Ready for some trolling at 4 Chan? Some people would say if you’ve never heard of 4chan, you should consider yourself lucky. Well, that’s not really the kind of company we keep around here. I know you’re a pervert, just like me, and you like seeing the weirdest, freakiest, sexiest and nastiest shit out there. That’s one of the 4chan’s big claims to fame.The site has been around since 2004 and has had its share of controversies. I’ll touch on that a bit, but there’s always Wikipedia if you need the full history lesson. I’m The Porn Dude, so I’m going to focus on the porn stuff.The Asshole of the Internet4chan has often been described as The Asshole of the Internet. A lot of the weird, hilarious or fucked-up memes you see floating around social media-originated on 4chan. A lot of shit comes from the Asshole of the Internet. Get it?The site is a giant set of message boards about different subjects. They’re technically an “image-based bulletin board”, or imageboard. Posting images with or in lieu of texts is encouraged.4chan is an American site, but moot, the dude who started it, was really into Japanese shit. There are boards on 4chan dedicated to Anime and Manga, Mecha, and even one devoted to Pokemon. There’s also a Hentai board, if you prefer your anime bitches with tentacles up their twats.If you’re not into Japanese culture, you could always dig into Sports, Science and Math, or Literature. There’s a pretty wide range. What do you like? Music? Auto? My Little Pony?Actually, I know what you like. There’s a whole Adult subset of imageboards: Sexy Beautiful Women, Hardcore, Adult Cartoons, and about a dozen others. That’s where you’ll find all the dirty stuff you’re looking for.Who Are You? I’m NobodyOne of the things that makes 4chan unique is that you don’t have to login, register, or identify yourself in any way. By default, everyone is anonymous, and everyone is allowed to start or reply to threads.Look, I know what kind of freaks read this website. You heard the whole place is anonymous and your perverted mind is thinking of all the different kinds of freaky shit you could do and see in a place like that. You’re entirely right, too.The Random board, also called /b/, regularly has discussions about incest. Actually, they usually call it wincest. You won’t believe the shit people are willing to cop to when everybody is a stranger. Granted, most of it is probably made up, but it’s hotter than most of the shit on erotic story sites.Honestly, /b/ is where a ton of the action on 4chan is. Anything goes here, so half of it is boring as hell, but the whole thing is really fast-paced. Scroll the down the page once and by the time you refresh, you’ll have a whole new set of shit to look at.I’m a big fan of the /b/ threads where people share social media pics of their hot sisters, wives, and co-workers. Do you know what’s even better, though? Pics You Aren’t Supposed To Share threads. /b/tards serve up their exes and currents in all their naked glory.In the spirit of sharing, the stoners like to show off the fat nugs they’re smoking this evening, and the elaborate glass pieces they’re doing it with. You’ll also find threads detailing problems getting laid, unrelenting cuckold fantasies, and furry threads for the fans of dog-person anal scenes. Strangers are so accepting!Anonymity can get pretty ugly, too. Scrolling through /b/ right now, I see what appears to be a legit photo of somebody dicking a mutilated corpse on a gurney. There’s also a thread that opens with the question, “What do you really think of black people?” If YouTube comments upset you, /b/ will make you kill yourself while chanting, “Do it, faggot!”Anonymous Trolls, Anonymous FreaksBefore you get too carried away, this ain’t entirely anarchy. There are rules. Some boards have really specific shit. I once got a 2-day ban from the Sexy Beautiful Women board for posting a picture of a slut with a nice, thick ass. I didn’t realize it had been photoshopped, which is forbidden on that board.Even though you’re “anonymous”, your IP address is still being recorded. If you try to use 4chan to do any illegal shit, you’ll still get arrested and will potentially get ass-raped for decades in prison. It ain’t worth it.That said, the anonymous posting style of the website has lead to some interesting shit. You know that hacker group, Anonymous, that sometimes makes the news? I’m talking about the dudes in the Guy Fawkes masks like V for Vendetta.You’ll notice the name field on 4chan posts defaults to “anonymous”. You win a free Internet if you put two and two together and figured out where Anonymous originated.There have also been some darker incidents where people confessed to murders or posted to 4chan before committing them. As I said, anonymity can turn people into fucking idiots. Keep your head on straight and just use it to do regular pervert shit.Let’s Do Pervert ShitAlright, I touched a little on /b/ already. It’s often considered to be the heart and soul of 4chan, but it ain’t for everybody. Even the most hardened perverts have been turned off by the shit you sometimes find there. We can’t all be teenage edgelords, laughing as they play Mexican beheading videos for their classmates.Fortunately, there are other 4chan boards that serve up porn with a much lower chance of animal torture gifs mixed into the pile. Sexy Beautiful Women, or /s/, is a board full of Sexy Beautiful Women.The posts on /s/ are curated, so less free-flowing and wild than on /b/. They don’t even want you to start a thread unless you have a bunch of sexy photos that share a theme. Right now, there’s a thread of disabled women, another of babes in pantyhose and tights, one of hot Black girls, and another of bitches using toys. I’m saving a bunch of images from the “girls whose pussies salivate during the photo shoot” thread.Whether you actually get off to hentai or not, it’s worth taking a look at /h/, 4chan’s Hentai board. There’s a thread right now where everybody is sharing their favorite pics. I see a squirting schoolgirl, a brother/sister footjob, and a little catgirl getting boned.If you download porn torrents, /t/ has what you need. There are a few cartoons mixed in, but it’s mostly sex movies. Like elsewhere on 4chan, you’ll see a lot of trannies, or traps as they’re called here. Bailey Jay is everywhere on 4chan, as are discussions about whether sucking her dick would make you a faggot./gif/, the Adult GIF board, is hit or miss. I thought it was going to be a bunch of porn GIFs, and it is mostly sex stuff. There is a great thread of big-booty amateur White teens, one with girls cumming, and another full of blowjobs in public. The board gets dark with a thread of people getting beaten up, and another of people getting killed.The main thing that sets 4chan apart from other giant Internet message boards is the fact that everybody is anonymous. It gives the whole place a Wild West atmosphere where basically everything goes. That means you’ll get sexy and intimate shit people would never otherwise share, but you’ll also get people’s ugliest unfiltered thoughts.There’s enough action across 4chan’s different imageboards that you’ll always find some interesting shit to look at or pull your pud to. Be careful, because gross shit may be mixed in with the smut. That’s the risk of a place like this. 4chan definitely isn’t for general audiences, but Porn Dude readers may appreciate an occasional poke into the Asshole of the Internet.