Fresh faces and unsoiled cunts are major draws in the world of pornography. Everybody wants to see schoolgirls, ripe teens, virgins, and first-timers earn their wings on camera. The age of 18 is the beginning of a new life for a lot of girls, but it’s a different milestone that marks the newly minted broads at FemOut.In case you hadn’t guessed from the name, FemOut.xxx is a tranny porn site dedicated to tgirls early in their transitions. These are sluts who just crossed the threshold into transsexual Transylvania and can’t wait to show off their big tits and hard Frankenfurters. These girls may not have been born with hymens, but you’re about to see some cherries get popped.A Community of Girls in TransitionFemOut has only been online for a few years, but it’s brought to you by the same perverts behind Grooby Girls. If you’re into shemale smut, you’re almost definitely familiar with the operation and their material; these guys have been cranking out tranny smut in some form or another since 1996.A rotating selection of fresh trannies slides by the top of the preview page. There’s a brunette in a schoolgirl skirt stroking her cock, and an exotic beauty lounging naked on a leather couch with a boner. A redhead taps the head of her stiffy, and a cute Latina smiles big for the camera while kneeling seductively on a bed, buttplug conspicuously laying beside her.There’s a little blurb about how they’re magnanimously helping these sluts get a leg up in the erotica industry by offering high-quality professional shoots and full-length HD videos. Hey, it’s an arrangement that benefits absolutely everybody, so I won’t give FemOut too much shit about patting themselves on the back. Right below that are some numbers that will impress you a hell of a lot more than their humblebrag hard-sell.As of this writing, the collection contains 437 aspiring tgirls in 1,163 porno shoots. That ain’t bad for a tranny site that’s only been online for a few years.I clicked a thumbnail of a blonde chick sticking a big, black dildo up her ass. I honestly expected the site to redirect me to a sign-up page, but I found a video preview instead. Score! It’s only 15 seconds, but that’s enough time to show the girl cramming the toy up her pooper and jacking off.The site doesn’t cut you off after a few previews like some websites do, so I treated myself to a look at a shemale anal sex scene, a chubby tgirl masturbating, and a fetish bimbo showing off her taint piercings. It does get a little frustrating trying to crank it to such short snippets, which is how I ended up on the sign-up page.First-Time Tranny Flicks and Bonus ContentFemOut’s regular price for a month of ladyboy masturbation and blowjob movies is thirty bucks, which won’t come as a surprise to anybody who’s signed up for a premium porn site in the last few years. This is what pretty much any tranny site will cost you, unless the chicks are Japanese, in which case you have to pay more and don’t even get to see their dicks.As is standard with these things, you’ll pay less in the long run if you spring for the longer memberships. The annual membership goes for a couple hundo, which breaks down to fifty-five cents a day. They take the standard payment methods, and will also accept the gift cards grandma gave you or the bitcoin you were going to spend on LSD and illegal bugs. Old folks can even mail a goddamn check, written on paper like they did in the caveman days.Membership also includes access to Grooby Bonus Sets. The transsexual porn purveyors have a ton of free photos and videos to keep you going in between the regular FemOut updates. There’s a nice variety of bonus tranny smut released every week, from BBW masturbation vids to interracial blowjobs and TS threesomes.That’s a Ton of Shemale SmutThe site updates every weekday, which I think is fantastic. I was looking at a premium site earlier with irregular updates every week or so. That shit annoys the hell out of me. With FemOut, you can look forward to a nice fap to fresh content every day you go to work. Watch those updates on company time, and you’ll be getting paid to jack off to tranny porn. Wow!FemOut ain’t that old, but with output like that, they’ve built a solid fucking collection already. The stash currently includes around 1,200 exclusive shemale flicks that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.The pervs at Grooby obviously know what they’re doing and have brought that expertise to FemOut. It usually takes a site some time to build up momentum, but this site has been a virtual factory of first-timer tranny flicks since day one.The one downside to this unstoppable torrent of shemale smut is that most of the material consists of solo movies. That’s good news for those of you who love stripteases, erotic masturbation shows, and camerawork that showcases a single babe’s body. It’s bad news for those of you who prefer to see those babes sucking cock or fucking each other up the assholes.Filthy Solo Shows and Dirtier DuosIf you’ve spent a few minutes reading this site, you probably know your old friend The Porn Dude really loves the dirtiest shit on the Internet. I prefer seeing people fuck each other to seeing people fuck themselves. Fortunately, yesterday’s update is a 20-minute scene called Nicki Ryder and Kid Blue Fuck Hard.The movie streams smoothly at full 1080p HD, opening with a dude lounging in bed, wearing all his clothes. Nicki steps into the scene, and there’s some light banter I can’t hear because of all the people talking at Starbucks as I type this. It’s probably inconsequential dialog, because they’ve stopped talking and moved on to making out within a few seconds.Nicki has the dude’s dick in her mouth by the 3-minute mark, bobbing her head so hard her whole body bounces on the bed. It’s a nice prelude to the rhythmic butt-fucking that starts a few minutes later.The hot tranny seems very eager for each new position and sex act, but there’s a tiny bit of hesitancy there. I can believe she is brand new to the business, though this isn’t her very first flick. It’s actually her fourth on FemOut, so you’ll have plenty more Nicki to spank it to if you like this one.Kid Blue slides his cock in and out of this slut from more angles than you’d expect in a 20-minute scene. It culminates with the two jerking off in bed together. When Kid Blue’s about to pop, Nicki wraps her mouth around his shaft and sucks it dry.Download Ultra-HD Ladyboy MoviesDownloads are included in the membership price at FemOut. You can download the scenes in any of the streaming resolutions, or go all out and save the 4K, 5 GB version to your hard drive.I thought it was interesting that you could download 4k but couldn’t stream the movies in that resolution. A lot of the premium sites are in the process of upgrading to the new Ultra-HD, but it does require way more bandwidth than 1080p. I think FemOut may struggle a little on that front; before I’d even noticed the download/streaming resolution discrepancy, I was having some trouble with slow-loading pages. (I didn’t have any buffering issues with vids, though.)It’s a fairly little quirk, and not likely to bother most masturbators all that much. My main issue with the site is still the fact that it’s mostly solo vids, though I know a lot of people love them.FemOut.xxx is first-time tranny porn by the producers of Grooby Girls, one of the oldest shemale sites on the web. They’ve brought their expertise in the genre to this site and have been cranking out thousands of dirty little movies starring shemales cutting their teeth. There’s a new scene just about every day, so fans of chicks with dicks aren’t going to run out of fap material any time soon.