Deep Gore Tube

DeepGoreTube! We all have a touch of morbid curiosity. I remember growing up and getting shown shock videos of people getting beheaded or of a dude gaping his asshole for the camera. You know the ones. The title 2 girls 1 cup has been googled by multiple generations at this point. If you think that’s bad, then you cucks should see that 1 man 1 jar. I still see that shit when I blink sometimes. Fuck. But why am I going on and on about shocking videos instead of shockingly hot sluts? Well, it seems like some of you fucks like seeing people die more than you like watching horny chicks fuck themselves on camera.I can’t say that I’m on the exact same page. I don’t get a hard-on when I see some dude’s skull pop like a raspberry gusher, but I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to give you gore-loving fucks what you’re too afraid to ask for. I don’t care if you’re jerking your dick to this shit or if you just want to find videos to shock your squeamish friends with. Regardless of your reasons, Deepgoretube.site is the place to be. It’s a newcomer to the decapitation and body horror scene. It launched at the end of 2021 and currently brings in a little under 500 thousand of you fucked-up bastards. And that number is still skyrocketing!Beheadings, Animal Attacks, and Extreme Fetish ContentLet’s pry this cadaver open and take a look at all of the gross shit that makes this site tick. You know, I’d expect a dark mode from a site with such, well, dark content. They went with a white background and a logo that looks like it was made in a high-school graphic design class by the kid that you think might shoot up the place one day.You’ve got a few options in the header. Most of it is your standard shit like categories, a forum, and a blog. But it seems like the fuck behind this site has bigger and brighter plans for this brand. They want to take the world by storm with a social media platform called Deeptube, where anyone can post whatever the fuck they want with no censorship or anything. It’s a neat idea. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become another breeding ground for hate groups like Parler. Just stick to the gore and you should be fine.Real User Uploaded Videos of People Being Maimed, Burned, and KilledThe top categories are listed at the top of the site, so you can quickly navigate to a selection of animal attacks, accidents, CCTV, and bizarre videos without having to go through the full category page. But you don’t have to worry about trying to click around on the page as little as possible, since there aren’t any ads. That’s right; this gore site doesn’t hit you with redirects, pop-unders, or any of that bullshit that most other sites like this one do. I’d say it’s a clean experience, but the content on here is anything but "clean".Previews for the latest videos run down the entire page. There aren’t any side-bars or filter options here. You can simply scroll through video after video of fucked-up shit. Seriously, you squeamish cucks should back out now if you haven’t already. Let me hit you with a few examples. There’s one video of some poor chick shoving a sharp chef’s knife up her snatch and twisting it until it’s coated in blood. There’s one of some dude whose legs get blown off by a bomb. Some teenagers are fighting in one and a dude gets bodyslammed into the ground so hard that you can hear his fucking neck snap. This is some brutal content that isn’t for the faint of heart.Upload Your own Content & Download or Stream Videos for FreeBut I know some of you might be sitting on a few hidden gems. Maybe you saw a brutal fight and snapped a recording. Perhaps you were at a riot and got some videos of officers beating up some dude. You can upload that content to this site with ease. You just need to sign-up for a free account and submit the video. You don’t have to jump through any hoops or worry about any rules. This content is all user-submitted, so you’ll be good to go as long as you’re not some sick fuck trying to upload content of minors.Deepgoretube’s catalog is still slim. There are hundreds of videos on here, but they aren’t quite at the same level as the other big hitters yet. So, don’t be too bummed when you only see a dozen or so videos under each category. More user content is coming down the pipeline! Anyway, you’ll get a simple list of results if you search by keyword or click over on a category. You can’t filter any of the content yet, though I’m sure this site will add those options later.Browse Fucked-Up Content from All Around the WorldThe previews are simple enough. You get a static image preview, a title, name of the uploader, upload date, view count, video length, and a tag for what quality the video is in. Keeping with shock site tradition, many of the videos look like they were filmed on shitty cameras. Most are in 360p or 480p with a select few in 1080p HD. Don’t expect this shit to be in 4K UHD or anything. The full video page is about what you’d expect. You can stream the video, like it, leave a comment, or download it for free with no issues.I was surprised to see that Deepgoretube’s mobile site was great. You never know what you’re going to get from new sites like this one. But, hey, you should have no problem taking your beheading, shooting, and stabbing videos with you on the go. It’s a guaranteed way to get that nice 6-feet of social distance during this pandemic. Just turn the volume on of some dude begging for his life, while being walked up to the chopping block and people will be guaranteed to give you all of the space that you need. It’s a great way to land a seat on the subway.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI use the term favorite here lightly since most of the videos here make me feel like shit. But, well, this is the place to go if you want the newest and hottest shock and gore videos from around the world. This site claims to be some bastion of free speech and news, but I think we all know it’s about you horny bastards who like getting off to this sort of thing. Hell, there was a video on here of some horny Asian slut shoving a live octopus up her pussy. That’s got to cause some damage, right? Fucking weird.For what it’s worth, the mobile site was a nice surprise. And I think I get why it’s so good. Where else are most fucks going to upload content from? Most of the people uploading to this site aren’t going to their computer and editing this shit down. Fuck no. These raw videos are getting beamed to the site directly from mobile users all across the globe.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d have liked access to more filter options. Let me sort videos by rating, view count, duration, and all of that good shit. It’s not such a big deal right now since the catalog of content is relatively slim. But those features need to get added in before the selection blows up. I get that seeing the latest shit is the point here, but people love looking back at old viral videos. Other than that, this site needs a dark mode. I’m already fucking up my mental state by watching these videos at 3 AM. The least this site could do is make it so that I’m not straining my eyes.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Deepgoretube.site is a fucked-up site that’s worth visiting if, well, you want to look at truly fucked-up content. It’s a haven of extreme gore videos that you don’t find on a regular porn tube or social media site. I’d say I recommend it, but I don’t think you need much convincing if you made it this far. Go and check it out, you degenerate fuck.