What do you think “Sluts with Nuts 4,” “One Hung Bitch,” and “My Girlfriend is my Boyfriend” all have in common? If you guessed they all had tranny babes doing kinky shit, then you were right. All of those titles are from DVDs that you can view for absolutely free on the site I have for you this time around. What’s not to love about watching some thick dicked chick fuck some hot bitch in the ass? I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but damn you’re missing out on some good shit if you haven’t given this taboo genre of porn a shot.Tranny.com. Do you ever wonder how the fuck people get these domains? Like sex.com. The domain alone should be doing the majority of the legwork talking traffic, right? Well, it doesn’t seem to be working that well here. Tranny.com is a premium tranny porn site that brings in around 250 thousand viewers every month. Honestly, I expected a lot more. I know it’s considered niche, but shemale porn has been fucking killing it lately. It’s not like they are a new site. They snagged that domain early way back in 1998.Like I said up top, this is a premium site. The memberships aren’t too expensive. If you go in for a year, it’s under 10 bucks a month. But I’ll let you know if that shit is worth it. The home page looks pretty promising. Nice, dark site design with video previews going down the center for their newest videos, most popular tranny sites, newest tranny DVDs, tranny cams, and live sex. Up top, there’s a header for “HD Videos, DVDs, Photos, Sites, Categories, Live Sex, Live Cams, and Virtual Reality.”Large Selection of Content, but A Lot of It is not HDThey boast an “outlandish” selection of videos and DVDs. They actually do have a pretty sizeable selection of videos, especially since it’s solely about tranny chicks. And it’s not just the shorter videos. In addition to their impressive catalog of videos, they have a full library of full-length HD DVDs that you can stream or download for free. But this massive collection comes at a steep price. One that I’ll get into here in a moment.The previews are pretty good. Though only a few random ones are animated with 1-2 second gifs. I don’t know what the fuck that is all about, but most of them are just still images. High-quality images, but they are all mostly still shots. You get the title, HD tag, studio name, video length, and that’s it. Not a bad amount of information. And most of the titles have the models name in it. But be sure to look out for that HD tag.I’d say around half of the videos have it, maybe a bit more. Lots of the DVDs aren’t in HD. And the ones that aren’t HD. Oh, man. They are in like 320-420p. I’d say that’s nearly unwatchable by today's standards. I get that beefing up your catalog is needed, but when I’m paying for this shit and click on 5 videos in a row that are in piss more quality that’s some bullshit right there.Wide Variety of Categories Makes this One of the Most Diverse Tranny Porn Sites Out ThereThey have a wide breadth of categories to chose from. All the good shit like “Big ass, Amateur, and POV.” Each category has a full HD preview image, so you know what kind of kinky shemale videos you’ll be getting in to. A lot of them have nearly or over 100 videos, but some only have a handful of videos. Though that page only works for the videos. If you want DVD categories, you’ll have to go to that page and use the bar on the left. No images there, but you still get a number next to the category that tells you how many videos there are going to be in that section.And the video player could use some work. Yeah, it plays videos and has download options, but goddamn how does a 480p video buffer for so long? I just don’t get it. There’s like a 50/50 shot that your video will have some minor buffering issues regardless of quality. It’s not enough of an issue to not use the site, but it certainly took away from the premium feel that they’re going for. At least the video page was nice. It provides links to the full movies if you’re just watching a video, gives a full list of pornstars in the movie, shows the tags, provides the date added, and shows you related scenes that you can add to a personally curated playlist of shemale porn videos.Awesome Gallery Page with Unique User Features!But we have to keep shit moving here. They have a lot of options to touch on here. Next up is their “Photos” page. Here you can browse steamy image galleries of your favorite trans sluts doing all kinds of dirty shit. It’s actually a fucking awesome photo gallery. You can toggle the image size for downloads, use your arrow keys to browse, download the entire album as a ZIP file, and they have links to the full video on a separate tab.The “Sites” page is about what you would expect. It’s just a list of recommended tranny porn sites. Tranny.com is part of the WANKZ network, so a lot of those sites are ones that you get access to with your subscription to Tranny.com. The “Live Sex” and “Live Cams” options take you to two different cam pages that are actually both housed in site. The latter one only had 4 live cams when I was on. I guess they plan to expand, but those babes can’t be making that much cash. The first one has a lot more, so I definitely recommend that one.Take Your Tranny Porn on the Go with Tranny.com’s Great Mobile SiteThe mobile site isn’t bad at all. There aren’t any added features or frills, but it’s a decent port of the desktop site. The previews are the right size for mobile browsing, you can log in easily, and all of the videos play just about as quickly as they do on desktop. There really isn’t that much to say about it. If you can get down to clown with some hung tranny sluts, then why not do it on the go?ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about tranny.com is, surprisingly, their gallery page. The videos and shit are great don’t get me wrong. But they don’t really do anything special. Usually, gallery pages are added on as an afterthought, but there was actual work put into this one. Multiple download options, arrow key functions, and an easy to use interface that makes viewing specific images a fucking breeze. I also thought their general selection of content was pretty great. It’s all tranny content, but this site has one of the widest selections of tranny porn that I’ve seen.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion for Tranny.com is to work on building up their collection of HD videos. The HD ones that they do have are 1080p, which is fucking awesome. You get every sexy detail. But for every HD video there is there’s another that’s fucking shit. I’d rather them just cut those and add in some more HD videos. I’m not coming to a premium site to watching grainy ass videos like it’s 2003 or some shit. Maybe that’ll help them bring in some more views, because they really need it. They network probably brings in a lot overall, but 200k is still pretty weak.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Tranny.com is a damn good tranny porn site. Yeah, it’s got some quirks and issues, but it’s a great place to come and bust a nut to some sexy trans babes with great tits. What more could you want? I know what I’d want. I’d want for this shit to be free, but that’s not going to happen. But you get a lot of premium access for the cost. So, if you love tranny babes, then I recommend you go ahead and check out the content over at Tranny.com.