Trans Angels is “home of the best TS porn online”. A relatively new site that started in mid-2017, Trans Angels is all about them chicks…with dicks. The site features top-rated models like Chanel Santini and Domino Presley all in various scenes you can watch from the site.Content is somewhat limited at 117 scenes, but the site is updated very regularly with 2-3 scenes added per week. A lot of these scenes are entertaining porn skits such as “Chauffeur Her”, where the Chauffeur fucks the shit out of the passenger, or “Unclog My Pipes”, where the toolman comes by the house to…well you can guess. The skits are corny, like most porno, but have good production value and feature some solid dick on small dick action.The site runs well with HD scenes and good download speeds. TransAngels is also part of a huge network that includes Brazzers, RealityKings, and other major players. Joining TransAngel won’t give you free access to these network sites, but you do get some significant discounts. If you’re already a member of the partner sites, you should check to see if you have discounts for TransAngels.Clean, but feels a little bare bonesThe layout for TransAngel is very simple and clean. The major links include scenes, models, categories, live cams, favorites, and promotions. One thing to note is that when I logged in, I had to go through an advertisement portal for all the affiliate websites. I thought this was pretty fucking annoying, but whatever.Scenes are the meat of TransAngels, which include all the porn videos made for Clicking on a scene gives you access to its trailer, the video, and then a photo gallery. It’s always great to have a photo gallery accompany a video so you can get some high-quality stills.Unfortunately, there is no way to download the gallery via .zip file, which is convenient and is available on a lot of paid porn sites. At TransAngels, you’ll probably be best off going to the website and looking at the photos there, since your only other option is to download them one by one. Hopefully, they add this very basic feature sometime in the future.There are 40 models featured on the site, and all of them are transsexual. With only 40 models, you can look through them all quickly, but the site still gives you some ways to organize them. You can list them by activity, the number of videos, top-rated, top views, and alphabetical. Clicking on “top-rated” is probably your best bet if you don’t have a particular model that you follow and jerk off to.One thing I don’t appreciate is that the Live Cams link is an ad. The link is positioned like it is a core part of TransAngel, but actually is a link to a sister site or some shit. Paying for a porn site should mean you don’t have to deal with this kind of misleading bullshit. I don’t think TransAngels actually has any live cams.Promotions is another link that shamelessly plugs all the other member sites, but at least this one is honest about its intentions. You’ll get 40-50% discounts on the affiliated sites for being a member here. Hopefully, it works both ways, but I couldn’t confirm.In general, you’ll find the layout kind of…empty. On one hand, it’s clean and simple to use, but on the other hand, you might feel like you aren’t quite getting your money’s worth. But fuck it, as long as the content is good, who gives a shit right?Getting to the meat of TransAngels, no pun intendedThe first thing about TransAngels is this site is all about angels. For you freaks, this means that there are only chicks with dicks, with no chicks with pussies or guys with pussies. Pretty much all of the content is Tgirls paired with “straight” males, although there are also some hilarious videos where skinny little white boys get fucked in the ass by the TransAngels models. Good for a laugh, but you won’t catch me jerking off to that.There is some Tgirl on Tgirl action as well. Is that considered gay sex, or would that be politically incorrect? I can’t even keep up with it all anymore. I guess I can call it “lesbians with dicks” action.Like I said before, there are forty models featured on TransAngels. All of them are basically chicks with dicks and really nice fake titties. Most of the models are white, but there is some ebony and Asian mixed in, if that’s your taste. Shit, there’s even a Ganguro “girl”, which if you don’t know is a Japanese chick with a dark ass tan and some freaky ass makeup. Most of the models have two to five scenes featured on the site, with the most active model having ten.When purchasing a full membership, you get features such as full 1080p streaming and exclusive weekly updates. 3 months membership will run you $60, while a full year will cost $120. Even when it comes to porn, you save money by buying in bulk! There’s also a two-day trial that will run you $1 per day.Full membership will give you full access to the scenes and galleries, but little else. TransAngels is all about the videos and doesn’t feature other things like cams, interaction with the models, or a community.What I LikeSuper fast and smooth navigation. Everything loads quickly, the scenes stream flawlessly, and in general, I have no problems with the site performance. The layout and organization of the place is also well done, meaning that you’ll never find yourself lost or confused unless you are a total dumbass. It’s clear that they invested a lot in the website.TransAngels also has a good selection of models, as they are definitely some of the hotter chicks with dicks you’ll find on the web. Trust me when I say this: if it wasn’t for the dick, you’d never know. For you straight guys out there, be very careful on TransAngels, cause you might come out a little confused.What I HateFor the price tag, I think there could be more content. There are 117 scenes in total, and for that, they are charging $25/month if you get a monthly subscription. On the other hand, this price tag does fall in line with other porn sites, and the content is relatively unique and serves the tranny niche well.In terms of the membership, I also don’t like that you don’t get bonus access to affiliates. On other paid porn sites, you’ll find these kinds of deals where you get bonus access to partner porno, but no such luck at TransAngels.Finally, I really didn’t like that bullshit live cams link that they feature on the main menu bar. From what I saw, it was literally an advertisement disguised as a feature. That’s some bullshit if you are paying $25/month.Overall, I’d say you’re best off waiting for a sale or promotion before diving into the site. Make sure to try the two-day trial before you open your wallets, since you may find yourself running out of content quickly.Pump up the content availability until the site maturesTransAngels should work on providing its customers with some more value. The content that they have is great, but the site is still too new to justify the price tag. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was hesitant to join, because I feel like I’d run out of content in a month if I regularly jerked off to this stuff.One suggestion would be if TransAngels partnered with an existing site to help boost their content, such as giving bonus access to a partner or affiliate with a paid membership. This way customers would feel more comfortable that they are getting a good deal, and meanwhile, that income could be invested in more tranny models and scenes.TransAngels have a lot of promiseOverall, this site is on the right track. The content has a high production value, great models, and good site performance. I really hope the site continues to survive for a year or so, and after that, it should have enough content to really attract long-term memberships.If you’re into trans girls and are thinking about getting a membership, my best advice would be to hunt for a promotion or deal. TransAngels is part of a network, and I know that a lot of sites on the network regularly feature special discounts and shit like that. I’m curious what this site will look like in another year or so, but for now, there is enough for those into chicks with dicks.