TGirl Japan

The list of Asian stereotypes includes a predilection for tourist photography, really bad driving, and eternally youthful appearance that makes MILFs look like teens. They also make fun of Asian dick sizes and the way Asian dudes can’t really grow mustaches. That latter trait actually helps them make for passable trannies, as you’ll see on is an Asian tranny site from the tgirl porn purveyors at Grooby Girls. If you spend any time at all beating off to shemale pornos, you’re definitely already familiar with their work, even if you don’t know their name. TGirlJapan has only been online a couple of years, making it one of the newer websites in their growing empire. It ain’t rocket science getting perverts to tune in to hot Asian trannies, though, so the site gets about a thousand visits a day.Grooby Girls and Asian ShemalesI’ve been reviewing a lot of Grooby sites lately, and one thing I’ve noticed is that they consistently seem to get the hottest, most feminine TS porn starlets in the world to star in their movies. You’ll never see a bunch of manly trannies with big Adam’s apples, square jaws, and chiseled abs. If that’s what they trafficked in, they never would have gotten this big. The girls are consistently hot, and you’d never guess they were packing if you saw them in a more family-friendly context.The trannies at TGirlJapan, though, are beyond passable. As hot as the typical Grooby chicks with dicks are, these girls are some serious goddesses. I’m talking about little Asian cuties who look like they need to hurry up and suck your dick because they’ve got class in a few minutes, and cosplay princesses who either belong in a hentai scene or a hardcore JAV sequence.A banner at the top calls the website The Only Uncensored Japanese TS Website. While I’m not sure that’s entirely true, fans of Japanese pornography already know how difficult it can be to find unedited movies with your preferred brand of depravity. The country is known for coming up with the most perverted new fetishes, as well as for censoring the fucking hell out of even basic-ass bald vagina.Another box near the top of the landing page breaks down the content into hard numbers. It’s some pretty appealing shit, like shopping for your Asian shemale porn in bulk at Costco. They’ve got a couple of hundred TS AV idols in around 1400 videos and over 160,000 photos.I’m typing this out, and I’m still transfixed by the Japanese tgirls flashing across the top of the screen. Their smiles are alternately cute, seductive, and innocent even while the babe is flashing her boner at the camera. The tits are ripe and the curves feminine, and I’m excited to see these kinky bitches in action.How Much for That Tranny in the Window?I know before I even look at the sign-up page that TGirlJapan updates every couple of days with fresh, exclusive new Asian tranny content. The front page shows previews of their newest shit, upload date included. The newest one shows a trans cutie in white nylons stroking her cock, and a couple of days ago it was a little cutie with perky breasts fucking a dude up the asshole. Last week, they had a blue-haired manga princess that’s going to get you neckbeard weeaboos all hot and bothered.There are short video previews available of the newest shit on the site. I’m talking really fucking short. The trailer for Rio Asahina’s recent schoolgirl-themed porn scene runs a cool 15 seconds. It’s a quick peek, just enough for a glimpse of that perfect ass, a little bit of vibrator-on-the-dick action, and then Rio shoves a dildo up her butthole while playing with her boobies.Damn. That preview was just long enough to get me hard and drippy, which is the whole fucking point. Before I knew it, I had clicked my way to the Join screen and was checking out the prices.Access to those regular updates will run you around 37 bucks a month. Regular porn subscribers will notice that’s a few bucks more than the typical premium site is charging in 2021. There’s probably a couple real for that. One, this is supposedly the only Japanese tgirl website online. Two, you always end up paying more for native Japanese girls getting boned on camera. Check out my list of Premium Asian sites if you want to see some expensive porno.One of the things I like about Grooby Girls is that they’re one of the big porn networks that still includes downloads with the basic membership. A lot of the big guys are charging extra for MP4s or doing away with the feature entirely, so you can’t even jerk off to the stuff without an active subscription. Here, you can sign up and hoard that shit on your hard drive for when you’re broke and mom changes the Wi-Fi password.Asian Trannies In XXX PornOnce you get signed up and logged in, TGirlJapan serves up a blog-style listing of their new trans-Asian porno. I feel like the layout showcases each new scene a bit better than the typical thumbnail-style presentation, which you’ll actually find via the View All Updates button.Your membership comes with a fair amount of bonus material from the Grooby Girls network. Some of it pops up in that blog feed I mentioned, like a recent hardcore scene between trannies Luana Pachecho and Drika Lima. You can also get quick access to that free, extra smut via the Bonus Content and Grooby 20/20 links in the header.One of the things you may have noticed out front is that most of the movies on TGirlJapan showcase one girl, doing stripteases, jerking off, and shoving things up her butthole. This is pretty consistent among the Grooby lineup; most of their content on most of their sites consists of solo movies.Scrolling through the offerings here, it looks like they do a new hardcore release about every month or so. I definitely prefer the harder stuff, but Grooby seems to do well enough with their formula, keeping fans tuned in and signed up, eager for more.Hundreds of Hardcore Shemale ScenesNaturally, I gravitated to the most hardcore stuff I could find on the site. As pornographers, they know goddamn well how popular this material is, and provide a convenient link at the top labeled View Hardcore Sets. They’ve got a couple of hundred hardcore flicks on the menu, so you should have your hands full for quite a while.I checked out a recent one called Sayaka Kohaku Takes It! The 37-minute scene doesn’t waste any time with setup or theatrics. It opens with Sayaka on her knees, wearing a white strappy outfit that reminds me a little bit of Leeloo from The Fifth Element. She’s licking a dude’s nipples, and kisses her way down to his cock where she starts working her oral magic.I skipped ahead about 10 minutes and Sayaka already had her legs up in the air, getting her tight little asshole pounded. She squeals in typical Japanese pornstar fashion, stroking her own hard cock the whole time.The girl’s a nimble, athletic fuck. By the halfway mark of the movie, she’s bouncing her asshole up and down on this guy’s hard cock, still squealing as she sucks his face like a hungry dog. It sounds really good along with the constant smacking sound of flesh on flesh.She gives as good as she gets, and soon the dude is on his stomach getting his own shit packed. The video player is very responsive, letting me skip from sequence to sequence very quickly with minimal buffering time, even watching at 1080p HD.With TGirlJapan, Grooby Girls brings their expertise in the art of tranny porn to perverts afflicted with yellow fever. The Japanese shemales on the menu of sluts are some of the hottest, most passible to girls in the business, and just wait until you see these girls fuck! There are some quick video previews on the landing page if you’d like a taste without pulling out your wallet.