Here comes another site "The B Archive" that looks like 4Chan. As a matter of fact, The /b/ Archive is a 4Chan archive, and all the content found here (or 4chan trash lol) originated from that website. Now, if you know 4Chan, then you know it is quite a popular platform teeming with perverted freaks, weirdos, creeps, Internet geeks and what have you sharing all kind of random shit including, you guessed it right, fucking porn. That’s the kind of content that you will find on this site. You will find all manner of sex pictures including hentai/anime posted by random strangers. The platform is not solely focused on porn, and you will have content of the SFW variety, but I’m The Porn Dude so I’ll focus on porn. I know you won’t mind at all.First impressionTo be honest, there is nothing you see the first time you visit the site to give you a clue of what you should expect. The site doesn’t seem to have a lot going apart from a few links on the main page and an ad apparently showing the top porn game 2018. You will have to click on the available links to access the site’s archive. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but as far as first impressions go, this site falls a bit short. But they must also have something good otherwise they wouldn’t have appeared on The Porn Dude as you will find out if you stick for the full review.Site design and navigationThe /b/ Archive’s site features a simple design, perhaps too simple considering the site has nothing to distract you (photos or whatever). I’d go as far as to say it’s pretty mediocre, and it doesn’t appear like the site has made any effort at all to look attractive. The entire homepage is almost fucking blank and anyone visiting the site for the first time will be left confused. If I was to rate the design/layout, I’d give it a 3/10, and that would still be generous.As I said, there are only a few links on the homepage with the site presenting you with links to /b/ random, /bant/ international/random, a talk/discussion board, and an FAQ link. There is also a link to The Porn Dude, where you will find close to 1000 adult destinations. But that doesn’t guarantee smooth navigation. In fact, it’s anything but. The site is teeming with ads, and you will have difficulties accessing different parts mainly because almost every link takes you to an ad. Needless to say, that will not improve your experience in any way. If this is any consolation, there is a search option at the top right corner where you can search posts by name or by number.Content of the siteThere is nothing in the way of content from the homepage, and you will have to click on the links to know what you are getting yourself into. Luckily, I’m here to prepare you for what lies ahead. Click on either of b/Random and /bant/International/Random where you will find all manner of content by random freaks including weird, hilarious and fucked-up photos. I’m pretty sure you came here for the NSFW content, so I’ll dive right fucking in.Whichever link you click from b/Random or /bant/International/Random (there doesn’t seem to be any particular distinction), you will have the option of accessing the gallery, ghost, and NSFW. There is all manner of posts with adult content including photos and links to places you can find porn. I found enough dose of erotic photos featuring hot girls pleasuring themselves, chicks inserting all manner of toys, sexy, naked women and all manner of adult stuff you would expect a horny grown up with a lot of time on their hands to upload. If the little flags accompanying the posts are anything to go by, freaks post from basically any corner of the planet.There is also a fair share of hentai content if you are the kind that gets off to cartoon babes. Any place that delivers beautiful naked women is worth checking out, don’t you agree? Most of the content here seems amateur judging from the quality of the photos, but there is also a good mix of professional content although the theme is largely similar; sexy women in various states of undress.Posts come with the options to view, reply, or report. Unfortunately, I encountered a lot of difficulties using any of the options because each time I tried to click, I would be directed to another site with some stupid betting sites. I understand the site is free, but even then, why would they subject their visitors to such atrocity? Even worse; when you finally manage to click on any of the options, you will still be taken back to the original page. Why the fuck the site included those options if it didn’t intend for users to have an easy time using them defies common sense.Discussion boardThere is a link from the homepage that takes you to /talks/ discussion. I was expecting to find an adult platform where horny people get to drop all kinds of discussions, but this is actually a platform for general discussions and a place for users to report bugs and problems with the site’s features. To be fair, it’s not a bad option to have, and the site admins are quick to respond to user complaints requests, and I wonder why other freaks have not reported the problem with navigation.DonateThis is not some kind of twisted ass joke. The site actually needs your donation. There is even a ‘donate’ link from the homepage. You can scroll down the discussions page for more details on how you should go about donating. The site accepts donations in Bitcoin which means you will need to get a wallet and purchase Bitcoins with actual cash; you can Google the process you lazy cunt. And what do you gain for donating? I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside for keeping a 4Chan archive alive. By donating, you will also rid yourself of the annoying ads. The site promises that this is not a ransom or something of the sort, but a way of everyone from this community to keep this archive online, so it doesn’t die out like many others. Are you feeling sufficiently philanthropic? Be my guest.What I love about TheBarChiveLike I always say, there is always something about a free site that is attractive regardless of what is on offer. The /b/ Archive is one such site where you will not be asked to part with a dime to enjoy the content. In addition, there is an abundance of erotic content posted by users from all over the world where you will have an opportunity to interact. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the good things go.What I hate about this siteMy issues with the site start right from the design which looks like it was designed in the Stone Age. I understand the site is trying to be minimal, but this is simply too lazy. The ads are also an absolute menace and will do everything possible to ruin your experience. Almost every place you click is an advert page, and you will have a tough time getting around the site. At the bottom of the homepage are the options to change the language or theme, but I wasn’t able to use them due to the ads menace (again). There is also the small matter of content where you will only be served with photos and not a single porn video in sight. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you are wondering why the fuck you would bother to donate.Suggestions I have for the siteCould they at least make an effort with the design? That would be nice. While at it, they should also fix the navigation because as things stand, it’s a fucking pain in the ass.ConclusionAll in all, the /b/ Archive has enough free fuck stuff to get you interested. Whether it is amateur or professional, this 4Chan archive has it. The site is free to use, although you will have to donate to do away with the ads. It is a decent enough porn board although it’s a long way from competing with the best. Should you bother? I’m not here to make such decisions for you, so you decide.