The YNC welcomes you to watch some extreme content, aka "gore"! Let’s fucking face it; people are different and not just because others are cowards, filthy freaks, intellects, geeks, and shit, but ultimately because we subscribe to completely different stuff that literally sets us by far apart from each other. I am talking about the desire or guts to view shit like people bleeding to death, getting stabbed, extremely lethal accidents, or people behaving like scavengers eating and drinking each other’s pee, among other weirdly distasteful and disgusting actions.Now, I am not going to judge anyone that visits TheYNC; if you have a loose screw somewhere in your head or not is entirely your problem, I am here for some nasty voyeur sex shit, the rest you can fucking keep it! I must admit thou that it must have taken this folks lots of time and effort to give The YNC all the layout and design attention that screams fabulous from afar. I am also glad that the constant uploads will never leave your curious gutted hype unfulfilled any day. But first, let me fill you in on exactly what to expect in and out from, theync.com.Site Content OverviewExpect a hell lot of shitty, disgusting and delightful content overload with their main focus being on videos featuring on The YNC; brutal violation, banned UK videos, hardcore, and twisted porn, shooing videos, extreme teen porn action, Snapchat nudes, celebrity nudes, HD porn, shocking news, porn discounts, forum posters, and uploads and so much more! Trust me; it only gets messier on theync.com!Newsletter like site designWell, I am no pessimist, sadist or whoever word they use to describe freaks on TheYNC who find the sight of troubled souls covered in blood either dying or dead intriguing. However, just like everyone else, I'm fucking curious. I get the fucking goosebumps when there is a new pussy rumble voyeur clip to feast my lustful eyes on, which is the language of this fucking and yet horrid shit hole.Somehow it’s a Showtime kind of blog site with lots of weird happenings. You will be glad to get a Snoop of; however, I'm going to be frank with you; not all, but it only happens when you put your nose into the wrong hole. There are all the navigation tools on TheYNC that you need for your venture in place to make your ride a smooth one. Also, story updates are laid on their homepage. This way, you get a scoop of what’s new in every section of The YNC.Tasteful, filthy, and cumfilled unlimited videosThe content on this shit hole is rather impressive despite the weekly upholds and frankly no matter how disgusting most of it is; there is always more to look out for on TheYNC. This includes but is not limited to:Disgusting and violet; some videos on TheYNC feature purely gross shit like people peeing on other people’s mouths, extremely bloody war scenarios, and suicides. If that isn't enough, there are also murder scenes and photos of brutally beaten individuals, among many more that require lots of gut to view.For laughs; there's some cool stuff on TheYNC like people responding to false alarms, unexpected reactions to videos, funny and uncomfortable situations, and of course, among other things filthy shit people do thinking that nobody is watching, for instance, fapping.Erotic; you know how it is. Every man is partly a pervert with some going to extreme depths to have some cookie behind abandoned buildings, forests, swimming pools, and, of course, some decent folks in exclusive hotels with clear windows getting at it. Also, on TheYNC, there's lots of sexy shit doing rounds from upskirts, blouse and skirt bursts, beach outfits gone wrong, and so much more.Shameful bullshit & drama on TheYNC; ordinary folks are bound to some nasty spice, right? Exactly, why there are cheating spouses caught hitting foreign cooters, gay spouses cheating with same-sex mates, impersonation scandals, petty theft, among others.Underground; these are 100% real and unscripted day to day weird, crude, brutal, or nasty occurrences. Also, it is important to note that they are not fakes, as a result of mass production or aimed at tarnishing the reputation of featured parties. In any case, they are products of private and discreet recordings of some real-life twisted fellows recordings submissions. This makes TheYNC even more exciting, unpredictable, and frankly, you never know when your naughty ass gets featured, especially if you are one of those horny drunk whoring exhibitionists.Freaky gang forumWell, it’s said that birds of a feather flock together, which is why there is a forum on TheYNC with over ten thousand members in it. These jug heads pretty much enjoy uploading, sharing, and discussing pretty much everything, no matter how filthy, scary, or nasty it might be. I'm telling you, at times, it gets shittier with torn apart pussies as a result of ugly gang rapes, brutal, bloody killings, beheadings, human sacrifices and torture, and pretty anything. I wouldn’t certainly want to be part of shit like this, but for whoever is interested, it could be a hell lots of fun; who knows?Free Content? Not fullyIf you want to watch any of The YNC’s videos, then you will have to sign up, which is pretty easy. With a free account, you will not be able to win prizes, and you will also have to battle with ads and have no underground access which I can say will leave you hanging to dry because it seems like the best part of the website so you might as well pay up. A one-time payment at The YNC will cost you about two bucks, so you might consider that as a trial; however, if you want to pay up a bit more, it will set you back about $9.99 every month.The site had it for me in terms of:Unique site build; well, The YNC is some weird news hub with an excellent news blog like design that lays out the latest shit happening across the world. Which is ultimately anything legit and authentic real people doings no matter how filthy, shitty, or even unfit for the public eye they might be. It’s not like anyone is being forced to view anything anyways.Active freaky forum; The YNC has done it’s best to provide a safe haven where twisted freaks like you and the rest can interact, share weird shit, discuss it, and delight in it for all I care. And the best thing is that there are actually over ten thousand members and counting already to keep it lit as fuck!Legit extreme porn content; you've got to agree with me that real and authentic shit is fucking worth a million-dollar, and I am fucking more than delighted that The YNC is not only able to maintain that, but it’s also legitimate.Real-life shitty and filthy happenings; Few sites, except for Kaotic or CrazyShit, have half the guts this shitty hole has got; posting awesomely nasty, scary, unbelievable, or fucking extreme. Whether it is rape, killings, exhibitionism, theft, or brutality, these fucked up meth heads at TheYNC keep you within the loop.The site's piss of juncturesNot entirely devoted to extreme porn; The YNC sure stacks lots of intriguing and disgusting shit. However, if you are here to draw your shitty brains into some real amateur or voyeur kind of sex, I'm sorry to be the one to break this one down for you. They ain’t focussed on that sort of shit, and depending on your lucky stars; you might actually find something to fap your sorrows unto because to tell you the truth; that shit is rare around this place!Not all videos are free; to be able to enjoy underground shit, which is the real thing, by the way, you must be a member on a subscription basis. Otherwise, The YNC will fucking keep you away from some pretty awesome videos you will be dying to watch, and that’s about how real that shit gets with an Ads infested site too!What I think should be doneWell, it’s not up to me to decide on what specific sites like The YNC should do. It's their business, if they want to charge for their shit or not. However, it’s in my business to ensure that hungry pervs like you keep their sensual imagination ablaze. For that matter, I would propose a clear distinction; a section perhaps for erotic photos and videos so that folks visiting The YNC for that shit only will do so at no hustle.Bottom lineTheync.com (often misspelled as "thenyc") is a fucked up enough site, where you'll see the most unprecedented occurrences ever across the globe, no matter how devastating, outrageous, brutal, comical or ultimately erotic. Now, if gore is your kind of shit, I don’t see why you shouldn’t check The YNC out.