Rape Lust has a slightly different adults-only warning out front than most free porno tubes. Your average free lesbian site warns you that you’re going to see girls scissoring, loving on each other and having a good time. Around here, that disclaimer warns of “Highly Explicit and Excessive Sexual Activity, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Rape, Torture and Gore, which may be offensive or disturbing to some viewers.”Damn. Those are strong words, but I bet you’re a strong viewer, aren’t you? RapeLust.com has been serving up their atypical take on free sex websites for a year or so now, and they’ve never catered to the vanilla fap market. Niche content sometimes has a hard time finding its audience, but around 4,000 hardened masturbators are aiming their browsers at the site every day. They claim to have the “Best Forced Porn Videos and Movie Rape Scenes,” a brag that would hold much less weight if they pulled less traffic.Satisfying the Rape LustSome might argue that Rape Lust and regular ol’ fuck lust are two completely different things, but you know what? The websites where you’ll get your fix, either way, look pretty fucking similar, at least in form and function. RapeLust has the typical video-tube layout you expect from a free porn site, with a red-on-black color scheme that feels either sinister or sexy. I bet it’s both for you, isn’t it?Of course, the site’s focus reveals itself in all the thumbnails lining the page. On any other porn tube, you’re faced with a writhing wall of flesh, tight holes dripping wet and penetrated by turgid, throbbing meat rods, not to mention faces twisted in orgasmic, ecstatic joy. There’s a lot less nudity in the thumbnails here, and these ladies ain’t wearing their horniest fuck-me faces. These chicks look worried at best, and many are in states of acute distress.No, my friends, these women aren’t screaming the same yelps of pleasure as their contemporaries over on Pornhub and the like, but the girls sure are sexy. The archives of RapeLust are full of gorgeous amateur models, pornstars and Hollywood’s hottest starlets at their most terrified, degraded, and unwilling. You’ll be hearing their screams of simulated pain and outright horror as bad guys have their way with them.On leak sites, everyone gets really excited to finally see some famous singer or actress take her top off for a boyfriend. This kinky library is already legit full of top-shelf celebs getting pretend raped on video. On the front page alone, I see Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Roberts getting unwillingly violated.I guess some of you choosey beggars will complain about the lack of explicit nudity in a lot of these Hollywood scenes. In some ways, it’s a lot softer than the penis-in-butthole movies you’ll see on other free porn tubes. At the same time, the production values are often way fucking higher than you get on even the high-end big-boy premium sites. Your masturbatory mileage is going to vary, sure, but from where I’m fapping, it seems like a decent trade.Fetish Porn and Mainstream TVThe content at RapeLust.com is a mix of rough fetish porn and scenes taken from mainstream TV and movies, all with a rape and forced-sex theme. It seems like it has a roughly even ratio, so you won’t feel underserved if you’re the kind of perv who only likes the “real” rape movies. The top row right now features a couple of bondage rape fetish flicks, one of a boss foot-fucking his sexy passed-out secretary, and a rape scene from the indie thriller Landmine Goes Click.By default, the massive collection of forced sex porn movies is organized by upload date, though I wasn’t able to find actual dates listed. That means I couldn’t tell exactly how often they’re adding new movies, but I get the feeling they’re adding to the pile as often as possible. Considering the overall rarity of the material, the curators of Rape Lust do a pretty fucking good job keeping the shelves stocked.As of this writing, there are around 240 RapeLust movies available for instant streaming. It’s a small collection if you’re comparing it to the big tubes with million of videos, but it’s respectable as hell for a site peddling niche smut like this. It sure beats the hell out of browsing YouTube with your dick out, hoping your favorite movie rape scenes haven’t been flagged and removed yet.I keep thinking the #MeToo crowd would probably be torn over Rape Lust. On the one hand, they’d hate it because chicks are getting banged without their consent. On the other hand, the whole site could be the curriculum for a women’s studies class, proving that Hollywood loves showing beautiful, helpless women in various states of undress and distress. Meanwhile, you’d be lurking in the back of the class, beating off beneath one of those Inspector Gadget pervert coats.All Your Favorite Celebs ViolatedRapeLust.com keeps an extensive list of movie stars and pornstars getting raped on video. Click the Stars and Actors page and you’ll find a pretty solid index of babes, all with scenes available on the site. Emilia Clarke is in a few, Nicole Kidman’s got a couple, and so does Zoe Saldana. I was surprised by a lot of famous names like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Estella Warren, but maybe that’s because I watch more porno than regular movies.The site’s stellar organization ain’t limited to the Actors page. There’s also a Movies and TV Shows section that lists all the places their rape scenes come from, as well as a really fucking extensive Tags page that ties all the scenes together through categorizations like Kidnapping, Humiliation, Painful, Screaming and Teen.It’s a Rain Man attention to detail. You picture some autistic dude with a fedora and a boner sitting at his computer for hours, cataloging which movies and fetish scenes have torture, anal or tied chicks. It’s a tough job with plenty of chafing in store for those who undertake the task, but the perverts at RapeLust.com have done all the hard work for you. The rape library’s organized really fucking well, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to browse and search than it would be if they just uploaded the clips and called it a day.Tune in for Celebrity Forced ScreamingJennifer Lawrence is in a few Rape Lust clips, including a recently added scene from the 2018 film Red Sparrow. Out on the front page, the thumbnail shows Jennifer’s pretty eyes wide with fear as a hand clamps down over her mouth. I clicked the image to go to the video page, where I saw tags like Celebrity, Forced, and Screaming.Since this is a fetish site, I expected a fair amount of pop-up spam and dick-pill banners everywhere. With my adblocker running, I was pleasantly surprised to have a fully spam-free fap experience. The Red Sparrow clip started playing smoothly without any goddamn webcam ads getting in the way.I missed this movie in the theatre, but Jennifer looks fucking incredible as she strips down to her bra, panties and heels. She lifts her foot up to this old dude’s lap and he feels her leg before pulling her down on top of him. She struggles, and then struggles harder as he flips her onto her back and rips her panties off.It’s only a two-and-a-half-minute scene, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Jennifer Lawrence is a really stunning broad and a great actress, so the scene feels pretty fucking real. There’s a playback speed control built into the RapeLust player, so feel free to watch it in super slow motion at 0.25x speed, or go double fast if you’re in a hurry to jerk off before your boss gets back to the office.Sometimes fetish porn sites feel like a cash grab, designed to spam the hell out of an eager niche of perverts without giving much back in return. It’s obvious that whoever runs RapeLust.com really loves these rape pornos and movie scenes as much as you do. The collection is impressive and the cataloging is obsessive, which makes for endless hours of effortless wanking. Look, if you like the genre enough that you’ve read this whole review, I’m pretty fucking sure you’re going to love it. Check it out.