Have you been looking for a gore forum to while away the hours looking at severed heads and gaping wounds? Have you grown so bored of airtight bukkake orgies that you’d rather see a woman drown to death in water than just watch her choke on a little sperm? Are you so jaded by unlubricated anal fisting videos that you’d rather see a man battered to death by those fists instead? Well, hold onto your hats, you sick fucks, because I’ve got some nasty shit to blow your mind.GoreForum.com has a name that tells you exactly just what you’re getting when you pull up the site. This ain’t a message board for discussing kittens, blowjobs or the joy of watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. It’s a bulletin board where people are sharing videos of squished cats, hardcore penile injury pics and footage of ISIS members getting blown to smithereens. GoreForum is just that, a gore forum. It popped up online at the beginning of 2021 and currently gets hundreds of visits a day.A Gore Forum for Sharing GoreYeah, you read that right. Hundreds of gorehounds, murder fans are general degenerates are checking out this bloody mess of a forum every single day. I know it’s hard to strike up a conversation at work about tasteless skin diseases and fistfights that turn fatal, but here, you’ve got all kinds of company.GoreForum.com has been around the better part of the year now, but for all those hundreds of daily visitors, they’ve only got a few hundred registered members. It’s safe to say most of the viewers around here are quiet lurkers, staring between the blinds at the wreckage outside but never showing their faces. Hey, that’s fair; you don’t necessarily want to be known for your love of other peoples’ self-inflicted injuries. Their latest registered member has KKK in his name, because it’s just that kind of classy place.I’m not sure you could call this a very chatty place, though. If you look at the thread count for every subforum compared to the messages, it’s clear that most posts don’t get any responses. There’s not always much to say after watching a guy get run over or a lady have her foot amputated. This is mainly a media-sharing forum for gore, not necessarily for talking about it.And goddamn, is there a lot of that stomach-churning media to go around. The site gets new uploads of horrific violence, shocking accidents and nauseating aftermaths every day. I’m checking the website out just after lunch on a Wednesday, and now I’m kind of regretting eating all that raw organ meat. Already today, users have added a guy dangling from a tree by his balls, a couple of bloody car accidents, a vicious girl-on-girl beating from central America and a throat-slitting video.Share Murder Photos with Your FriendsAs far as format goes, there ain’t really any surprises at Gore Forum. It’s got your typical forum look, nearly all text until you click on a link offering homicide victim photography, animal torture, or real-life fucking swordfights from countries where they still live like Game of Thrones. The site’s logo looks like something from a horror movie poster, but the horror here is all too real.I like how this place has social media buttons so you can share the front page or any thread with your family on Facebook, your neckbeard friends on Reddit, your sister-in-law on Pinterest and the President on Twitter. I was going to make a joke about your parents finally learning what you’re into, but they probably figured that out by the third mysterious death of the family pet.I guess there are plenty of legitimate reasons to share some of this GoreForum material, besides trying to make your girlfriend puke before breaking up with you and filing a restraining order. For example, medical students in the audience may learn about the effects of extreme heat on human flesh by watching people getting set on fire. Aspiring engineers can study leg-crushing traffic accidents and train collisions to design safer vehicles.The main Gore forums at GoreForums.com are divided up into eight categories: Gore Pictures, Gore Videos, Medical Gore, Self-Inflicted Injuries, Animals, Traffic, Brutal Fights and Gore Porn. Besides medical students and engineers, the site would clearly be of interest to veterinarians, MMA enthusiasts, the suicidal and, dare I say, the horny. The place isn’t for everyone, but at least it’s well organized.Like any forum, there are a few off-topic sub-boards. There’s a SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT board and one for Funny posts, as well as the standard Rules and Contact sections. As you may have guessed with a userbase of mostly lurkers, these largely bloodless boards don’t see much action.If you’re an all-around violence connoisseur, there are other ways of browsing the site than digging into the different categories. The top of the front page has a Latest Posts section with all the freshest gore to hit the website. There’s also a Media page that gives you a thumbnailed view of all kinds of vile shit like animal crushing, beheading and corpse mutilation.Giving Head vs. Taking HeadsThe very first video I saw when I visited GoreForum was a Brazilian guy getting his head chopped off. I spend hours a day watching and reviewing movies where people are getting head, so it’s something of a change of pace to watch somebody losing theirs. I’m used to getting a daily dose of violence caught on video from the TV news, but they don’t typically show much blood.My stomach already roiling, I decided to check out the Gore Porn sub-board. I’m the web’s most respected expert on at least half of that equation, so it seemed like it might be more up my alley than the board full of animals and people killing each other.I’ve got to tell you, though, GoreForum.com’s Gore Porn section ain’t much easier to jack off to than the rest of the site. I did enjoy watching a girl gaping anally and the extreme pussy squirting, but the bod-mod fan who mutilated his cock had mine shrinking back like a terrified turtle. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. If you like seeing assholes wrecked by double fisting or hardcore abuse, this may be your jam.Since it’s a lot of consensual weirdness that people did intentionally, no matter how horrific or shocking, the Gore Porn board might be considered GorePorn’s “softest” offering. It’s still pretty fucking rough stuff, and most people aren’t going to want to spend much time here. The whole forum is pretty deep niche, which almost every post designed to freak you out, fuck you up, disturb and offend you. At least, assuming you have “normal” sensibilities.Shits, Giggles, and Dead BodiesJust for shits and giggles, I popped a handful of Ex-lax and loaded up GoreForum.com’s Funny board. The most recent post was called Big Lungs, so I held my breath and prepared myself to see someone’s lungs expanding one final time as they expired on the side of the road. I was pleasantly surprised to find a video of a hot chick peeking out of a pool and then dangling her huge, soapy jugs outside of the pool.Then I watched an old homeless lady masturbating with the water shooting out of a fire hydrant, followed by a guy swinging heavy chains from his nipples. The next thread I clicked on in the Funny board showed me an autoerotic asphyxiation casualty who died with a vacuum cleaner sucking away at his dead cock. Comedy’s a subjective thing, they say.Speaking more broadly, entertainment, in general, is a subjective thing. Most people enjoy watching beautiful people enjoying sex on video, but whether you prefer cowgirl or doggy is a matter of personal preference. Fewer people enjoy watching somebody get their head run over, and they might not necessarily be the same people rabidly clicking their way to the knife attack movies.At the end of the day, not everybody is going to enjoy perusing the boards at GoreForum.com, and the ones who do may not linger long. That may be part of the point, though. The site is unabashed is their display of pics and vids that would probably earn you genuine screams if you accidentally busted them out during a board meeting. You’ll find shit here that’s hard to find anywhere else just by virtue of nobody wanting to touch it with a ten-foot pole. If you like nasty violence, terrifying accidents and seeing people get hurt, crippled and/or killed, this may be your type of place. It may do you less good than a few visits to a trained and licensed therapist, but it certainly is a whole hell of a lot cheaper.