Dream Tranny

Dreams can be strange, sexy things. Your wife may be a stunning knock-out, way the fuck out of your league, but I bet she ain’t your dream girl. No, your perfect fantasy angel has the big tits and pretty face you love so much, but she’s also got something extra: a big ol’ dick between her legs. Sorry, wifey, but tonight may be a good evening to spend with DreamTranny.DreamTranny.com is a site with history. They’ve been around since 2000, making them one of the older shemale porn operations on the web. They’ve got a pretty strong presence on free tubes like PornHub, so you’ve probably snuffed out millions of your own babies while watching their material, even if you’ve never signed up before.Pretty Girls with Big Ol’ DicksWho likes pretty girls? I see a lot of hands going up. Okay, now who loves huge dicks? Those of you who kept your hands up are going to love what you see on the landing page at DreamTranny. The bitches sliding by the top of the screen are fucking gorgeous. I’m immediately entranced by the Latina with a big cock dangling near her lips and this young chick who looks like Emma Watson getting a couple up the butt at the same time.It’s sleazy and beautiful, and would look right at home on your typical top-shelf premium site. Almost. The thing that separates the babes here from the bimbos elsewhere is that meat they’re packing. Most porn sluts brag about teeny tiny twats that retain their tightness no matter how many times they get fucked. The pornstars here get to brag about their huge junk instead.Thumbnails from some of their most popular videos are displayed all across the tour page. Let me tell you, this shit is hardcore! There are a bunch of shemale paysites out there that post updates almost every day, but most of it is solo girls jacking off and playing with their buttholes. The ratio is just about even here, with both a new solo and a new hardcore scene every week.The release schedule looks pretty fucking solid, just based on the thumbnails and upload dates. They usually have a chick show off her body, beat her meat, and shove dildos up her butt or get fucked by a machine in the first update in the week. A couple of days later, she’ll be back to get even nastier on video, this time with a partner or two. Or three. Or four.There’s a fair amount of group sex. You’ll see three trannies going at it, or a couple of studs banging a trap, or one lucky guy having his way with a couple of big-donged whores. One recent scene even features TS harlot Beatriz Velmont taking on four cocks at the same time.It sounds like a dream come true, right? Unless you clicked this review by mistake, in which case you’ve probably clicked frantically back to the list of premium lesbian sites by now. The rest of you are probably wondering how much it costs to work these DreamTrannies into your wet dreams. Let’s find out!Champagne Trannies at Crackwhore PricesMost porno paysites these days are asking a cool thirty bones for streaming access to the pile. I’ve seen a few tranny sites lately asking for more than that, so I was holding my breath a little bit as I clicked through to the Sign-Up page. I was pleasantly surprised.A monthly membership to DreamTranny.com will run you just twenty bucks. That’s a really good price for premium smut, and we already know these guys update all the time. Having been around since 2000, they’ve got to have a huge archive, too. That’s some bulk Costco shit, only with hardcore TS smut. Big savers can save bigger with a yearly membership that breaks down to around ten bucks a month.The first thing you’ll see on the member’s page is a row of stills from upcoming flicks. It’s not an uncommon feature on a paysite, as it’s a good way to keep customers from canceling their subscription. Look, I mean, you could let your time run out, but then you’re not going to see that black girl jacking off with a dildo in her asshole, nor will you see her fucking a guy up the butt while trying to swallow his cum. Those are scheduled for March 3rd and 6th, respectively.The newest movie has a really subtle title: Spreading For A Big Dildo. Fortunately, the thumbnail tells the story far better than the title does. It’s about a gorgeous, exotic tranny in red fishnets spreading her asshole for a big dildo. It looks like that fake cock is attached to the fucking machine featured so prominently in their updates. I want to see it in action.One thing I see that I like immediately is a big Download button right above the video player. A lot of big paysites are doing away with MP4 files, but DreamTranny has them in resolutions from 480p up to 1080p. Hopefully, they’ll upgrade to 4K soon, which seems inevitable on every paysite.Naughty Shemales from Around the GlobeThe 21-minute movie opens with Nataly Sousy strutting around in red lingerie, showing off her toned dancer’s body. She’s got the kind of exotic look that makes you wonder where the hell she even came from. I opened her profile in another tab; Nataly comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil. That explains the dance moves and the butt.Her nutsack is peeking out from her panties as she moves into a chair like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She pulls a perfect tittie out and tweaks her nipple a bit. The camera pans back a little, and we see that intimidating fuck machine with a big dildo attached. Nataly aims her ass at it, teasing the viewers, but I’m impatient, so I skip ahead.I’m watching in HD, but there’s only about a second of buffering as I skip to the ten-minute mark. Nataly has her panties off and her dick in her hand. That fuck machine has started, and she’s sucking on the dildo thrusting in and out of her mouth.I guess you don’t stay in business as long as DreamTranny has if you hire ugly shemales who don’t like doing dirty shit on camera. Nataly is a legit porn slut nymphomaniac. Just watching her mouth on that rubber unit, it’s obvious she’s had a lot of practice at perfecting those oral skills. Her own hard dick tells us how much she loves it. Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous she is?Just wait until you see her get her butthole fucked by that thing. Nataly’s boner gets harder as it pumps her cornhole, making her groan with pleasure and wince a little with pain. That thing’s a hard fuck! Nataly takes it like a champ, though, athletically twisting into different positions to feel it from different angles. It’s pounding her raw when she pops, and then we fade out.It’s a damn fine TS porn scene, and it’s just the warmup. In a couple of days, Nataly will be back to fuck some Latin dude’s butthole.You know, I get how DreamTranny has been around so long while other shemale porn outfits have come and gone. It’s one of those formulas that sounds easy as fuck on paper, but takes a special magic to pull off just right. These guys simply find the hottest, sexiest, and sluttiest whores and put cameras on them. The first time they fuck machines, the second time they fuck humans. Repeat as necessary.This is a site that really made me reach for something to complain about. I mean, shit, it’s cheap, hardcore, and comes out with a fucking ton of updates. I guess I could be a real dickhead and list that as the only problem, but it’s true: there’s so much tranny porn here, there’s no way you’ll spank your way through the whole collection without a serious stash of Viagra and a lot of sick time saved up.DreamTranny.com should check all the boxes for anybody looking for a good deal on premium shemale porn. Their smut and its tranny stars are fucking solid, and the rapid release schedule is hard to beat. Give the tour page a look if you wish hot chicks always had big dicks.