Tranz Fanz! Do you get a kick out of chicks with dicks? Maybe you’re a crazy boy for ladyboys or just appreciate the fine details of a fine shemale. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it’s a certain demographic that flocks to this section of the website. I’m guessing you’d consider yourself a trans fan, in which case you might want to check out hasn’t even been registered a year, but they’ve been garnering more attention on the web lately. The tagline at the top of the landing page calls them A Community of Trans Performers and Their Supporters. Taglines are often filled with unverifiable brags and bravado, but honestly, I can’t think of a better description than that. I mean, shit, just take a look at their landing page.Community-based clips/fans platforms are nothing new, but this is the first time anybody has built one that exclusively hosts trans material. The site is brought to you in large by Grooby, whose porn you probably beat off to if you’re into trannies. If not, make sure to check out my GroobyGirls review! These guys know their stuff when it comes to beautiful women who happen to have penises.Big Titties and Giant Dicks Everywhere!Out front, beneath a header graphic of a scrumptious exotic tranny, they show visitors the Latest Photo Uploads. The latest gallery, one of seven added today, is simply called Titties. Its description is also fairly succinct, distilled to just “Titties everywhere”. Ironically, the cover image shows this long-haired babe from the back, so we see a dangling dong but no boobs.That gallery only has ten images, but one uploaded earlier features 64 images of a blonde tranny fucking some guy with a beer belly. There’s also a young trap posting a “a bunch of cute junk from my insta,” and another gallery promising a handful of behind-the-scenes images from a recent trans porn shoot.Below those are the newest videos added to the site, and they’re coming even faster than the galleries. (It’s kind of a weird move to put them below the pics, if you ask me.) More than a dozen have been added today, including a trans girl in a gag jerking off, a mature shemale deep-throating a dick, and some dude getting stroked by a fat tgirl while she puts her feet in his face.You can get a moving preview of the videos by hovering your mouse over a thumbnail. If you click a photo or a video, though, you don’t get sent through to the full version. Instead, you get sent to the sign-up page. Sorry, TranzFanz is paysite.Membership will run you ten bucks for 30 days, or you can get a whole year of access for just one Benjamin Franklin. It rebills automatically, so don’t forget to cancel if you change your mind about how much you love cock.Premium TS Content and Double-Premium TS ContentThe member’s page has bigger previews of the galleries and videos that actually lead to the full versions. There’s also a couple of sidebars showing the TS performers with the most content and their newest contributors.The latest is cool and all, but I also like the greatest. You get more sorting options when you dive into the Videos or Photos pages. By default, you’ll see the newest shit first, but click the checkbox, and it can sort the collection by popularity or price instead. You can also filter between public and premium posts, or by category. Asians, Guy Fucking Trans, Cumshot, and Teen (18+) are among the cloud listed in the sidebar, but you can also type your own category.Some of you read that paragraph twice. Yeah, you read that right: I did mention sorting by price and premium posts. Most of the photo galleries and about half of the videos are included in the price. In fact, they have a rule that trans performers must upload 2 teaser sets for every premium one. To unlock the premium content, you’ll need to purchase some tokens.Prices for premium content varies a lot. The galleries are fairly cheap. A curvy shemale posing in a red dress for 65 pictures, sometimes with a partner, sold access to the gallery for 30 tokens. A solo babe with a big nose and a big rack was asking 20 tokens for 30 pics.That same girl is asking 50 tokens for a blowjob movie. Videos, as you may have suspected, will run you a bit more than the galleries. There’s a foot fetish shemale movie for 100. A 20-minute amateur video of a tranny fucking a fat guy and a hot chick was added today, and they want 150 credits for that bad boy. I also found a recent hardcore debut of a couple of trans sluts going for 200.Interact with Your Favorite Shemale PerformersOnce you find a t-girl you like, you should click the Follow button in her profile. If you really like her a lot, you can leave her a tip from 20 to 1000 tokens. You can leave public comments in the profile, too, so all your fellow shemale fans know how you feel about that broad.True fans can even interact with their favorite tranny starlets on TranzFanz, which is one of the things that’s supposed to make the site a community and not just another premium porn site. Because these big-dicked hotties are uploading their own content, they tend to be pretty fucking active on the site. If you shoot one a message, you’re not just blasting it into the ether.Video quality varies a bit here, as you may have guessed. The built-in video player lets you choose between 720i and 1920i, but if a girl has a shitty camera, the resolution on this end doesn’t really matter. Fortunately, we’re living in 2021, so I only saw a couple of pixelly chick dicks or blurry blowjob sessions.TranzFanz seems to have plenty of bandwidth to stream their videos, because I was able to skip around during the videos without too much buffering on my end. I got bored watching this Latina shemale sucking dick like she was also bored, so I jumped ahead to the middle. There was considerably less boredom and considerably more screaming during the asshole-fingering bit I landed on.The baked-in video player is very basic. You can play, pause, switch resolutions, go full screen, or skip around the video. I’d like to see them implement some of the minor upgrades you see on other video sites, like slow-motion video and especially download options. I know a lot of paysites are doing away with downloads these days, but I feel the option should be available at least some of the time here.I’m more comfortable than a lot of old folks when it comes to leaving my porn online, but that feeling is complicated by the double-payment system here. If you’re asking me to pay extra for a clip on top of the regular membership clip, I’d kind of like to keep access to it even if I let my membership expire. Plus, I can watch a movie in slow motion if it's in my own hands, or do whatever the fuck I want with it. Downloads would certainly be appreciated.The premium clips on top of a paid membership were my main issue with the site, but I also ran into some issues with the sorting options on the Videos and Photos pages. The filters simply did not work at all. No matter how I tried to sort it, it would always revert to Most Recent Public posts. My only other option was the default, which also includes the Premium posts. I’m sure this is just a temporary glitch, and will hopefully be remedied by the time you check out the is the first clip/fan site devoted entirely to transsexual performers and the perverts who love them. The platform lets members interact with the very TS models and amateur exhibitionists they’re fapping to, with plenty of photo and video content included with the membership. Some users will take issue with the availability of premium content at a further price, while others will appreciate how much their clip purchases benefit the performers directly.