Before you ask, yes, this site is exactly what it sounds like. You thought that 4chan was odd and obscure? Wait till you see 420 Chan. This is pretty much an even darker version of 4chan with its own little ecosystem and sections that are there to make the place interesting for all people. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, but two things stay the same for all users of 420chan.org, and that’s the fact that the website is free to use, and you’re anonymous on it.Make sure you follow the rules before you do anything hereOf course, this website doesn’t just operate for your enjoyment and there are some rules that you need to follow when you venture into this website. 420chan.org has them clearly written whenever you go to a section and want to look at the content or even interact with it like every other user on this website. The key thing here is that this place is based on interaction and this interaction is always protected by your anonymity. This doesn’t make you invincible though and 420chan.org can ban you at any moment if you end up breaking any of their rules.The adult section is where the money isBut before I end up sounding like the no-fun police, let’s look at all the cool shit you can do on here, especially when it comes to adult content. Sure, you’ve got all your dank and edgy sections on here, but what we’re really interested in is the Adult section since that’s where all the good stuff is. There are three different subsections here and those are the Straight, Gay, and Hentai subsections. Each one of them gives you the content that you’d expect since the names are pretty self-explanatory.Choose the Straight, Gay, or Hentai section and scroll awayYou’ll find these when you scroll over the Adult tab over in the top navigation bar. You’ll get a drop-down menu and you can quickly decide where you want to go from there. Whatever section you end up choosing, you’re going to be greeted with an onslaught of content pretty much immediately. 420chan.org lets a lot of twisted stuff in apparently as long as it’s in the confines of legality. Wouldn’t want to get into any trouble now, would they? I don’t blame them, some of the things you guys come up with when you’re completely anonymous is pretty terrifying, to say the least.Post your own content without making an accountYou can start making your own posts immediately. You don’t need an account as everyone on here is anonymous anyway. All you have to do is enter the name, subject, comment, and potentially upload a picture as well. The subject and comment are the most important things here as those will be the things that grab people’s attention here. Make sure that you’re posting relevant content on the section which you’re on or you’re going to end up paddling up shit’s creek even before the mods get a hold of you.You can always just post again as you’re anonymous anyway and nobody will end up remembering what an absolute retard you were that one time, so that’s always nice. Just make sure all this anonymity doesn’t get to your head and makes you post some shit that you’re going to end up getting banned for. Other than that, have fun posting. Pictures are usually the things that end up being the most popular so if you’ve got something nice to add to the already huge image repository on 420chan.org, then please do upload it.Make sure that your pictures can be uploaded to the websiteThere are a few rules that you have to follow when it comes to uploading pictures though. There are only a few formats that are accepted, and the images have to be up to 10MB in size. That’s plenty even for an HD wallpaper, so don’t worry about that aspect. If your images are high in resolution, they’ll be shrunk down to thumbnail size so that they fit in the thread nicely without crowding the whole entire site. You can get the full resolution image when you click on the thumbnail though and that’s exactly the point at which you should start downloading away at every piece of sexy content that you like.New stuff gets uploaded all the time on hereAnd with so much content on here, you’re never going to end up with nothing to download or enjoy. 420chan.org is simply overpopulated with amazing porn pics both in the Straight category and Hentai category, and even the Gay category if you’re a fucking faggot. Now you guys know I’m just fucking with the gays, not in a literal sense though. I think #nohomo needs to be added here cause we’re getting into some really murky territory. Either way, you’ll only see me browsing the Straight and Hentai sections.Whichever one you end up choosing though, you’ll have so many hot pictures that are waiting for you that you can immediately add to your porn stash that we all know you have on your computer. Don’t act dumb, even your mom knows that your 10GB homework folder doesn’t have any of that school bullshit. She just doesn’t want to open the folder up cause she doesn’t want to find out what kind of a sick bastard her son really is. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just stating the facts here.The layout can be really confusing if you don’t know what you’re doingBut let’s get back to the actual site here. 420chan.org has a bit of a weird layout to it. Well, it’s normal if you’ve ever used 4chan, but it’s going to be really confusing if you’re a first-time user. Everything is explained to you here though, and you have the option to hide the tooltips once you’re familiar enough with the website. The threads have their own little layout to them that isn’t usual to any other websites that aren’t 4chan knockoffs. Not calling this place a 4chan knockoff, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing, isn’t it?Change the color of the website and tinker with the optionsBut alright, at least the design is nice, and you even get to change the colors of the website when you go over to the Options drop-down menu that you can find at the far top right corner of the website. This place doesn’t only let you change the main color palette of the website, but you can do many other things on here as well. You can turn on Party mode, Zen mode, as well as disable the helping tooltips. Some of these are really obscure and are just there to give you a bit of a laugh and make 420chan.org a fun time.Pretty basic and blocky design that we’ve got going on hereThe design itself is pretty basic though, just like with 4chan. You’ve got very blocky graphics and the whole place looks like it’s a bit outdated. This doesn’t really compromise the functionality of the website, but the entire thing could look a lot better if they tried to make it so. However, you’re going to be stuck with this look during your entire stay and I don’t think the design will change much. Maybe they’ll add more color options which is nice, but that only changes that one single aspect of 420chan.org.All in all, 420chan.org is the perfect place to go to if you’re sick of 4chan and want to find a new and interesting community. There’s plenty of adult content to be had on here, plenty of NSFW pictures to download and discuss, and plenty of information to gather if you’ve got any sort of question in mind. You’re going to love all the amazing content that gets posted in the threads on here and you’re going to be even more amazed by the community surrounding the content. I mean, there are going to be retards, but just report those and be done with it.