Kaotic.com! Are “disturbed,” “fucked up,” or “sick in the head” things that people you know often describe you by? Hell, I don’t even know if this kind of content allows you to even have friends. This is the kind of shit you watch in the absolute darkness of your crumbling, fetid, studio apartment while you listen to the gunshots going on outside with glee. You have a hard-on for death. You love seeing people die. Even the shit on gore threads on your favorite anonymous message boards doesn’t do it for you anymore. You want to see beheadings, brutal rapes, torture, bloodletting, massacres, and unspeakably taboo acts of vile sex. This is your first and only warning, if that doesn’t sound like you, then leave and don’t fucking look back. This content isn’t for the faint of heart.Kaotic.com is a site that specializes in everything evil and dark in this world. The sort of site that could ruin the way people look at you if they found out you jerked off to the shit here. Even scat and piss porn can be explained away, but this kind of shit is beyond redemption. But that doesn’t mean this site isn’t bringing in you twisted fucks by the truckload. 8 million people come here every month to gaze upon the visceral, thrilling horrors that this site contains. And they aren’t new to the gore game. Established in 2001, this wretched site has been housing uncensored videos for nearly 20 years now.Gore, Porn, Torture, and Everything TabooYou can’t help but avoid looking at the gruesome videos on the front page with the bright, unforgiving white and blue site design. If that shit bothers you, then I’ve got bad news. It’s by far the easiest thing to look at on the site. And they let you know right away that there will be no shortage of blood-curdling content to watch.These guys boast that they are the biggest free file host for user-generated uncensored reality content. Keep that shit in mind. Because that means that you could see anything here. You’re just as likely to see a video of some hot babes deepthroating a 12-inch dildo as you are to see a video of a guy getting his skull chopped into with a machete. I’d say it’s a 50/50 shot, but it’s more like an 80/20 chance of seeing some unassuming tribesmen get dismembered by a foreign militia.For navigation, there is a header up top for “Recent, Categories, Inbox, Upload, Efukt, and Fleshed.” Those last two are separate sites with similar content, so venture there at your own risk. Inbox requires an account, which is free to make. If you plan to chat with users, rate videos, or submit your own content, then go ahead and make an account. Though I’d use a burner email personally. You’ll be mainly using the homepage, recent, and categories to work your way around the site.Twisted Categories Let you Curate your Chilling ExperienceI was surprised to see that the site even had categories. It can be difficult to classify exactly where a systematic gang rape and execution falls in the great scheme of genres, but they seem to have a decent selection. You’ve got options for “Accident, Suicide, Funny, Robbery, War, and a few others.” No dedicated page for the categories. It’s just a drop-down menu, but it works well enough.The home page has a sliding row of trending videos up top. Then there’s new featured uploads by the members of the site. At the very bottom are a few boxes with recent uploads, latest comments, top users, and popular search tags. In case it hasn’t been made crystal clear for you what kind of content to expect, let me give you some examples of the recent uploads: “Venezuela Cops Executed, Cheerleader Beatdown, Handcuff Execution in the Jungle, I Love Tinder and 50 Guys? In a Row?!”While we’re on the videos, let’s talk about the previews. You get a still image from some point of the video. Usually something shocking and bloody. You also get a title, user who uploaded it, date uploaded, number of comments, and number of views. That’s it. All you need, really. I’d like a video length on there, but I guess it doesn’t matter as much here. Most are seconds to a few minutes long anyway. After all, it doesn’t take someone nearly as long to get their head cut off as it does for Sasha Grey to fake an orgasm.Very Little Actual Porn on the SiteOne thing that bugs the shit out of me here are the hidden ads. If you see any actual porn on here the odds are that it’s a fucking redirect ad to the video on another site. You can usually tell by looking at the user who uploaded the video, but it still pisses me off. And you’ll have to deal with redirects when you click on videos. Not a whole bunch, but enough to be annoying.The videos play quicky. You aren’t going to get many, if any, HD videos here, but that’s not the point. You won’t have to deal with buffering or any shit like that. On the video page you can download it, favorite it, like it, or bin it. Binning the video makes it so that it doesn’t come up in your feed again. The downloads are straightforward. No external site or anything. You click on it and it takes you to a page where you can save the video yourself. Another thing that bugged me was that the page reloads every time you replay a video. That means more ads and more redirects. Finally, if you’re feeling inspired enough, you can leave a comment down below.Capture and Share Your own Gore Filled Videos on the Go with a Great Mobile SiteIf you’re daring enough to try and browse this horrific content on the go, then at least you have a good mobile site to use. The mobile design is simple and easy to use. Previews run down the center of the page two at a time. The video player is big enough to get every gruesome detail, and you have access to all of the same site features. So, whip out your phone and capture some dude getting run over or robbed, then upload that shit right after it happens with ease. It’s never been easier to post, share, and talk about gore!ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI love that this site doesn’t even try to shy away from what it is. There aren’t many well-designed sites out there that truly let you upload and share literally whatever content you want. It’s a site where you can revel in the degeneracy that runs rampant throughout our hollow husk of a world. After all, nothing has meaning anyway. Why not jerk off to a video of some chick getting raped, gutted, and raped again? It’s the cycle of life, right? Whatever excuse you use to rationalize your addiction to gore doesn’t matter to me. As long as it keeps you coming back for more.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsSome actual porn would be nice. Yeah, you might find a few rape/torture videos like I just mentioned, but I would like some taste breakers, you know? I like my gore with a side of titties. If I’m going to indulge in that guilty fap, then it might as well be worth my while. All of the porn here redirects you to other sites. That’s bullshit. I get that you need to make money, but y'all can be a lot less shady about it. This site made me feel like TheGoreDude, not ThePornDude. Other than that, I suggest that you see a therapist if you made it this far. If you love this kind of content, then there’s probably something fucked going on there.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re looking to get off and satisfy your bloodlust for crazy, taboo, and fucked up videos, then I haven’t come across many other sites that can offer the kind of content that Kaotic.com does. The design is simple, and it’s easy to narrow down content by what you want to see. They may not have much actual porn and the ads can be shitty, but that’s the price you pay for free, uncensored access to death and destruction.