Are you an Ink Bunny, or is that just something you think about when you’ve got the ol’ Johnson lubed up on your lunch break? Some folks might call it weird to masturbate to images of rabbit girls, reptile bitches, and your little ponies. That is why it’s always nice to find a community of like-minded perverts who aren’t going to look at you sideways for wanting to see Twilight Sparkle’s puckered butthole. Hey, it isn’t my usual breakfast fap material, but with enough weed and viagra, I can beat off to damn near anything! Let’s do this!I know your mom probably tried to tell you this shit isn’t normal, and you’ll never make any friends, but I bet mom hasn’t seen InkBunny.net yet. The site gets nearly 20,000 visitors a day, and they’re all coming by to share their art or enjoy the stuff, often with their pants around their ankles. I’ve reviewed regular-sex porn tubes with way less traffic than that, which should put mama at ease about how much of a deviate her son is. This is a genuinely hopping community of furry artists and fans, and I bet you’re going to feel right at home.WTF is This and Where is the Furry Porn?I thought that I might have found InkBunny in my inbox by mistake. It happens sometimes; I’ll get a message from an enthusiastic masturbator who wants me to review his favorite wank station. That’s fine if you’ve got a regular fetish like fat girls or pissing, but most visitors coming by ThePornDude don’t have any use for G-rated food blogs, no matter how many times you got off to those sexy roast beef photos. I thought this might be another one, a kid-friendly site that somebody happens to shake their dick at.But that ain’t entirely accurate. By default, InkBunny.net hides all the perverted stuff. When I first pulled up the front page, all I saw were SFW images of skunk women and seal girls and cats at summer camp. The kinkiest thing I saw was a thick-thighed fox girl in a straight jacket and Hannibal Lector bites mask, a description I bet gets a couple of you clicking through with your lotion and tissues at the ready.Here’s what you’ve got to do: when you first pull up the site, hit that little icon in the header that says Allowed Ratings. You need to check off a few boxes about being at least 18, understanding and agreeing with their philosophy, and complying with their terms, and then you can set some content preferences. I went all-in with all their sex, violence, and nudity options because I’m a jaded pervert who loves the hard stuff.You’ll still see a lot of SFW content since there’s no way to filter it out, but there’s definitely an instant shift in the vibe when you tweak the preferences. There are all kinds of freaky furry sex going on! The front page becomes a whole lot more interesting, with red-boner wolfmen fucking cat ladies, anthropomorphic rabbits doing oral, interspecies schoolyard romance between lizards and aardvarks, and futanari canines with big tits and big dicks, all covered in fur.Tons of Furry Porn without the SpamInkBunny.net has been around for about a decade and it kind of shows. They’ve got a nice-looking setup than your typical barebones booru imageboard, but it lacks the flashy, modern presentation of something like DeviantArt. Of course, this is more focused, deep-niche content, so you can’t expect them to have the resources for a cutting-edge design. As it is, the joint looks pleasant, with a cute Ink Bunny mascot on a forest background and staggered header links that match the comic vibe.The front page takes a typical approach to presentation, offering up some of the most recent and popular material. The content at the very top is among the most viewed over the last three days. It currently includes a cute little puppy giving fuck-me eyes, a couple of lesbo doggos tasting pussy, Sonic the Hedgehog getting his dick pulled, and Simba absolutely railing the living fuck out of Nala. I mean, it’s implied in the film when they bring their cub to Pride Rock at the end, but this artist shows you how it went down. You dog, Simba!Cat, dogs, and their wild animal counterparts are among the most popular animals to combine with people and then fuck in the archives of InkBunny. The most recent upload is an SFW image of one cheetah looking confused while another one lurks in a cave below. Right before that, it was a family-friendly image of a dalmatian behind bars, and before that was a lineup of human-animal hybrids that skirts the line of what is socially acceptable. You won’t get fired for looking at this one at work, but all your coworkers will know what you’re into.Since I typed the above paragraph, two new images have been added: a digital painting of a classy fox lady with her titties out and another fox lady realizing they forgot the condom at the moment she’s getting creampied. They’re by different artists. I told you, they love dogs around here! In fact, all ten of the Recent updates on the front page have been added in the last hour.Even if you aren’t a fur fan, it’s hard not to appreciate the power of the community here. Those users are adding fresh material to InkBunny.net on a near-constant basis. Sites like this live or die by the size and enthusiasm of their userbases, which puts Ink Bunny in a good spot. I think we’ll be seeing fresh content hitting the site steadily for the foreseeable future, at least.That community’s also sponsoring the place straight out of their own pockets. InkBunny.net is donation-supported, which means no spam. It’s rare to find any free site that doesn’t try to make you buy something, so much respect to these perverts. If you’re regularly visiting, consider tossing some change in the hat or buying some of that InkBunny gear. Unless you want the site to fizzle out under the weight of bandwidth costs, that is.A Thousand Words Are Worth a PictureAs soon as I found out InkBunny.net was a furry site, I just kind of assumed that it was going to be an expansive art gallery of dog dicks and rabbit-people sex. I guess that’s selling the place short because they’ve got other stuff on the menu, too. For example, there’s a massive furry story section with thousands of tales of animal people.Yesterday was 4/20, and I’m still kind of high off the tray of brownies I ate, so I checked out a just-added story called Vinnia and Artaan – 4/20 Special. I was surprised to find Ink Bunny has a fancy baked-in text reader that makes everything look like a book. I didn’t finish all 17 pages of Vinnia and Artaan’s story, but it’s a World of Warcraft yarn with a Dranei brother and sister getting lit and committing incest.Maybe you aren’t a reader, though, and that’s fine. Ink Bunny also has a surprisingly extensive collection of original furry music and audio. Some of it is just music with furry titles, but there’s also some seriously kinky shit in there. One track uploaded a week ago appeals mainly to the vore fetish, with a lot of the noises that happen when you eat a tiny human: digestion, burps, farting, and “disposal.”If I have any complaint at all about InkBunny, it’s that their “anything goes” philosophy does encourage a fair amount of lame, half-ass artwork. I just refreshed the front page, and there are a handful of new uploads from an artist who specializes in sloppy, G-rated portraits of animal ladies wearing frumpy dresses. I’ve always appreciated quality over quantity, but the ugly portraits probably aren’t going to be a dealbreaker for anybody.InkBunny.net is a robust site because the whole thing is built around a strong community of furry artists and people who love the stuff. Their users are active as hell, constantly uploading fresh material in a wide range of furry subcategories and sexual fetishes. The whole thing is free to use without any spam or other bullshit to slow you down, so I’d recommend a peek to anybody who wishes their girlfriend was covered in a luxurious coat of fur.