XRares.com aka RareScandels.xyz is a funny beast. X Rares aka Rare Scandals is a place that markets itself as a dark and exclusive place to watch “scandalous” fake rape, sexual assault, blackmail, and other fucked up videos. However, when you really think about it, it really just indexes videos from around the web that fit these certain categories with made-up titles. If you’re into this fucked up kind of shit, this is a convenient place to find both videos and photos, but it’s certainly not the “raw, unadulterated reality in its most scandalous form” that it claims to be.X Rares was released late 2017, but already has found a strong following. I think that even though the website has several issues, the niche is good enough that people are attracted to it.What kind of company wants their product associated with rape?XRares may be about fake rape videos, but it really just tries to rape YOU with ads. In addition to the popups, pop-unders, and top and bottom banners, it also tries to hide its ads inside the rest of the content. Most glaring is that the top row of each video gallery will be ad links (adjusted to look like a normal video). Secondly, their navigation button at the top mixes ad links with the legitimate links, so when you’re trying to explore the site you just get fucked in the eyeballs with ads.Finally, there is a bigass fucking banner at the top of each page saying pay us to remove all ads, meaning they totally understand how fucking pissed you’re getting. If you watch where you’re going, it’s all obvious and easy to avoid, but like I always say when one head is working the other one ain’t.The general design of the website is simple but outdated. If websites were vape pens, this place is more like an old cigarette. The color scheme is boring, and the overall “feel” of the place is sluggish and last-gen. On the other hand, the place is very straightforward and easy to navigate (aside from the ads). You won’t get lost in this hall of rape.Enough shit to twist your soulWhen reading the major categories of the website, you’ll quickly get a feel for what kind of content it specializes in- humiliation, incest, rare-scandals, blackmail, fake rape, forced sexual favors, and sexual assault to name a few. Indeed, XRares is specially catered to those who like the more dark “psychological” type of porn, where the power dynamics and taboo give you the stiffest of boners. I guess I get it, although give me a pair of big ol’ titties and a not too hairy cunt and I’m usually good.XRares focuses on videos, but it also has a big photo selection of over 300 albums. There’s some interesting shit in here actually, I’ll give you an example. I found a photo album called “exposed Chinese loan scandal”. The gallery was some naked chick taking pictures of her tits and pussy with her driver’s license next to it. Do you get it?These photos are supposedly “collateral” against this chick who needed a loan, so that if she never pays them back then these pics will be mailed directly to her mama and grandmama’s house. Cause she couldn’t pay her loan back, now I get to fap to her cunt?? Now that shit is fucked up, if it would be real?!Anyway, I hope that gives you a good idea of what this site is about. XRares actually hosts a huge variety of content, including a ton of shit that doesn’t even fit into their specialties. But on the other hand, the site does a good job of slowly floating relevant videos to the top. Some of these videos look "real" as shit, and they wouldn’t be so easy to find on another site. Honestly, for a normal human being, these videos probably aren’t that good to fap to.But you know..if fake rape is your thing…What I LikeIt’s always a good business idea to target a niche and go after it. We all know that all kinds of people (men AND women) have rape fantasies, and while I won’t ever admit to it, I can understand why. It just feels like some real shit in a world that feels more fake every day. A lot of the world is phonier than a pair of porn-star titties. It’s a refreshing change from the typical porn babes with shitty acting and lubed up pussies.I’m sure niche porn sites can do very well when operated properly, such as featuring relevant and good content regularly and building a community. XRares seems to do a decent job at this, as some of these videos looked and felt really authentic. The shitty cam and quality that a lot of these videos have actually make them feel more real. One might say the inner rapist in all of us can appreciate this to some extent.I also enjoy the photo album. Normally I could give a fuck about photos, but when it comes to humiliation and scandals, the photos can really tell a good story and feel very authentic. A lot of these fake pics are blackmail series, for example, blackmailers threatening to release nudes of some bitch if she doesn’t give the dude a private show.What I hateThe fucking ads are ridiculous. You end up playing whack-a-mole with the popup ads as you browse, which is really fucking annoying when you’re trying to bust a nut. It looks to me like XRares has a strong following and they have high potential to grow even more, but that kind of excessive and shameless ad-posting will probably hurt them in the long run. Again, I understand ads on porn sites but there is a line that should be drawn before it becomes a terrible thing. These XRares motherfuckers make a running leap past that line.I also need to explain that the website can sometimes feel “phony”. Now, we all know rape is illegal, and genuine rape and sexual assault videos would never be allowed on a website like this. Indeed, when you read their disclosures and shit you can really fucking tell they are repeating over and over that their shit is all legal and okay. So this paradox of being a site of rare secret twisted ass rape shit vs.announcing how actually they are responsible and legal, gives the site a phony vibe that takes away from the experience. I guess it’s the best you can do though under our legal umbrella.But seriously through, those fucking ads.Show us your best Sexual Ass-aultsAside from reducing the ads, my main suggestion would be to curate their content even more than they are now. I was surprised at how “rare” some of the content felt, because it’s usually crap you only find when digging through liveleak or being on a really fucking degenerate forum.I think there’s so much shitty and fake “forced sex” videos out there with shitty ass acting, porn stars you recognize, etc., that if you actually can pick out and show the good ones, people will love it. I mean guys don’t get off to some phony ass acting, they get off to Monica Bellucci getting ass-raped in an alley like in Irreversible (go check it out now if you haven’t seen it. Oscar-fucking-worthy shit). And if the owners were half as diligent about their layout as they were about raping you with ads, this place would take PornHub out in a week.ConclusionXRares (often misspelled as "x porn") is a good attempt at making a site focused on the fake rape subgenre, but it suffers from greed, outdated programming, and shitty layout. Thinking back, this site actually was very popular when it first came out, but viewership really died off since then. I’m pretty sure it’s cause the ads are so fucked up.When you really look underneath the hood, you’ll find that most of the content is the same like in any other big porn site, but the site does a good job of featuring videos that will make you think “holy shit” or “what the fuck is going on here?” while you’re jerking off.It does require you to suspend your disbelief a bit, because most of this content will be fake ass bullshit. But if you’re into the more twisted ass shit to get off, go to the site and browse their front page.Just be sure you dodge those ads like they’re trying to fuck you in the ass, because they are.