I’d hazard a guess that most of these are around 720p and up.If you search by photo sets, then those all have their own individual prices as well. Usually a bit cheaper than the videos too. One feature that I thought was pretty cool was the fact that each store has its own category menu that only shows the genres of porn that they sell. It makes it that much easier to narrow down your selection and find something to bust a nut to.Disappointing Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site is decent, but there is a lot that could be improved. The site takes up the entire screen, which is definitely a plus. But it’s not scaled well at all. You have to zoom in and out every single time you want to see a preview or read text on the screen. It’s a massive pain in the ass. Other than that big disappointment, you can browse, buy, and download videos or galleries on here just like you can on the desktop site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Yezz Clips, aside from the massive catalog of shit and piss-related porn they have, is the way they work their categories and stores. It’s an interesting system that I haven’t seen on many other sites before. Having individual store pages for users gives people a great platform for making and selling their own scat porn. I’d love to see other non-scat related porn sites embrace this kind of format. Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive, but god do you get some crazy content out there. No fake shit and piss on this site. You can watch busty bitches guzzle real shit knowing that they are enjoying every second of it.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion for yezzclips would be to work on the site design a bit. Make the previews larger, include some pertinent information on those previews so I don’t have to click through every single time, make the mobile site scaled better, make the desktop site scaled better, and add a few independent sections for some of the areas that are crammed into the front page. Despite all of that, this site has a lot of great things going on for you scat lovers out there.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, yezzclips.com is a must-visit site if you’re a slut for shit and piss. They have a huge catalog of people being used as toilets, chicks drinking piss, dudes getting enemas, and couples sharing each other's bodies in warm, wet shit. If the thought of any of that gets you all hot and bothered, then come check this site out. It can be expensive, but you might find it worth it for all the unique, amateur content they have here. And, hell, if you don’t like anything here, then post your own and sell it yourself!