Black TGirls

This next premium site is going to be a real treat for anybody who likes to jack off on their lunch break while also enjoying a big, fat sausage. Black-Tgirls is exactly what it sounds like, and Black Tgirls are exactly what you’re going to find there. As much as I appreciate clever porn site titles, I like the no-bullshit approach here. Nobody is going to be surprised to see all the ding-a-lings on these Ebony whores unless they’re illiterate.The tagline at the top of their landing page calls “The Original Black Transsexual Website! And Still the Best!” There’s at least some truth to that; the domain was registered back in 1999, cementing it in ancient history if we’re talking Internet years. They’re also a production of Grooby Girls, who are well-known and highly respected among fans of tranny porn.Look at All These Black ShemalesMaybe it was the haze of last night’s vodka-fueled hooker orgy, but when I pulled up Black-TGirls this morning, I forgot I was looking at a shemale site. The landing page came up, flashing me photos of hot Black girls showing off their racks and smiling pretty for the camera. This Ebony goddess with bright red hair took it from behind, and then the photo was replaced with one of a blonde bitch posing naked on a bed.Blondie had some nice, perky little tits, a killer ass and a nice set of legs running beneath them. My eyes went a little wide as I also spotted the big sausage dangling where you’d typically catch a glimpse of pornstar cunt.“Oh, right,” I thought, shaking the cobwebs from my brain a little. Once I saw the turtles popping their heads out, I couldn’t unsee them. Every pretty girl thumbnail on the page has a meaty surprise packed within.The girls are passable as hell here, which I guess is where the confusion came in. There are only a couple here you’d see in a store and think, “That’s a dude.” Most of them just look like really gorgeous Black chicks who happen to have big wieners.Oh, and you really like cock, right? I mean, for a straight dude, because these trannies are packing some serious shit! BBC is BBC, whether it’s attached a Black porn stud or a Black tranny pornstar. If you’re intimidated by big snakes, you might want to check out an Asian tranny site like TranSexJapan. Black-TGirls is the domain of size queens and lovers of monster schlong.The thumbnails all have release dates beneath them, and I like what I see. They’re currently putting out an exclusive new Black TGirl movie every weekday, which means you can fap to new material every day you go into the office. You’ll finally have something to look forward to besides sexually harassing your co-workers.Still Cheaper Than a BJ Behind 7-11One of the big claims on the front page of Black-TGirls is that they’re “The Internet’s Only Black Transsexual Website.” I was a little skeptical at first, so I went through my own lists of free and premium shemale smut here at ThePornDude. Holy fucking shitballs, they ain’t lying. As of this writing, they are the only tranny site specializing in Ebony chicks with dicks.Maybe that niche specialization is why they’re charging extra. Most tgirl paysites are 30 bucks a month, but Black-TGirls will run you $37. It ain’t a ton of additional money, just a fast-food lunch combo, but it is a significant difference. There’s no other Black shemale paysite, though, so what are you going to do?They’ve got 6- and 12-month memberships available for discounted rates, but you’ll still be paying more than you will for White dick-girls or just a diverse mix of trannies. The good news is that downloads are included here, so the cheapskates can subscribe for a month, save all the MP4s and spank off to them indefinitely.Grooby is a world-class shemale porn operation, so naturally, they’ve got a bunch of ways set up to take your money. Sign up with Visa or PayPal like a normal person, or trade-in those Panera gift cards grandma gave you so you’d stop eating Big Macs every day. They accept bitcoin from the cybercriminal set, and the old fogies can even mail a fucking check.New Tranny Vids in Loving DetailThe main member’s page at Black-TGirls is a little atypical for a premium site, maybe on account of their age. The typical thumbnail view of their newest content is a click away, via the View All Updates button halfway down the page. Until you scroll that far, you see the latest shit laid out blog-style, with big titles, blurbs, and photos from their exclusive tranny flicks.Sometimes the older site layouts look kind of shitty, but I like the presentation here. Each new scene is written up like it’s something special, which it should be. I wonder if the special attention given to each new scene helps make all the solo scenes more exciting.You probably noticed from the previews out front, but most of the content on Black-TGirls is solo shows showcasing one sexy chick with a big ol’ dick. There are hardcore scenes every couple weeks, but the daily updates usually just have one girl stripping, playing with herself, and sticking things up her pooper.There’s quite a lot of butt play, even when it’s just one shemale all by her lonesome. A recent flick called Anal Lust: Jojo Hunt stars the titular and illustrious Jojo as she stretches the fucking hell out of her butthole with her own collection of enormous dildos.Solo Shemale Shows and Hardcore Tranny PornoYou probably already know this about your old friend The Porn Dude, but when it comes to smut, I really like the really hardcore stuff. Sure, I like seeing a girl play with her tits as much as the next guy, but when I have the choice, I’d rather see a babe get boned in every available orifice, the tighter, the better.With that in mind, I loaded up one of the most recent hardcore fuck flicks at Black-TGirls. The thumbnail for Peachez And Ace Fuck Hard shows a thick Ebony broad getting hammered from behind, which appeals to my inner pervert just a little bit more than the hot Black shemales just shaking their dicks at the camera.The 25-minute movie starts streaming in HD when I hit the Play button, though lower resolutions are available if your connection is some hillbilly bullshit. Peachez is on the phone with her sister as it opens, saying she doesn’t know where sissy’s boyfriend is. That’s a lie, because the dude’s kissing Peachez’s neck as she yammers into the phone. By the two-minute mark, his dick’s in her mouth.Peachez sucks a mean dick, taking in way more BBC than you’d think she can fit in that sweet mouth. The beej is just the warmup, though, and a few minutes later, she’s squatting over this dude’s face. He does his best to tongue her butthole clean as she strokes him off.That sequence segues into a doggystyle anal scene on the couch. Peachez strokes herself as the dude fucks her. The skinny guy is playing it safe, wrapping up his Jimmy in a raincoat. I always hate smashing it like that, but it beats getting her butthole pregnant and having a bunch of goddamn ass trolls running around, demanding child support.The downloads are available via a button below the video player, and come in the same range of resolutions as the streaming vids. Black-TGirls has 4k Ultra-HD movies, so I hope you bought the big-ass SD card, or you’re comfortable deleting your wife’s vacation photos in favor of Black tranny porn. The 4k version of this 25-minute scene I just watched is 7 fucking costs a few bucks more than the typical tranny site, which is what happens when you’re the only Black shemale paysite on the web. Being the king of a niche like this, they could get away with putting out shitty porn. This is a Grooby Girls production, though, and comes with the same high level of quality you expect from these trans porn pioneers. If your jungle fever comes with a serious craving for girl cock, a membership to this site may be your best hope for a cure.