Can’t deny, the name of their domain "Preg Chan" did give me a giggle, since I already knew what to expect, and I am sure everyone will know as well. If you like to look at drawings of pregnant beauties, then I suggest you check out as soon as you can, since this site is filled with such content. The ‘chan’ in the name kind of gave it away that everything will be animated, and those who enjoy anime know what I am talking about.As for the site’s overall design, it is quite basic, and it honestly reminds me of other similar websites that only offer anime images that I reviewed before. Well, here while not all of the images will feature a pregnant chick, most of them will, but there is more to the site than just the images you see. The old-school people, who remember how 4chan used to work and how it still functions, will easily find their way around on Preg Chan.Some of the pictures will have a whole story presented on the side; for example, the first image I opened was of a chick from Inuyasha, and there was a very odd story written beside, and at the bottom, you had an option to choose how you want the story to continue. Of course, you are supposed to comment on the shit you are interested in, and eventually, you will get an answer.When you scroll all the way down on the site, you will have the latest posts listed and all those will lead to sub-threads filled with appropriate shit. The name of the thread will be listed on top, and you should check that out before you start browsing. There was one section for those who want to chat, but it probably does not look like most of you expected it to.It would be much easier to explain everything here if you simply visit 4chan first… first of all, be prepared to see a lot of fucked up shit, since the content here can be rather questionable if you ask me. There are loads of weird sections, drawings, and topics that I encountered… for example, there was one video where a chick was injected with something, and then she gave birth to an adult ‘her’ and then the two of them proceeded to give birth as well… quite fucking weird man.But as I briefly mentioned, you have a lot of different content here, and not all of it is specifically dedicated to pregnant chicks. Sometimes, the babe in question has just devoured another person instead, and while that might sound weird to most of you, I am pretty sure that there are also some of you fuckers who actually fap to this shit.I am not here to judge, everyone has their own dirty fetish, and if this happens to be yours, you are more than welcome to explore the content has to offer since all of their content is free. Currently, the site has a new admin, since the old version of the site was filled with spam posts, and well it did not look good at all.The new admin, however, is doing a great job so far, as the site looks as clean as it did at the beginning. Obviously, I have a bunch of ideas as to how they could have improved their functions, but I will not be as harsh on as I am to other sites, since the new admin, Couchy, has stated that this site is still in development.All the way on the left corner of the site you have some threads listed, and yes the threads are marked with a single letter and /, just like it is on 4chan. If you do not know what each letter stands for, then you should just explore it, or continue reading as I will go over every section they have to offer.The first one I checked out is the B section, where you have random posts, meaning that you can see off-topic discussion and images. Since this site is dedicated to the pictures of pregnant animated sluts sometimes even the real babes, here you can post whatever the fuck you want.The C section is obviously for the chat, and I have mentioned this previously. Here you do not have a live chat or something like that, but this section is meant to act as a forum where people can discuss different topics and talk to other members of the site.If you are interested in the actual pregnant content, then you should visit the D section (yes, I am aware of how funny that sounds). D stands for drawn, and there you can find drawings done with pen, pencil, tablet, crayons and just with anything, I think every section is very straight-forward.It seems like no matter which animated site I browse, there will always be a special section dedicated to furries and this place also has the same crap. I am not against people who love to dress up as animals and fuck each other but I am just stating the facts and I do think it is weird. Nevertheless, the F section is dedicated to furry lovers.There are probably some of you who do not know what Oekaki means, which is the O section; Oekaki is basically an online board or place where people are able to draw with the java paint applet, and then share their opinions and allow their artwork to be critiqued.Since this place is still under development, you might encounter some problems, and you should know that the site feedback is the Q section of the site. Those who came here for the actual real content, of real babes and pictures should visit the R section instead of other parts that are mostly filled with animated content.As I have explained what every section means, there is no way for you not to find whatever the fuck you might be looking for. Overall, I enjoyed the content on, but some of it I just found fucking weird, especially in the R section of the site. But, if you find content like this to be hot, you are bound to have a jolly good time here.