Avantajadas Brazil

AvantajadasBrazil has a name that might not appeal to English speakers, at least not until they know what’s actually on the menu. Given the name, I really expected the whole site to be in Portuguese, but there’s enough English on the tour page that it seems like they’re aiming for an international audience. That said, it ain’t exactly made for everybody. Brazilian chicks are drooled over the world ‘round, but these babes are packing more than just those famous big asses, pretty faces and succulent jugs; these broads also have pretty fucking big dicks!Yes, ladies and gentlemen, AvantajadasBrazil.com is a premium porno site starring Brazil’s sexiest trannies. They’ve been around since 2018, so they’ve had enough time to establish themselves as one of the prime destinations for Brazilian trans porn. I feel like I’m a little late to the party, and since I’ve got a general appreciation for the filthiest of cinema, this seemed like a good opportunity to see what kind of South American shemale porn they’re slanging around here. Who’s with me?Tall and Tan and Hung and LovelyMaybe it’s just because I woke up a few minutes ago and the morning Viagra hasn’t even kicked in, but when I first pulled up AvantajadasBrazil, I thought it was going to be your typical Brazilian paysite. The first things I noticed were the tan skin and pretty faces. There are a lot of hard cocks going into tight holes, but it took me a moment to notice which holes we’re talking about here. It isn’t quite the same as the other premium joints out there.There’s a big banner at the top of the page for some of their newer, more popular releases. The poses aren’t unusual, but there’s something of a reversal from your typical paysite. In this case, the dude is bent over, not the chick, and he’s taking it from behind, delivered by this chick who looks cute as hell, but she’s got a terrifyingly huge cock. My dude in the pic is getting his asshole stretched out for sure.Scrolling down the page, I definitely see a recurring theme to the movies. There are Uber drivers fucking shemales, wives catching their husbands with trannies, and schoolgirls with dicks banging the principal up the pooper. It looks like they touch on all the usual porno scenarios, dropping in a tranny, so it fits the Avantajadas Brazil brand. There’s shemale group sex, incest, cuckolding, teen porn and a fucking ton of anal.I’d call it a premium blend of trans porn scenarios and genres. It’s not uncommon for a site to stay in one narrow-ass lane, but it looks like the perverts at AvantajadasBrazil.com are really looking to cover all their bases, provided the chicks all have big dicks. I don’t think anybody is going to get signed up and feel let down, because this perverted symphony is hitting all those trans-enhanced notes.Once you’re in the member’s area, you’ll get a nice dropdown menu with all their main categories. What kind of Avantajadas Brazil are you looking for today? Some solo tranny action, or would you rather see a shemale fuck a dude? There are also videos of trannies banging other trannies, as well as trannies banging real, dickless babes.Fapping to Brazilian Trannies at Avantajadas BrazilI was really hoping for some free previews out front, but you know how it often goes on these sites. In any other context, that sideways triangle is a Play button, but on paysite tour pages, it’s just as likely to shuffle you along to the signup area without even a little sneak peek. I was trying to watch one called Shemale Got Horny In The Anal Sex, but instead, I got a list of prices.There are a couple of elements I always look forward to on Brazilian sites. One is all the pretty girls with those thick, sexy bodies. Every pervert wants their own Girl from Ipanema, right? That’s a given, but you know what else I tend to love about Brazilian porn? It’s usually cheaper than its American counterparts.Most paysites these days will run you thirty bones a month, but AvantajadasBrazil.com is only twenty bucks a month. The yearly rate is a fucking steal, breaking down to under six dollars a month. It gets even better, though, because when I clicked the Back button, they offered me a limited offer for a month at just ten bucks. There’s also a two-for-one deal going that adds in access to TesteDeFudelidade, which is a more “traditional” Brazilian paysite. (Be sure to check out my review here at ThePornDude if you want my take on it!)Here’s the part of the review where I usually tell you how often the site updates. It’s important info even if you’re beating off to a free site, but it’s even more important if you’re shelling out that hard-earned COVID stimulus money for a piece of Brazilian tranny action. AvantajadasBrazil doesn’t list upload dates on any of the uploaded movies, but they do list dates on the coming attractions. They’re adding new tranny videos a few times a week, so you’re going to have a lot of fresh material to shake your dick at.The full collection is at least as impressive as that strong upload rate. As of this writing, there are over 200 Avantajadas Brazil movies available. (The full library may actually be several times this number, but I ran into a weird issue with empty pages popping up in the higher numbers.) The bad news is that this is a streaming-only website, so perverts who love downloading their smut for later are going to be disappointed.On top of the library of original, exclusive tranny films, they also offer dozens of full shemale flicks from Brazil and around the world. You’ll find them divvied up into National and International categories, so after you get your fill of South American trannies, you can get some Asian ladyboys and white chicks with dicks to round out your diet. It looks like these are all full DVDs, so the runtimes add up in a big way.Just What Are These South American Shemales Up To?I wanted to check out one of the very latest AvantajadasBrazil movies, so I made my way to the latest updates. The newest one is called Married Cheated Wife Giving to Program Transvestite, though I have to assume Google garbled the translation a little bit on the title. Whatever, though, because the actual half-hour video is filmed in the universal language of filthy sex.The scene opens with a dude talking to a babe in a car. It plays smoothly in 720p, and I didn’t have much buffering when I bumped it up to the full 1080p. They don’t have 4K yet, but it does look a little more polished than all that cheapo Brazilian porn I’ve seen on the amateur sites. After a couple of minutes, the babe gets out of the car and another, skinnier chick gets in.Both chicks so far just looked like hot women, so I had no idea where the trannies were for the first few minutes. The skinny babe’s panties come down at the four-minute mark, exposing a sizable ding-dong. I love how passable the trannies look on this site. They’re legitimately sexy chicks with dicks, not those fugly drag queens you get on some of the lesser shemale sites.Ten minutes in, the dude and the tranny are sucking each other’s dicks like it’s the only place to find the antidote for whatever poison they consumed earlier. The camerawork is simple but effective, with the handheld shot moving around slowly to catch great angles. When the shemale fucks his butthole, we get a nice shot of the reacharound cock-fondle.This particular flick mainly focuses on the buttsex, delivered by the skinny shemale who clearly loves filling this dude up. In the end, they crank off all over each other, splashing cum everywhere. This is exactly why I bring my own sheets when I stay in hotels.AvantajadasBrazil.com sets the stage with a perverted preview page, chock-full and cock-full of sexy Brazilian trannies getting it on with dudes, ladies and other shemales. The member’s area delivers on the promises set by that tour, and I’d argue even goes beyond what most perverts would expect. This is a premium tranny site that costs less than your average vanilla paysite, with tons of regular updates piled on top of an already impressive menu of porno. Even if you ain’t springing for that two-for-one deal with TesteDeFudelidade, shemale fans are definitely going to get their money’s worth.