Trannies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there’s something special about Asian shemales. Whether we’re talking about Thai ladyboys or the big-dicked futanari of a neckbeard’s favorite hentai, the tgirls of the orient have a natural mystique you don’t always get elsewhere. Oh, and they tend to be passable as hell! The trans sluts at TranSexJapan sure calls themselves “the finest Japanese transsexual site”. It’s the typical brag of any premium porn site, right? Every one of them is the biggest and best at something. TranSexJapan gets about half a million visits a month, which is small potatoes compared to some of the bigger premium networks out there. I’m looking at their front page, though, and I don’t see a damn thing to scoff at.Hot Asian Whores with Tits and DicksThose passable Asian sluts I mentioned are showing off their goods at the top of the landing page. Were it not for their pee-pees dangling out; I’d be sure these were all horny honeys looking to get their snatches filled.The design here is elegant and classy as hell. The palette is soft and so is all the text on the screen, not a capital letter or exclamation point in sight. The photos and video thumbnails are brightly lit, with similarly soft colors accenting the glowing, gorgeous skin tones of these babes.These girls have pretty faces and hot, feminine bodies. Oh, and dicks. Not to talk shit or anything, but these are Asian cocks, with everything that implies. I don’t see any monsters laying around, scaring the girls away. This ain’t BBC town, and I’ve never even heard of BAC porn.There’s a big screengrab from their most popular movie near the top of the preview page. Entitled simply Sex, the synopsis informs us, “she takes it really hard in her ass pussy and loves.” I would have guessed it from the pic, which shows a blonde Asian hottie on her back with a hard dick up her ass and one where her pussy would typically be in a vanilla porno.And sweet mother of Jesus, TranSexJapan has free video previews. You library fappers who had no intention of signing up are in luck, as you can watch 45 seconds of the site’s most popular clip to your heart’s content. There’s even more on the Samples page.That high-class feel continues from the site design and thumbnails and into this video preview. Filmed in an expensive-looking bed with bright white linens and futuristically soft lighting, it opens with a lingering look at this tatted t-girl as she lays on her side. The montage progresses rapidly, from through-the-panties rubbing to shemale cock stroking to sword-fighting to salad tossing.She squeals as she gets pounded up the ass. 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The best you can do is 3 months for 80 bones.Like any porn site, TranSexJapan charges what people will pay. Sites with Asian American babes are cheaper, but you always pay a premium for native Japanese chicks. There’s less material to go around, for one thing, and they’ve got a certain submissive demeanor prized by fans of the genre.The frantic sexual squeals of the orgasming J-slut are another major selling point to true Japanese-made porno. I’d already heard some out on the preview page, so I’m ready to get in there and see what other noises these oversexed Asian trannies are making.Oversexed Asian Trannies Squealing in HDTranSexJapan has a slightly sporadic schedule. New movies are released about once a week, give or take a few days. I prefer a more consistent schedule so I can look forward to new release faps on certain days of the week, but at least the site ain’t going stale or anything. I am more than a little disappointed by the clip lengths, which run around 10 to 20 minutes long.The way the video thumbnails are framed, I almost forgot I was looking at a tranny site for a second. The newest movie shows a skinny girl with a leg up in the air, her foot being worshipped by a shirtless man. The title for Allison Standing Fuck hides the shemale dick behind the text, and it’s hard to tell which one’s the dick-girl in the thumbnail for Mimi Bareback Fuck with Japanese Female Slave.I see a fair amount of foot fetish content in the new scenes. Sometimes you see ugly, dude-looking feet in shemale movies, but these Asian trannies have some nice, feminine toes and arches. You foot-sniffers and heel-lickers who also love chicks with dicks are in luck.High-res image galleries are also available and featured prominently on the member’s page. I often think of paysite galleries as throwaways, just some screengrabs posted as a way to boost their overall content volume. That high-class, bright-lights vibe I’ve been seeing all over TranSexJapan carries over to these galleries, though, making them more erotic and artistic than your typical paysite photodump.T-Girl Blowjobs, Anal Bangs and FootjobsI’d seen this chick Masem on the front page and in a few thumbnails, and the chick’s got a really alluring face. The Japanese tgirl is pretty and exotic, feminine as all hell, and just plain beautiful. Her body is supple, and her flesh looks fucking delectable.Masem has been in 11 TranSexJapan videos so far, and 13 galleries. She’s actually Chinese, according to her profile. I’m watching her newest movie on the site, Masem Foot Worship, Footjob, and Sumata. They don’t do fancy clip titles here.The 11-minute scene opens with some dude sucking Masem’s pedicured toes. Sure enough, she’s got beautiful, womanly feet that must taste like sugar the way the dude is slurping them. 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