8ch.net, also known as 8Kun aka 8Chan is basically the retarded cousin of 4chan, a website famous for it's weird, sexual and horrifying content. It's has everything 4chan has, but it's much, much worse. You will find loads of threads on this page, and once you spend enough time in here, you will never be the same. One of the many things that might come off as "alarming" is the "Tor" icon you will find once you check out the top of the page thoroughly.The design of the page might be slightly confusing in the beginning, but do not despair, as scrolling through it for a while will help you find out what the fuck is this page about. It truly is a clusterfuck, but I believe you're here for the pornography, and boy oh boy, they truly do have the content you're looking for. 8 Chan has loads of active threads that pop up every few minutes. Every now and then new filth spawns here, whether it be drawn filth, 3D animated filth or porn that has been "snatched" from premium websites by the residents of 8ch.First off, I should give you a little introduction while I still have your attention...or rather, a few tips, since if you have been reading all the way up until now, then you've read what should have been a proper introduction. The very first tip I have for you is: "Ignore the latest headlines section as it is pretty much useless for you." What you see in this sections are loads of threads that are all about politics and shit like that, and I guess you are not interested in stuff like that, at least right now, because we're here for the porn.Then, there is the "fast threads" section, and what you find in here typically isn't what you'd want to see. You get to see loads of strange things in here such as threads dedicated to doctor who, political discussions, video game, and anime discussions. Sometimes, there are even discussions about certain genres of music. Seeing as Earl Sweatshirt came out with a new album after a few years, the boards of 8ch are truly heated...but hey, you probably don't care about that too much.I have no words when it comes to the designAs I have previously said it in the introduction, this website has a horrendous design (I kind of sugarcoated this though). The design is quite confusing, and a first-time visitor who has no idea what is going on in here would have loads of trouble finding something they want to see, as this isn't your typical website. While the color scheme is nice and reminiscent of the color scheme of the sister website of 8ch, 4chan, 8ch didn't inherit the brilliant design, and so, it looks like a mess. However, if you spend some time on 8ch.net, you will eventually learn how to use the page.I'vee already mentioned two sections that you should avoid, but do you know what else you should avoid? Advertisements! Luckily, there are pretty much no advertisements on 8ch.net, which is a great thing. I salute them for it since The Porn Dude hates those as well. None of those on my page!The page is all chopped up, but this kinda has no pointSo, I've mentioned it two times by now that this page has various sections, some that you should probably ignore, some that should be checked out on a daily basis, but I didn't say that the way this page was "chopped up" was good in any way, did I? It's pretty god damn confusing, but let's go through each section and let's see what we can find there. We've already talked about the "latest headlines" section that has loads of various threads linked there, and yeah, these threads are usually all about politics and anime and video games, and I guess these topics don't really interest you.The other section is the fast threads section, and now the time has come to mention the "recent threads" section. Again, if you came to watch pornography, checking this section out wouldn't be a good decision, since the topics of the threads that are linked in here usually have nothing to do with pornography. At this very moment, I see so many weird thread names, and none of them have anything to do with pussy or tits. To name a few: "Why is China so fucking stupid?" and "Lutheran general."It's weird, but for some reason, this website is crowded with dedicated Christians from all over the world. Lutherans, Orthodox, Catholics, Eastern Oriental...and so on. It's weird. Now, if you keep scrolling you will see the "quality threads" section, and boy oh boy, would you be surprised if I told you right now that you would find no "quality" stuff in here? No porn, yet again. There are threads that are dedicated to national socialism, guns, TV shows, and again, discussions about anime and video games. Nerd shit.Now, the "recent boards" section will often show you some boards that have been made by users of 8ch.net (I have to mention that creating boards on 8ch.net is completely free and you may do this as well without even creating an account, which isn't weird since 8ch.net promotes absolute anonymity on the internet). For example, a board that is all about erotica can be found here. Then, there are threads that are all about deepthroating, boards about anime and video game characters having sex with each other and rule34-esque kinds of pornography can be found in here. A board dedicated to "white women worship" can be found here quite often, as well.Now, lets' scroll to the section where all the "regular" boards can be found. Some of these boards have pretty much been copy-pasted from 4chan, and these are boards such as the anime board, the TV board and so on. Then, you will notice that a "furry" board exists, and this board is filled with loads of amazing art of "furry" characters having sex with each other. Obviously, all of the content in this section is completely free. None of the content you will find on 8ch.net will ever require you to pay any amount of money.Then, there are some novelties you don't see on other pornographic websites such as the erotic roleplay board which is actually a very active board. Then, there's a board entirely dedicated to cute boys taking dick. This one is pretty much all about 2D porn, while 3D animations are rare. Then, there are also weirder boards such as the hentai porno board. However, hentai became so popular in the past few years that it's pretty much not weird to masturbate to Japanese 2D porn anymore. Furthermore, there is also a board that is dedicated to traps.While most pornography on 8ch is all about 2D characters having sex and all that, this board actually has loads of 3D (real life!) traps having sex with their partners, which is great for tranny lovers and transgender people do not make that much quality pornography, amateurs especially. So yeah, if you're a fan of traps, this is the place to be. Furthermore, plenty of users of 8ch.net are traps themselves, and these girls are not shy, so they post loads of pictures and videos of themselves feeling themselves up, masturbating and so on and so on. They won't force you to pay any amount of money in order for you to see them!Is it worth wasting your time here?Honestly, if you don't know what you're doing, it's really not worth checking 8ch.net out as this website is not very friendly to newbies. Sure, there are loads of amateur content on the page, but still, this won't make it okay in the end, unless you are experienced in 4chan. However, if you are a persistent horny little man, then you should head over to the various erotic threads and boards on the page, and you should start digging through them. Especially if you want to see traps having sex, then this is the best place to be, seeing as loads of cute transgender people can be found on 8ch.net (often misspelled as "180chan").