Grooby Girls

GroobyGirls aka Shemale Yum! Sometimes I get a real hankering for a nice, nasty fuck with a blonde hottie with huge tits and a nice ass. I want that little slut to suck my dick clean, let me put it in her pooper, and then give me another dirty oral cleansing. I bet you have similar fantasies, but in yours the bitch also has a huge cock. I ain’t the type of guy to judge you, fruitcake, and in fact I’ll point you to a classic of the transsexual paysite genre: GroobyGirls.Before rebranding as in 2017, the longest-running and most successful transsexual porn site on the Internet was called Shemale Yum. They started posting tranny smut back in 1996 and have garnered a steady following that continues to shake their dicks at the site to this day. GroobyGirls gets close to a million visits a month and claims to be “the authoritative tgirl sex site among fans, members, curious surfers and the transsexual adult community.” Every paysite toots its own horn and strokes its own and junk, though, so I’ll have to dig in myself.Pretty Faces, Big Boobs and Giant CocksAs soon as the landing page loads, a stream of pretty faces and big jugs passes by the top of the screen. These girls have perfect bodies and flawless skin, carefully shaved pubes and completely hairless and ready buttholes. Each one is giving the camera her most seductive fuck-me look, and goddammit I can’t help popping a boner even if each one of these broads is packing their own thick, veiny member.GroobyGirls won the 2019 XBIZ Award for Best Trans Website. I’m not sure what their whole formula is, but one ingredient of their secret formula isn’t a secret at all: these shemale sluts are passable as hell. If you pass one on the street, you’d never guess she was a ladyboy unless she whipped her junk out and started swinging it at you. No, you’d probably see her, think, “Wow, what a hot looking bitch,” then go home and masturbate thinking about fucking her vagina. Surprise! Turns out you’re gay.I’m just fucking with you. My point is these are chicks with dicks, not dudes in wigs. Those lovely faces and feminine bodies let you know it’s totally straight to want to suck one off or have her bang you up the butt.Less Risk Than a Hooker with a PenisMost premium sex sites these days are asking 30 USD a month for unlimited access to sticky solo masturbation scenes, explosive blowjob sequences, and titillating anal hardcore movies. Well, apparently if you put a wiener on all the girls you can charge extra.GroobyGirls is asking 37 bucks, which I guess isn’t too bad. I’ve never known sex-change surgery to go for less than eight dollars, and that was a terrifying and bloody mess that I drink to forget. GroobyGirls must get a bulk discount with the surgeon or something.They do have a pretty fucking impressive release schedule. I like to see at least an update or two per week whenever you’re trading your hard-earned cash for dirty fuck movies that put hair on your palms and make you go blind. The smut peddlers at GroobyGirls really want you to get your money’s worth, because they’re updating every single day.The Dirtiest Trick in the BookYou know, when the landing page told me they updated every day, I assumed it meant they were adding a new 4K tranny sex movie seven times per week. I’m not sure that’s the case. Once you log in, you’re dropped onto a blog-style Members Area with a whole lot of words. Dig in a little and there is a TS on TS bareback hardcore scene in today’s entry, or at least I thought so. It turns out it’s a link to a sample for another shemale paysite.I was about to write an angry rant about how this entire site is a bunch of fucking bullshit, but it turns out I just had to click on the Updates link at the top of the screen. That brings you to a more traditional thumbnail layout of all the newest tranny pornos.Sure enough, they do at a new one every day. That weird blog thing is like a reverse bait and switch, because it says Members Area in big letters and doesn’t give you the premium content you’re looking for. WTF, GroobyGirls?Most of the daily updates on the site are solo scenes featuring hot girls showing off their bodies, playing with their beautiful boobies, and jerking off their giant penises for the camera until sperm squirts out. There is a good range of tranny sluts here, from blondes and brunettes to Asians, Latinas, and Ebony shemales.Watching a ladyboy stroke his hard cock until it erupts hot cum all over the place is fun and all, but what if you prefer to see a shemale getting penetrated or doing the penetration? Well, I’m glad you asked, you freaky little pervert. Just looking at their most recent updates, it looks like GroobyGirls adds a scene of full-on transsexual fucking every week or so.Hot Sluts Blowing Loads of Hot JizmI’m in luck, because today’s new tranny flick is called Rachel Nova Enjoys a Nice Ass Pounding! The exclamation point is part of the title, but I was going to shout it anyway. This chick looks so damn cute, even though she’s got a floppy little ding-a-ling in the preview image. Not my thing, but hey, I ain’t judging.The scene is only 20 minutes, so there’s not much time for fucking around. Actually, let me rephrase that. There’s time for fucking around, but none of the usual bullshit and tomfoolery you get at the start of longer scenes. Rachel walks into the room, sits down on the couch next to dude, and they start making out.The camera work is simple but effective, one cam moving around our players to capture as much hot flesh and hot action as the scene plays out. This tranny babe is quicker than your mom, so within a few minutes, she’s practicing good oral hygiene with the lucky gentleman on the couch. Multi-talented, she slips off her panties while continuing to work her mouth.The dude hammers her from various angles before hosing her face down with hot jizz. It’s a nice scene if you don’t mind seeing a big old hog growing between a woman’s legs. After it was over, I looked all over the page for a tags list, hoping to skip to whatever anal collection GroobyGirls has on hand. Weirdly, I couldn’t find any tags listed, but I know they have some kind of advanced indexing because they have an Advanced Search.Find Your Favorite Shemale Fuck VidHit up the Advanced Search page and you’ll see all those tags that you normally see scattered all over the place. It’s a fairly trim list with dozens instead of hundreds or thousands of entries. I appreciate that it’s concise, but wish these tags were easier to find on the individual videos.The Advanced Search page is basically a checklist, broken down into convenient categories like Body, Cock, Country and Clothes. The dirty fucking I was looking for is filed under Hardcore, with options like Blowjob, Interracial, Threesome or More, and various configurations of trannies fucking or getting fucked by men, women and other tgirls.My biggest complaint about GroobyGirls would have to be that the material is relatively softcore. The Advanced Search page omits kinkier shit like ass-to-mouth, fisting, and extreme bondage. The site is mostly solo masturbation shows. Based on my peek at their most popular content, I guess that’s what their viewers want.If you’re looking for the dirtiest, nastiest shemale hardcore porno movies, you may want to look elsewhere. While you will find some of that, GroobyGirls is more about showing off the girls and their penises in classy jerk-off movies, letting you get as intimate as possible through a computer screen as you wave your own flag of salute. New movies are added every single day, so you can always look forward to another snake charming session after work.