Crazy Shit! The internet is full of it. Maybe you’ve seen some of it. Come on, don’t lie – no judgment here, amigo. We’ve all “accidentally” stumbled upon some fucked up shit like crazyshit.com on the internet that we will never be able to un-see. Who among us has not gone down a late-night rabbit hole of weird and morally ambiguous websites? Let go of your dick for a second and raise your fucking hand, because I know that you are one of the worst offenders of this. If for no other reason, curiosity will get you at one point or another.There is so much fucked up and disgusting shit online that there are hundreds upon hundreds of websites, like CrazyShit.com, dedicated to nothing else but providing sick fucks with the sickest shit that they crave. Whether it’s snuff films, suicide videos, scat porn, or worse, you will have no trouble whatsoever finding any and everything there is to see on the internet. We all have this innately morbid curiosity within us to watch fucked up shit. Nobody is immune to it. That’s why whenever there is a horrible car accident on the freeway, everyone and their mothers will slow down and careen their necks to try and get a glimpse at the fatal, twisted scene.The same morbid impulse exists online, too, in the form of extreme porn sites. There is no shortage of free porn tubes and blogs dedicated to satisfying those darker urges of human interest. Whether it is a site like Extreme Tube, CrazyShit, Kaotic or Motherless, the sickos always have a digital playground with which to revel in their bizarre and disgusting desires. If you are one of these people that likes to go down these dark rabbit holes from time to time, you are not alone. However, if you are one of these people that likes to fap it to scenes of abuse, gore, or the like, please shut down your computer right now and find some help.Whatever your motives are – fuck, I don’t need to know about them – you are in luck (if you can call it that), because I have yet another free site full of crazy shit for you to check out. The website in question "CrazyShit.com" may or may not burn images of violence or vile hedonistic pleasure into the back of your brain. But, from the looks of it, Crazy Shit has gotten relatively less crazy over the years.Maybe a Little Tamer, but Still Fucked UpI mean, don’t get me wrong, CrazyShit has plenty of atrocious and shocking material to appease your inner sadomasochist and fry your psychological makeup for days to come. Still, it looks as if they have started to limit what can and cannot be posted – at least a little bit. A few years ago, for example, you may have stumbled upon videos of straight physical and sexual abuse. One video I recall seeing a few years ago on Crazy Shit featured a dude jacking off and busting a nut on another guy who was very clearly beaten half to death on the ground.Thankfully, it seems as if this level of Crazy has been curbed. Instead, you can expect to find tamer levels of "crazy" that are, if anything, more interesting, raw, and less strictly fucked up and sinister. Personally, being a man of relatively sound mental health, I welcome the change. And I hope that it stays this way. When I visit these darker corners of the internet, like CrazyShit, I want to be shocked in a thrilling, exciting way, not mentally scarred and traumatized. Nor do I want to see any site advocating brutality and abuse, no matter how interesting it may be to some. And fuck you if you disagree.Today, though, Crazy Shit is much less likely to post videos of abuse. Instead, you can expect videos with titles like the first few on the site’s home page: “4 Weapons You Don’t Normally Bring to a Fight,” “WTF is Wrong with Japan (Vol. 4),” and “Dumbass of the Week Shoots Gun instead of Taser.” As you can see, there is still some crazy shit to be seen here, just not as "insane" as jacking off on a half-dead guy’s face. I’m sure you could still find videos like this on CrazyShit if you did a little digging (I’m sure as fuck not about to do it). But, for whatever reasons, Crazy Shit has gotten their shit together – at least when it comes to what they feature on their home page.Content You Won’t Find Anywhere ElseIn addition to bringing you a fuck ton of crazy, funny, and fucked up porn videos, Crazy Shit has plenty of non-porn content to “enjoy” as well (if you’re mentally deranged, that is). Some of the videos that get uploaded to CrazyShit are things that could be on the news (if the mainstream news outlets had any backbone). One video that stood out to me in this regard was “Wounded ISIS Solider Abandoned by His Squad.” I have no idea how the fuck the uploader got their hands on this video (maybe they were the wounded soldier who wanted to get back on his asshole squad for abandoning him). Still, Crazy Shit is full of similarly impossible to find leaks and uncensored current events content as well.CrazyShit.com itself, at first glance, just kind of looks like a typical porn tube. At least in terms of design. You’ll find a site menu bar at the top of the page, and a gallery of organized thumbnails below it. The site menu bar allows you to browse by Top Categories (Accidents, Bizarre, Crazy Shit Productions. Then we also have EXTREME CONTENT (this is probably where the real fucked up shit is stashed), Fail, Fan Tits, Fights, Funny like eFukt, Random Nudity, Slutty, User Submissions, WTF, and All Categories. To the right of this dropdown menu of categories is a list of friend sites, such as Slut Roulette, Fap Chat, Porn Games, eFukt, Kaotic, Inhumanity, Daft Porn, Sex Dump, and – of course – yours truly. Say what you want about Crazy Shit’s poor taste in videos or moral standards, at least they know where to go for the best porn reviews on the web.Above the site menu bar, you will find an area where you can access user uploads, VR sites, Videos, Pics, Submit, Log in, and Register. There is also a search bar at CrazyShit, allowing you to get as fucked up and creative as you want with what you are looking for. CrazyShit's design, beyond that, is pretty much what you expect from a porn site – a bunch of thumbnails that lead you to a separate page when clicked on. I will say that some of these thumbnails are a bit annoying because, instead of leading to a page on which you can watch them from Crazy Shit, they are links to other websites (Fleshed, Katoic, etc.).Beware of The AdsIn addition to having a few misleading and embedded hidden links to other sites, the ads on CrazyShit are out of control at times. And that may be the most fucked up thing about Crazy Shit. Just how invasive and worrying the popups are. Combine this with the fact that McAfee warns you about the site being "risky" from the moment you type it into your browser does not make you or your computer feel safe. But, then again, McAfee is notorious for being a conservative and prude piece of software, so, chances are, they identify it as a risk because of the questionable content the site provides. At least that’s what I hope. I'm probably going to run a virus scan once I exit crazyshit.com anyway, just to be safe.All in all, Crazy Shit is full of what the site’s name implies: a bunch of fucked up and crazy shit. It's definitely not where I would go to get my fap on, that’s for damn sure, but if you want to fall in one of those rabbit holes that brings you to the darker recesses of the internet, Crazy Shit will get you there. In addition to providing tons of extreme content, you will be able to register as a user, enabling you to like or dislike videos, partake in one of the many lively discussions going on in the comments sections, or upload fucked up videos of your own. Just don’t be a cunt. Don’t fucking hurt anyone to upload something to the internet, you sick fuck.CrazyShit.com is not for everyone, but for the people that it is for: I think you’ll probably enjoy it. And even if you don’t, they link to plenty of similar websites that you might. I guess you check it out for yourself and browse at your own risk!