Brazilian Transsexuals

This morning, somebody sent me a link and told me it was a good place to find Brazilian transsexuals. I guess my head was still a little bit fuzzy from last night’s binge on Viagra and hookers, so I immediately wanted to know, “How many is a Brazilian?” I understood my mistake as soon as I loaded up the front page of the aptly named Brazilian-Transsexuals. Oh, right! A Brazilian!So, how many is a Brazilian? Well, the digits at the top of the landing page at puts the number at 1,474. That’s how many South American trannies have starred in their flicks so far. These tgirls are prolific, to say the least. As of this writing, the site has over half a million photos and nearly 7,000 videos.Latina TS Sluts via Grooby GirlsI guess that huge volume of content shouldn’t come as the biggest surprise in the world. The domain itself has been registered since 1998, making it a goddamn dinosaur in Internet years. These guys were around long before Facebook was even a thing. With any luck, they’ll stick around longer than the social media network, though I kind of doubt it since Brazilian-Transsexuals ain’t spying on your every conversation through your phone.Not only have they been around a long fucking time, but this TS carnival has a big name in tranny porn running things behind the curtain. The whole thing is a Grooby Girls production. If you’re a fan of shemale smut, you’ve probably been stroking off to their material for years. They’re one of the biggest and longest-running tranny porn operations in the business.Grooby’s got a handful of different trans paysites under their umbrella. They’ve got whole sites dedicated to Ebony shemales and Asian ladyboys, so it’s only natural they’ve got one devoted to those big-titted, big-assed, big-dicked Latin American trannies that get you so worked up.The tour page shines a spotlight on some of the things that make Latina transsexuals so fucking sexy. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the shapes and sizes of bitches you’ll find here, including plenty of those Latin genetics that makes those spicy mamacitas such a draw. I’m talking about thick booties, pretty faces, and a passion for dirty sex.Speaking of dirty sex, there’s some anal action going down in the preview thumbnail from two days ago. Today, the site added a hot solo show with a hottie who starts out in fishnets, but ends up fully naked in positions she’d never want her mom to see her in.Yeah, you read that right. Brazilian-Transsexuals updates multiple times a week, sometimes even multiple times a day. That’s part of the Grooby Girls formula. I’m a fan of their rapid updates, though I’m less enthusiastic about the ratio of solo shows to hardcore scenes. It’s better than other Grooby sites, though; right now, Brazilian-Transsexuals adds a new hardcore movie about every week.Tons of Bonus Latina TS PornGrooby Girls charges a few bucks more for their sites than most tranny sites or premium porn in general. A monthly subscription to Brazilian-Transsexuals will run you $37 a month, with cheaper rates for longer memberships.They’ve got bonus material up the wazoo, too. Your membership comes with full access to TGirlsFuck and BrazilTGirls, and there’s even more in the blog-style scroll of new content on the member’s page.Even if they decided to stick it to you and cut off your access to the bonus shit, you’re still going to have trouble spanking your way through the whole stash. Besides the almost-daily updates of fresh content, they’ve got a ludicrously deep archive. Of course, if you do manage to masturbate to every one of the thousands of exclusive Brazilian tranny porn flicks here, you’ll be a goddamn Internet legend.Solo Shemales and Hardcore Tranny HookupsAs I’ve mentioned, most of the new updates at Brazilian-Transsexuals are solo shows. It’s all fine and dandy watching a hot shemale do a striptease, play with her jugs, jack off and stick things in her asshole, but I generally prefer seeing more than one participant in the pornos I crank it to. Other Grooby Girls sites feature big-ass links to the hardcore collections at the top, but I don’t see one here.I do have eyes, though, so it ain’t hard to pick out the trannies eating ass or getting their dicks sucked in the thumbnails. The Advanced Search also has a bunch of hardcore genre tags I can check off so I can get off.A couple of the “newer” hardcore movies this month are actually 1080p remasters of scenes they released before. I like being on the cutting edge of shit, so I gravitated toward the genuinely new shit, the most recent of which being a dirty TS-on-TS scene between Latina stunners Fernanda Marques and Adriana Rodrigues.The newest shit on the site comes out in 4K Ultra-HD, which is as good as it gets. That takes a hell of a lot of bandwidth, though, more than they’ve actually got on hand. If you want to watch at maximum quality, you’ll have to download the file. This flick is 25 minutes long, which translates to a 6.5 GB download. You got the big SD card, right?Streaming maxes out at 1080p, which will be good enough for most of you perverts. I had a little bit of buffering when I skipped around the videos at full resolution, but nothing that made me want to rage quit the website or punch myself in the dick.Watch Brazilian Transsexuals FuckThere’s no elaborate plot or bullshit setup to the movie, which doesn’t even have a title beyond their names. It opens with the two TS Latinas kneeling on a bed in black lingerie, showing off their bodies. They speak good English with heavy accents. “You like my neeples? How about my beeg teets?”These chicks are pretty. Part of what Grooby Girls does so well is find the hottest, most passable shemales in the world and put them in explicit porno scenes. The bulges are semi-hidden by the camera angles until these chicks turn around and put their asses to the camera. All the illiterates and retards will be surprised by the sudden appearance of scrotum skin.By the ten-minute mark, these sexy ladies have stripped down to their nylons and heels. They lay side by side, each stroking her own cock with some light butthole touching. The butt stuff gets a little heavier a few minutes later when they both climb onto their knees.The lead-up is hot and heavy, and they don’t even really start fucking until about halfway through the movie. That’s when Adriana and Fernanda suck each other’s cocks in an athletic 69 that puts a lot of their female contemporaries to shame. I’ve heard tranny fans say these chicks know dicks so well because they have their own, and it looks like that just might be the case here.It’s back to mutual, side-by-side wankery at the scene’s climax. These girls obviously have killer chemistry because the orgasms are synched up surprisingly well. One pops, and the other ain’t too far behind. They’ve both got pudding on their bellies as they cuddle into the fade-out.There’s a really extensive gallery of photographs for this movie, as there are for all the movies on Brazilian-Transexuals. They look like they’re hand-pulled from the video, snapped at moments when both girls are looking at the camera with their eyes open. If you’re into cranking it to still photos like some kind of caveman, you can download the zip file.Grooby Girls has been refining their shemale porn formula for years now, tweaking it here and there for different audiences. With, they’ve added a bunch of Latin spices to the recipe. The end result is a top-tier South American tranny site with a ludicrously huge collection. They add more material almost every single day and include 2 bonus sites with the subscription, so fans of the genre are going to end up with some massive, muscular forearms from all the fapping.