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PureTS! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s impure pornography. I like to think dirty thoughts while looking at unadulterated smut, with beautiful perverts doing kinky shit on camera and no filler between the acts of depravity. Just looking at the landing page to Pure-TS, I get the feeling that’s what they have to offer.You’ve probably already guessed from the name, but Pure-TS.com is a premium adult site specializing in 100% pure videos of shemales, trannies, and ladyboys getting their fuck on. They’ve been shooting and uploading these dirty movies since 2013, building up a massive library and a snowballing fanbase along the way. A couple of thousand visitors are now shaking their dicks at the site every day.Gorgeous Ladies with Big Ol’ DicksIt goes without saying that everybody loves different shit when it comes to porno. Some people like blowjobs, others prefer anal; some like Latina shemales, others can’t get enough white girls with huge ding-a-lings.There are some places where most people can agree, though. For example, you won’t find a bunch of dudely-ass, masculine men in wigs at Pure-TS. The tgirls on the site ain’t the kind of trannies you see at the grocery store and immediately know their dicks are bigger than yours.Every big-cocked whore I see out on the front page looks passable as fuck. Not just passable, but legit fucking hot. These aren’t men with big tits; these are gorgeous women with boners. Sluts like Carrie Emberlyn, Katy Leon, and Natalie Mars look as gorgeous and feminine as any world-class porn babe. They’ve just got wieners instead of tacos.Those hot dogs are on proud display in every thumbnail out front. So many photos feature hard dicks aiming straight up, with one penetrating the other partner’s butthole. With one less orifice than typical straight porn, you’d better believe they make up for it with plenty of anal fun.They’ve got video trailers for the cheapskates and the maybe-members. The preview for the newest one shows busty newcomer Rachel Rexxx walking into a room and making out with minimal introduction. I was expecting a montage, but nah, it’s literally just the first minute of the film. It’s only enough time to see him grab her cock through her pants. You know that he immediately wants more, and there’s a decent chance you will, too.Cheaper Than a Back-Alley BlowjobI tried again with a couple more recent flicks, but they’ve all got that same first-minute-only format. At least they’re all making out by the end of that minute; I like a porn site that doesn’t fuck around with the bullshit and theatrics, instead getting right down to brass tacks and hard tranny cock.The prices are conveniently listed beside the trailers. It’s 30 bucks a month, industry-standard, with cheaper rates for the ballers who can afford 3, 6, or 12 months of premium shemale smut at a time.Pure-TS updates 2 or 3 times a week with full-length tgirl porn movies, which is exactly the kind of release schedule I like to see on any paysite. The scenes of trans girlfriends and slutty TS students typically run around half an hour, with some shorter behind-the-scenes clips thrown in for good measure.Those rapid releases have really added up over the years. Subscribers now have instant access to nearly 700 explicit movies of tranny babes getting fucked from every angle imaginable, and some never before dreamed of.All Kinds of Trannies, Shemales, and LadyboysThe front of the member’s area shows you the newest Pure-TS content first. They’ve added an hour of new material in the last week alone. One is that Rachel Rexxx movie I mentioned, and before that, it was an anal fuck as an early Valentine’s day gift.Looking at the recent selection, it’s almost as if they’ve intentionally tried to vary the girls as much as possible between flicks. There’s a wide menu of well-endowed beauties here. I see black-haired girls with big tits and brunettes with perky little jugs. There are petite bodies getting slammed around and thicker mamas bouncing on cock. I see Latinas, White girls, and some exotic honeys with monster cock.There’s a fucking gorgeous babe named Emma Rose taking it up her flawless ass in a recent thumbnail. The movie’s called She’s Gonna Be A MASSIVE Star, and I think I already agree. Emma’s as youthful, fun, and feminine as they come; you can’t see her dick in the preview pic, and anybody would assume she’s all woman.Resolution controls are below the video player, but as the video opens, it looks like the site has automatically chosen an HD stream for me. There’s a brief Pure-TS logo on the screen before Emma Rose struts into the shot in a tight red dress. No time is wasted. The dude stands up and starts kissing her immediately, and is groping her tits and cock, not even a minute later.Premium TS Porn from an AVN WinnerThe opening dialog for this scene consists mostly of groans, moans, and such award-winning lines as, “This ass… mmm… fuckin perfect!” There’s no time wasted, with Emma and her bald buddy getting right to business. The dude in the scene has monster wood busting out of his jeans, and Emma tries to stick it down her throat.The bald stud is Christian XXX, the brains and dick behind the site. He’s been in porno since 1999, working with companies like Digital Playground, Evil Angel, and Naughty America. He’s won 4 AVN awards, and vids like this demonstrate exactly why.The enthusiasm and eagerness on display is fucking hot. I hate pornos where you can tell one or more of the cocksuckers don’t really want to be there, but you can tell a paycheck is only part of the equation here. They can’t fake it quite as easily in tranny porn, where a ladyboy’s lust can be measured in cock hardness.Emma puts her legs over head about a third of the way in. Everybody in the coffee shop looked in my direction when baldy started tossing her salad. I guess I didn’t realize how loud I had my speakers up, but I also didn’t expect the tgirl to start making that much noise!I had a little bit of buffering while skipping around throughout the movie. I probably could have just lowered the video quality, but I chose to wait the 5-10 seconds it took to catch up. Emma got fucked up the ass on a white couch, leaving her tall red heels on, then I watched a load icon spin, then she bounced her asshole on this dude’s cock while sitting in his lap.I think she likes how it feels up her butthole from that angle, because she rides it like that for a while. The flick ends with Emma on her knees, mouth open while the dude squirts a hot blast of cum at her. Cue the Pure-TS logo and end scene.She’s Gonna Be a Massive StarShe’s Gonna Be A MASSIVE Star was added to Pure-TS about a month ago, and the fans love it. It’s got a 4.9 user rating and a comment section with gems like, “She’s not acting. Must love his cock. She’s beautiful.”Below the video, direct links to download the MP4 files are available in a few different resolutions. It maxes out at a 1080p video that will take up 1.67 GB that your wife was just going to fill up with selfies and vacation photos anyway. I hope to see Pure-TS upgrade to full 4K, which seems inevitable if they stick around, which they will.Pure-TS really delivers that titular pornographic purity. These are no-bullshit TS hardcore movies without filler or gimmicks. There’s no emphasis on elaborate costumes or roleplaying, nor are you really supposed to believe they’re anywhere but a porno set, doing anything but starring in porno movies.All these guys do is get some hot, depraved trannies in a room and tell them to fuck real nasty. It sounds like a really simple formula, and it is, but it’s also a winning formula. If you’re looking for shemale porn, you’re probably looking for exactly the elements they include in their flicks.Pure-TS.com is pure TS hardcore, plain and simple. It was created by an AVN-winning smut peddler, and has exactly what shemale fans want in a premium video site. The movies are unpretentious, sexy as fuck, and come out like perverted clockwork. You could do a lot worse for your dollar.