7 Chan is not your typical website, but first let’s clear up the elephant in the room which is that 7Chan.org (7CH) sounds notoriously similar to 4chan, a well-known image-sharing forum that caused an uproar for many of the Western World’s government surveillance and intelligence agencies a few years ago. 4chan is a famous online board dedicated to sharing images that went viral in the early-to-mid 2010s due to the alarming amount of hackers that frequented it (and still do), amongst other kinds of societal undesirables. Of course, you’ve heard of 4chan, I mean it’s where the often severely misunderstood worldwide ‘hacktivist’ group ‘Anonymous’ came from.But aside from all the hacks and leaks that emerged from 4chan, there’s still a lot to the infamous imageboard than just world-class cyber infiltrators. It’s prominence and popularity gave birth to a wide variety of sister sites that are similar to it in many ways, but one of them is undoubtedly worth a spot on The Porn Dude’s XXX site list due to the significant amount of XXX content that it hides. I’m talking about 7chan, a site that’s in many ways similar to 4chan, but it has its own dedicated porn section that’s full of, well, stuff that I’m sure people who play ‘Magic the Gathering’ on a daily basis love fapping to. So if you love specifically-themed Hentai and traps (trannies), then I’m sure you’ll treat yourself to a fap on 7chan, let’s get to it…Remember, this is an Image-Sharing Board7chan is not your typical XXX tube, as a matter of fact, it’s not your typical website either. This website looks admittedly confusing at first glance with all its text and the random assortment of recently uploaded images that it has on its home page. But it’s really not that hard to use – once you’ve had your fill of the randomness that is 7chan’s homepage, you can get to fapping by picking any one of its porn-themed boards. They can be found on the bottom-right of the homepage and will need to be expanded by using the ‘+’ button that’s far-right from the ‘Porn’ title.Once you do this and bear witness to the kinds of XXX-themed boards this site has, you can easily start to picture what the average frequenter of 7chan looks like judging from the kind of porn that this sit mostly has. There are 16 porn-themed boards in total, and most of them focus on different kinds of Hentai as well as transsexuals and homo-erotica – I know, it’s a weird little place that would surprise even the most seasoned masturbator, but trust me, there are some hidden gems here that are very hard to find on other XXX sites.Boards for Hentai LoversSince most of this site’s porn-themed boards seem to focus on Hentai, it’s only natural to give you a rundown of exactly what kind of Hentai themes they focus on so you don’t have to waste your precious time browsing around aimlessly (after all, you’ve got some fapping to do). The ‘Delicious’ board doesn’t contain your typical Hentai – this board is nothing more than a collection of Hentai porn images featuring young anime girls, which is known as ‘Loli’. And I don’t mean legally young too – the girls featured on this board are all clearly underage, which effectively makes this CP (except it’s not illegal because it’s just drawings).Next is the ‘Alternative Hentai’ board, which per the site’s self-made description is as follows: “This board is for drawn porn featuring fetishes or situations that would not be appropriate for the other vanilla porn boards”. Then there’s the all-purpose Hentai board, which is aptly titled ‘Hentai’ and contains, well, nothing but Hentai. Then you have the ‘Shotacon’ board, which is Hentai that depicts young boys (mostly underage) involved in all kinds of sexual situations. Lastly, there’s ‘Straight Shotacon’, because most of the stuff in the aforementioned ‘Shotacon’ board is gay. That’s about it for the Hentai-themed boards, but there are more drawn-porn boards on 7chan than just those…Even More, Drawn PornNot only are there enough Hentai pictures and GIFs on this site to keep you fapping for eternity, but there’s also a sizeable amount of other drawn porn-related boards that will satisfy your every 2D XXX need. First and foremost, there’s the ‘Furry’ board, which you probably won’t know what contains if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years. Furry porn is literally porn involving animals – not, not bestiality, but fictional bipedal humanoid versions of animals. All the pictures in the furry board are drawn, which technically classifies it as drawn porn. Next up there’s the ‘Porn Comics’ board, which contains drawn XXX comics that feature your favorite childhood cartoons getting it on in all sorts of different ways. I’m talking Superman pounding Lois Lane, Ben 10 ass-gaping his cousin Gwen with his abnormally large penis, and other popular drawn characters doing unspeakable acts to one another.Homo-Erotica BoardsAs intolerant and toxic as the communities on these ‘chan’ websites may be, they do enjoy a lot of borderline-gay porn, as well as the occasional full-on gay stuff, which is really perplexing if you ask me. There are a few homo-erotic boards on this site that deserve a mention, and they are as follows: ‘Crossdressing’ is a board that mainly features guys dressing up as girls. Most of them are actual users that frequent this site, so there’s a plus there for authenticity, but that’s about it. Then you have ‘Sexy Beautiful Traps’, which includes only the most convincing transsexuals performing sex acts by themselves or with others.4Chan’s community is also notorious for having a strong affinity for convincing male-to-female transsexuals, so it’s only natural that 7Chan’s community has that same appreciation. If you like sexy chicks with dicks, this is definitely the place you should fap on. ‘Men Discussion’ is as gay as it gets, and it features not only gay dudes talking about being gay, but a whole lot of gay porn images too – not to mention most of them are posted by the community’s members, so there’s a lot of authenticity here too. Lastly, ‘Sexy Beautiful Men’ is as gay as ‘Men Discussion’, except the images it features lack the same authenticity, and there’s no discussion too – it’s just straight-up sexy beautiful men, what more could a gay guy want?The Boards that Normal People can Actually Fap toNow that I’ve covered all the fictional/drawn, fetishist and homosexual boards, I can finally get to the boards on this site that actually feature porn which normal, everyday people can fap to. First, there’s the ‘Uniform’ board, which features babes in all kinds of uniforms and getups. The pictures on this board are usually depicting girls involved in some sort of sex act, but a fair amount of them just feature clothed or semi-clothed sexy girls in uniforms or specific getups. ‘Animated GIFs’ is a board that you should definitely fap to if you miss those sexy animated GIFs from Tumblr before its owners decided to go full SFW and delete all the porn it contains.‘Sexy Beautiful Women’ is a board that’s pretty self-explanatory, and the definition of a ‘Sexy Beautiful Woman’ is pretty objective even for the people who regularly go on this site, so don’t worry about running into any weird or unfamiliar beauty standards for women here. Lastly, there’s the humble ‘Erotic Literature’ board, which is written XXX content that’s reserved for only the most patient and imaginative masturbator who doesn’t need any visual stimuli to get their juices flowing.One More Board you should Know AboutNow that we’ve covered all 15 boards on this site, there’s just one more that you need to be informed about – I present to you, ‘The Vineyard’. The vineyard is a distinguished board that doesn’t contain the simple pleasures of the flesh, per se, but rather, focuses on a more sophisticated part of the human sexuality: Sticking your penis in fine wine. Yep, you read that right, the site’s own description for this bizarre board is as follows: “This board is dedicated to the fine art of sticking your penis into a nice wine.” In all my experience of reviewing porn, I’ve never come across such a weird fetish, it’s almost as if the people on this site have forced it into becoming an ongoing meme – after all, the memes we see today can be traced back to late 00s 4chan, so why not have a meme about sticking your dick into a glass of wine? It’s modern erotic art at its best.