Big dicks, nice asses and huge tits are staples in almost every porno movie throughout the ages. These engorged and swollen body parts are usually attached to exactly the men and women you’d expect, except in the case of tranny porn. On a site like Transfixed, the monster cocks and massive racks often belong to the same hot is an Adult Time original series. They take the world’s hottest shemale and cis female pornstars and put them in “highly stylized translesbian erotica”. That sounds pretty kinky to me, and kinky is what sells in this business. A banner at the top of the screen tells me they’ve been pretty successful: Transfixed is the proud winner of the AVN Awards for Best Transgender Production and Best Transgender Series or Channel, as well as the XBIZ Award for Trans Movie of the Year.Hot Sluts with Big WienersThe preview page has a bunch of little thumbnails showing really hot sluts who I wouldn’t suspect have wieners were it not for words like “transgender” all over the goddamn page. There’s a black-haired babe in a little red riding hood and deadly looking boots, a few hotties in lingerie touching each other, and a mansion pool party with a bunch of leggy broads standing around, looking sexy.Maybe they’re just keeping the preview page clean, because I see a couple of nipples but not a single cock or cooter. There’s a button to watch a free scene, though, and I figured that might give me a taste of the hard stuff.You cheapskates are in for a real treat. While so many premium sites are doing away with the video previews these days, Transfixed gives potential members more than just a peek. There’s a full 32-minute tranny scene for you to beat off to right on the preview page.The preview movie is actually Season 1, Episode 4 of Transfixed, entitled Kissing Lena. It opens with light, upbeat music as Lena lounges in a sauna wearing nothing but a towel. She’s got a pretty face and a killer body with nice, perky jugs and a flat stomach. When blondie drops the towel, we see what kind of meat she’s packing.The music continues into the next scene as Athena Rayne appears on the screen. There’s no dialog; the girls look at each other and then start passionately kissing. A few minutes later, they’re on the bed, tearing each other’s clothes off.The video looks great, streaming crisp and clean at 720P without any buffering issues. The lighting and camerawork is beyond professional, giving everything a really classy look, like if Vogue started doing tribbing scenes.It’s a really hot tranny-on-girl scene, and both participants are clearly very into each other. I think they even forget about the camera for a second as they exchange oral sex and get into some foot fetish kinkery. I love watching Lena fuck Athena’s face while sucking on her toes.An Adult Time Take on Tranny PornFull disclosure: this ain’t my first time whacking off to an Adult Time production. They’re kind of a big deal, and have been featured in such mainstream outlets as Forbes, The Washington Post, Vice, and Maxim. This is award-winning content by the producers of Girlsway and Pure Taboo.Member benefits are broken down at the bottom of the preview page and on the sign-up page. You get access to Transfixed, with personalized member’s experiences and nearly 60,000 videos, plus 5 new updates per day.Those 5 updates aren’t all tranny movies. In fact, it’s been a while since they added any new stuff under the Transfixed imprint; the newest one as of this writing was a few months old. The rest of those updates are spread out over the other Adult Time sites included with your membership. Who likes bonuses?They’ve got a couple of different plans, aside from the 3-day/3-dollar trial. The standard membership is 20 bucks a month and includes unlimited streaming but no videos. The yearly membership breaks down to about ten bucks a month and includes downloads.Big-Dicked Beauties Getting NastyI’m a little disappointed to see how far apart the Transfixed updates are coming, but at least you get a bunch of other content with your subscription. It’s a pretty massive network, so there’s more shemale material than just the 21 flicks released as Transfixed episodes.I wish there was more, though, because I haven’t even made it past the preview thumbs, and I’m impressed. I like how the whole gimmick here is big-name female pornstars with big-name trannies.Gia Paige and Aubrey Kate both look stunning in the preview pic for their episode, and the moving preview on hover-over gives you a peek of blowjobs, ass-eating, and anal sex. Ana Foxxx is in one with Natassia Dreams, and Natalie Mars is always fucking different sluts like Cadence Lux, Kenna James, Kristen Scott, and Gabi Paltrova.Natalie is a real fucking hottie, and one busy-ass trans girl. One of the more recent Transfixed flicks features the big-dicked babe in a threesome with Adriana Chechik and Khloe Kay. Khloe is covered head-to-toe in gold paint in the preview pic, dick and all.The 44-minute episode starts with Khloe staring in a mirror, where she is joined by the ever-beautiful Natalie Mars. Natalie has one of the prettiest, most feminine faces in tranny porn, and I wouldn’t even suspect she had a cock if I hadn’t recognized her.A couple of minutes into the HD movie, and the two are in a photoshoot, with Adriana behind the camera. She’s a mean-ass bitch, bossing them around. The clothes come off, and the gold paint comes out a few minutes in. The actual body painting scene is slower and far more sensual than I’d expected, but it leads directly to some intense double ass eating. These girls are fucking dirty!Once it pops off, these bitches don’t slow down. A manic sexual energy fills them, and it's like nobody on the set could get enough cock or asshole in their faces fast enough. They caress each other’s bodies and stroke each other’s privates, and Adriana shows off some of those world-renown cocksucking skills that have helped make her so famous. Not to be outdone, Natalie fits it in her mouth, and the two take turns.Top Shemales and Females in Classy SmutFor a scene that ends with Adriana Chechik squirting girlcum all over a tranny’s chest, the whole thing is pretty classy. There’s something about the gold paint and sparse lighting that makes it seem artistic as hell for a hardcore porn movie. I felt like I should be sipping some Dom Perignon and snorting my Viagra off a silver tray held by a butler.I noticed a similar high-class artsy vibe to Flower Girls, the episode with Aubrey Kate and Bree Daniels. These hippie bitches have clearly showered and shaved more than just their legs, and you don’t get the sense the set reeks of patchouli, BO and stale bong water. The BDSM in Good Kitty plays out in a spotless mansion rather than a dank dungeon, and She’s The Boss would look like a Vanity Fair photoshoot were it not for all the hardcore ass-eating, dick-swallowing, and anal sex.For a lot of viewers, that classy vibe is just going to be a footnote to the nasty sex on screen. After all, it’s hard to do butthole eating wrong if you’ve got a couple of hairless hotties doing it.For others, that high-class shit is going to help push you over the edge. You won’t feel like you’re slumming it with a Backpage whore in a filthy hourly motel. No, this is a trans sex experience for refined gentlemen like yourself. Tip your fedora and pat yourself on the back, my dude, because you’ve made it to the big time.Adult Time is known for putting out good smut, and plenty of it. With Transfixed, they’ve created a new brand that pairs top shemale and female pornstars in some of their filthiest scenes yet and puts the whole thing in a fancy package as suitable for jerking off in the back of a limo as spanking it in your mom’s basement. Their updates are unfortunately irregular, but the membership is balanced out with a bunch of daily updates across the network. There’s a full half-hour scene you can take for a free test wank, so why not give it a look?