Darkness Porn! It’s time I let you, horny bastards, into the back room. It’s time to peel back that crusty curtain and give you true degenerates access to the most fucked-up shit I could find that was still, well, legal and all of that. I’m not trying to get my door caved in by some trigger-happy fucks with riot gear. I’m not about that life. But I know that loads of you fappers like the darker shit. So, it’s time that we take a look at the kinkier side of porn. And, man, this content isn’t going to be for the light of heart. We’re talking about ball-busting, ass-fucking, pain, slapping, spit, torture, and everything that can’t be done in the light of day. So, if you don’t have a weak stomach, we can continue and get into the good stuff.The site is called Darknessporn.com, a straightforward name that doesn’t try to hide what this fucked-up site is all about. Also, these guys are a little new to the scene – they launched back in 2019 and have been amassing a massive catalog of the most degraded, screwed-up content that you could fucking imagine. Seriously, I can’t emphasize that enough. And, phew, this site has blown the hell up. It’s got over 1 million horny cucks coming to blow their loads every single month. Damn, you guys really are fucked in the head. But, hey, who am I to get in your way? Let’s take a look at what kind of mind-twisting content is on this site.A Nice, Sleek Dark Theme and Simple DesignDarknessporn.com got a great design. I always hate it when sites claim to have the craziest porn out there and then go with some shitty light theme and a janky layout. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here. Fortunately, you basement dwellers can happily browse this site during the middle of the night without your shame being highlighted by a bright site background. Aside from a dark theme, this site has a clean layout with a header up top, tags below that, and a bunch of the latest videos added to the site running down the majority of the home page.The header keeps things nice and simple. You can browse by categories, actors, and tags. That’s it. There are a few other options, but they all just take you off to other dope sites like mine. That’s right; you can bump back here if this content is a little too rough for your liking and check out something more your speed. Below that header is a tag list that lets you sort content by the most popular options on the site like “BDSM, suffocate, necrophilia, crippled, torture, and forced.” Now, just to cover bases here, the crazy shit like “necrophilia” isn’t real. This site isn’t that messed up, but there’s a lot of incredibly dark fetish play at work here.Loads of Truly Brutal Fetish Categories Featuring the Darkest Content out thereThe category section has a good array of options for picky fucks that don’t want to roll the dice and browse at random. They’ve got all of the best, most fucked-up fetish categories you can think of. We’re talking about “amputees, drowning, beating, whipping, and suffocation.” They’ve got it all. Each section has a preview image that showcases what that fetish is all about. Now, I wish that they’d include a counter for the number of videos in each section. Most have hundreds of full-length videos, but some of the more niche categories only have a handful. I like to know what exactly I’m getting into before I click over.You get a similar page when you click on “actors.” You can browse the catalog by whatever tortured whore you want. They’ve got tons of hotties on here like Riley Reid, Joanna Angel, and Katrina Jade. They are seemingly sorted at random, though. I want some alphabetized pages, popularity filters, and shit like that. As it is, it’s a bit of a useless page by how completely unorganized it is. It’s like walking into an erotic book store where nothing is sorted, and the stacks are all fucking random.Plenty of Full-Length HD Videos of Popular Pornstars Getting AbusedRegardless of whatever section you decide to browse, Darknessporn hooks you fappers up with a few handy filter options. For example, you can sort out videos by newest, best, most viewed, or longest. It’s a simple selection but very functional. The previews do the rest of the heavy lifting. You get a title, view count, video length, rating out of 100%, and a tag for whether or not the video is in HD. That’s about all that I need! Besides, you can filter out by fetish tags, so you cucks know precisely what you’ll be getting before you click on a video.The full video page on Dakrnessporn gives you a large player to work with. You’ll have to wade through a redirect ad or two, but the clutter wasn’t too bad as a whole compared to similar sites. The videos loaded quickly with minimal buffering or lags, and I didn’t run into any issues jumping around to different times in the video. You can leave a comment, rate the video, and check out related content down below. The only thing that you poor betas can’t do here is download videos. It’s a look but don’t touch type of deal.Great Mobile Experience with No CompromisesI liked the mobile experience. It kept all of the same features that I came to enjoy on the full desktop version of the site. The ads were a bit more of a handful, but it still wasn’t the worst experience out there. The redirects go away after a couple of clicks, so you won’t have to worry about dozens of the damn things opening as you’re jerking your dick to videos. And the site retained that same sleek design as the desktop version. All in all, it was a solid experience that didn’t have any outwardly wonky sections.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesWell, the brutal porn on here is like nothing else. This isn’t some vanilla site where you fap to sluts making out and sucking cock. Oh, no. This site features nympho whores getting beaten, whipped, abused, and tortured. If it involves pain or bodily fluids, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be featured on this site. You can rub yourself raw to bitches getting fucked as they drown if that’s the sort of messed up shit that you need to get hard. I usually say that I’m not here to judge, but, shit, you might want to self-reflect a bit if you’re into that particular fetish scene.Anyway, I loved how easy this site was to use. It’s got all of the handy filter options that I wanted and sections for categories, tags, and pornstars. The dark theme was a nice touch, and ad clutter was kept to a semi-reasonable amount. This site doesn’t bother with any unneeded features or profiles. You can load up any video you see here and stream it in a few short moments without any delays or hurdles.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThis site is great, but it could improve in a few key areas. The categories, actors, and tags pages are all out of whack. It is impossible to get much useful information out of those sections with the lack of filter options. The actors’ page was especially bad with how hard it was to find my favorite pornstars. Adding additional filters there would be great. Being able to favorite content would be a nice touch, especially since you can’t download kinky videos here. But, really, those are my only gripes. This is a solid site!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Darknessporn.com isn’t for everyone. There’s no beating around that bush. But if you’re the kind of degenerate that loves brutal porn featuring pain and abuse, then this is going to be the holy grail of porn sites for you. It’s got some of the craziest videos of amateur and professional sluts getting fucked up. It’s not the sort of thing that I can explain here in a few short lines. You fucks need to check it out for yourselves if you’ve made it this far. I highly recommend you do.