Now, the name of this website "Archive Of Sins" doesn't say a lot about its content, but boy oh boy, does it sound intimidating. Maybe its a porn stash made by Johny Sins that we're not supposed to see? Maybe it's some really screwed-up occultist stuff that you're definitively not supposed to touch. Otherwise, you will end up in hell or something like that? Maybe it the place where God writes all of our sins down because he's too stupid to get someone else to do it, so he writes it down on the internet for everyone to see? I don't know. Maybe he really is taunting us like this.You know I'm really just kidding though. I mean, that's what The Porn Dude does. Let's get serious and see what Archive of Sins has to offer to us. It's a website with loads of freaky pornography apparently. I mean, no one considers regular sex to be a sin, right? Some people would say that the only kind of sex that should be permitted is missionary sex under the sheets with the lights turned down...they consider this to be the only "regular sex," but we all know that these people are nutjobs and they are certainly overdoing it. You know what The Porn Dude means when he talks about "regular sex," right? The stuff you see on Brazzers, basically. One on one sex. Vanilla stuff. So, ArchiveOfSins.com has everything but that type of sex, or rather, it focuses on all kinds of sex except for that kind of sex.Your first time in here?Once you open up the page, you will notice that the design is probably the most simple design you have seen in your entire life. It's a blank, black background on top of which loads of white letters can be found and some blue ones here and there. The most important ones are the blue letters, obviously.The names of these boards have obviously been borrowed from 4chan, or have they? I mean, they definitively have been borrowed from 4chan, that's for sure...but there's more to it. So, there's a board dedicated entirely to hentai, a board that is all about hardcore sex, handsome men, then there is a /LGBT/ board that has various LGBT-related content, a board that isn't necessarily explicit on 4chan as it usually has loads of discussions on it that are regarding the LGBTQ community. Then, there's a board called "r," and this board is usually about requests. Now, when I say "requests" what I mean is you will find loads of people on this board who like to post porn quite often, and when they do so, they will ask you for the source where the full porn movie was originally posted.So, what you get here is usually a thirty-second scene, and no logo on the scene or anything, just two people fucking. In the responses, you will find loads of people trying to guess who the pornstar is and what studio produced this porno video. Once these people find what they were looking for, they will usually leave or try to help other people out. It's a fun board, and it's actually pretty useful, but we're going to talk about the individual boards a bit more later on in the text. Then, there's a board that is all about sexy beautiful women (that's why it's called "sexy beautiful women," duh!), and right underneath it, a thread that's called "cams and meetups" exists.This board is heaven for people who love amateur cam shows. Then, there's a board that is dedicated to torrents, and this board also isn't strictly dedicated to pornography, but rather, it's all about various kinds of torrents that you can find on the internet, and these can be quite useful, but then again, if you don't know what you 're looking for, or rather, if you aren't looking for anything in specific then you're going to be hella bored on this board. However, the reason why this board has been listed here is quite simple: It has loads of porn torrents on it! Think about it. This section will provide you with tons and tons of links of premium porn that you aren't supposed to get your hands on.Everything from premium studios such as Brazzers, and Babes and so on to stuff made by the Japanese that westerners have trouble finding in general (well, at least the good Japanese pornography since the good eastern Asian pornos don't have English names).Last, but not least, there's a board that is entirely dedicated to 2D lesbian pornography, usually drawn by easterners or western weeaboos. It's pretty nice time to time, but you will notice that there's only a little bit of hardcore content in here because apparently people don't like drawing lesbians having hardcore sex, but they like seeing them kiss and hold hands and whatnot. Finally, there's a board that is all about random discussions, and this board can be found in the upper right corner. I don't know why you would want to go to this board, as it's truly a waste of time to come to a website such as ArchiveOfSins only to go to a special board on it discuss politics and stupid shit like that...but you do you.What am I looking at, exactly?You know when I mentioned earlier in the text that the boards on this website have the exact same names as some boards on 4chan? Well, I'm going to tell you a little secret...this website literally just redirects you to these boards on 4chan, but it has selected the best boards from 4cham so that you don't have to waste your time swimming through the piles of trash on 4chan. This was a pretty clever idea since 4chan has tons and tons of trash on it, and no one wants to through all of that, so whatWhat ArchiveOfSins.com did was archive some of the best porn that can be found on 4chan and they posted links to the best pornographic boards on 4chan, and they made sure that you are able to find whatever it is that you're looking for by adding both straight and gay boards. Oh right, let's not forget the bisexual people, there's a lot of bisexual porn in here as well.The boards themselvesSo, the first board is all about hentai, however, for the most part, you won't be able to find actual hentai in here (by "actual hentai" I mean full-length Animated episodes of hentai anime that last twenty minutes or so), but rather, you are going to be stuck watching 40-second WebM's and gifs. There are also loads of great illustrations that can be found in here, and they're all completely free.The hardcore board is all about hardcore pornography, and it's pretty basic from what I've seen so far. Just some regular porn, but you don't get to see full movies in here either, as you're pretty much restricted to WebM's that last five minutes at best, and I don't that a man can some that fast.A board about handsome men exists as well, so if you want to beat it to dudes then go ahead, this place was made for you. The LGBT board rarely posts pornography, but rather, it sticks to discussions, so if you're curious about stuff like that then I guess you should check that board out. The adult requests board is the best place to go if you have found a short porno, a gif, a picture or anything like that and you want to know about the name of the girl in the picture or the name of the studio that produced that scene in particular, or rather, the name of the movie.The sexy beautiful women board is all about uh, well, pictures and gifs of sexy girls! The torrents board comes in hand when downloading torrents, and that's about it.You're just another brick in the wallArchiveOfSins comes off as yet another regular porno forum. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as this is quite enough for the average man. We don't need much, just give us some titties and pussy to look at and we will be just fine! So, consider visiting ArchiveOfSins if you are up for a quick wank. Don't waste your time!