Tranny Surprise, aka Trans Harder! Ah, what depraved gentleman hasn’t experienced the ol’ TrannySurprise? You’re out one night trying to get some action and maybe you tie one on a little too tight, but surprise yourself by taking a beautiful woman home anyway. Everything seems normal until, Surprise! She’s got a huge dick to match those monster titties.I’m sorry to ruin the surprise, but you already know from the name that the girls on TrannySurprise are packing at least as much meat as you are. This paysite features scenarios of dudes discovering cocks on all the horny women they encounter.Shemale Porn from Reality KingsAt the very top of the tour page you’ll notice the Reality Kings logo. They’ve been around nearly twenty years and they’re one of the biggest and most respected names in the porn business right now. That logo alone is a good sign: is high-quality smut, with big names and real money behind it. This ain’t amateur hour behind the dollar store.It is mobile friendly, though, so you can watch ladyboys sucking cock while you pay a lot lizard to suck yours. Remember to close the browser window so it doesn’t pop up next time you look at your phone. I told everyone the tranny screaming “Fuck me in the ass!” was work-related, but nobody at my grandma’s funeral believed me. I swear, mom, I really do love vaginas.If you’re checking out the preview clips on the tour page, choose wisely. Do you want a sample of the stripper whose dick pops out during a private dance, or would you rather see a typical horny maid fantasy reworked to include more penises? You only get to watch a handful before TrannySurprise locks ‘em up and tells you to sign up for full access. Sneaky!Access is around thirty bucks a month. That’s the current going rate for pretty much any vanilla site, which makes it a deal for something as niche as dick-girl movies. It’s cheaper if you pay for longer memberships, natch, and you can get a 2-day trial for a buck.Basically, everyone is going to pay with their credit card. TrannySurprise doesn’t take PayPal like some sites, but they do accept checks, making it one of the few ladybody fuck movie sites accessible to people over the age of a hundred. Be careful with that Viagra prescription and silicone butthole, grandpa.A Good Stash, But No UpdatesOnce you get logged in, you’ll be dropped off at the central RealityKings site. If you’ve got a package deal or purchased subscriptions for multiple sites in their network, you’ll see the newest videos from each site here. I actually have to make my way over to the TrannySurprise area since all my newest stuff is from Teens Love Huge Cocks, Round and Brown, and Moms Lick Teens.I’ve got some bad news. The reason there are no updates on my main RK screen is because TrannySurprise hasn’t been updated in a while. The most recent video, Stripper Surprise with Carol Penelope was posted in July, 2017. Fuck, that’s pretty stale.The good news is there are about 700 scenes in the collection. You can watch videos from as far back as 2006, but when I visited all the older ones were broken. Too bad for anyone who was interested in seeing the evolution of their shemale movies. They’ve apparently been around since 2002, the quality increasing over the years the same way the rest of RealityKings did.The production values are obvious just from the previews. When you watch Melyna Merlin as a sexy plummer with an enormous schlong, you’re going to watch it in crystal-clear HD. That close-up footage of Bruna Casto’s wiener is filmed with love and care by a professional, and they obviously paid a high dollar for the tranny riding cock in a little number called Riding Cock.So yeah, TrannySurprise may be lacking updates, but it’s a big-ass stash with what may be some of the best tranny porn of the last decade or two. Think it over and decide if it’s worth it to you. I’m sure it depends a lot on how much you like seeing erections on women.My Tutor Taught Me About Tranny SexOne of the “newer” TrannySurprise movies is a student-themed shemale movie called Study Break. It opens on a RealityKings video page like everything else. The built-in player has a Trailer and Gallery in tabs at the top, but you’re more interested in just hitting play on that cock-stroking tranny with the porno tits. Well, don’t let me stop you, fruitcake.The movie starts quick, no buffering, auto-selecting the best resolution for your connection, from 320p to 1080p. You can also adjust via the gear icon if you run into bandwidth issues. There’s no slow-motion option, so just savor the tranny cumshots at normal speed. You can stream to your TV if you’ve got a Chromecast, or your neighbor’s if he’s leeching your WiFi. Now, that would be a true Tranny Surprise!A girl in tiny shorts is studying in bed. Some dude walks in and tells her he’s going to take a shower, which naturally leads to a blowjob. A few minutes later it turns out she also has a dick and would appreciate if he returned the favor. They explore a variety of sexual positions in the half-hour runtime.One of my favorite things about the RK video player is how sex acts are indexed below the movie. I can hover over a tag like Anal Play or Cum Shot, and see a timestamp and little thumbnail of the action. One click sends me right to the penetrated buttholes or the blown, sticky loads.I think they’re speaking Portuguese, though it could be sheer gibberish for all I know. There are subtitles, though, so I don’t miss any important dialog like “Let’s fuck again! That was fun!” and “It’s my mother! Hide!”If you feel strongly about the video, you can click the thumbs-up or thumbs-down, or save it to your Favorites with the heart. Don’t worry. Your wife isn’t going to find the TrannySurprise clips mixed in with your RK teen slut stash and think you’re a fag. She already knows.Save Tranny Pornography, Save MoneyGirls with wee-wees where their pee-pees should be just ain’t my thing, but this would probably be one of my jerk stops if I was. It’s quality smut from a name who knows their stuff.It’s stale, though. That’s always a potential deal breaker, and probably one of the reasons TrannySurprise is a niche paysite with a regular paysite price.They allow downloads, so the solution is pretty obvious to me. Just subscribe for a month, save the whole stash or just your favorites, and cancel before the subscription auto-renews. TrannySurprise offers downloads in the same range as their streams, 320p to 1080p, so you can get the potato quality if you’re low on hard drive space. (Thumb drives and SD cards are cheap as hell these days. If those are out of your budget, you probably shouldn’t venture far from the free porn tubes.)During my visit to the site, I kept running into an issue where I’d have to make my way to the TrannySurprise section over and over. The back button would just fuck everything up. Sometimes I’d have the sort options at the top, but TrannySurprise wouldn’t show up for Sites, and Gay wouldn’t show up Categories. (It’s the only tag separating the clips from the rest of RealityKings; there’s no Shemale or Tranny tag.)I’m not sure if the issue came up because the content is old and falling to the bottom of the list, because TrannySurprise is somehow segregated from the rest of RK, because the site design was fucked, or because I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe it was a combination. It happened, though, and it was a pain in the ass. Of course, it could be my problem for being such a collector of RK subscriptions.Maybe that’s just part of the price of entry at TrannySurprise, which still doesn’t cost much. It’s worth at least a look around or the cheap trial if you’re into shemale fuck flicks. There aren’t any updates right now, but what’s available is hundreds of videos of high-quality porno. Who knows? The site’s been around for a long time, so maybe they’ll start posting updates again sometime.