Welcome to Shad Base, the home of Shadman! It's a fucked-up hive of degeneracy that’s been corrupting the youth since 2009. This site is responsible for providing Rule 34 porn to teens all over the world. If you don’t know what Rule 34 is, basically its home-made porn for popular movie and TV show characters, mostly in cartoon form.The sick fuck that started Shadbase is named Shaddai Prejean aka "ShadMan", a graduate of art school who apparently couldn’t get any work and had to resort to making Pokémon and The Incredibles porn to pay off his student loans. Well, it worked, since he’s probably rolling in a lot of cash based on his site getting millions of views.Shad Base started in the wonderful world of Newgrounds, a go-to site for Flash porn and games in the 2000s. From there, he expanded his presence to other places like YouTube and Facebook, although his art stays at Shadbase.com where you can find all his sick cartoon porno.Today, Shadbase is a webcomic empire with a super popular YouTube channel, Shadbase merchandise, a thriving community, and tons of comics. I have to say that this isn’t a porn site, but really just the homepage for an artist who happens to love drawing porno.The comics are mostly little snippets, with virtually no plot or decent jokes. A lot of the comics have the standard plot of “girl exists, girl gets raped, ends up enjoying it”. It’s certainly controversial, and would definitely get banned in certain countries, but we live in America where we celebrate our freedom to jerk off to racists getting raped by black dicks constantly.The Art Gallery of DegeneracyShadbase.com is a showcase of the artist’s work. Upon landing on the website you’ll be treated to a human centipede comic of three bitches, and well, that should tell you where this is going.The main links include the art archives, non-porn (who gives a shit), an about page, links to the other content portals (YouTube, Twitter, etc.), a donation link, a forum, and a shop. Most of this shit we are going to fucking ignore because it won’t help us bust a nut.Going into the archive, you’ll see a wide variety of categories. Not all of this is porn, but most of it is. We have comics, animations, and plain old pictures, representing shit like Yuri, traps, bestiality, and more. All of these categories have tons of content listed by date.At the bottom of each art is a huge comments section, and you’ll get a feel for how popular this place is. Hundreds of comments for each work and god knows what the fuck they are even talking about.On the right side of the page is a bunch of links to the artist’s Instagram, Steam account, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This artist is a fucking whore when it comes to social media, so if you become a fan, congrats you can stalk the shit out of him.A lot of black dicks raping peopleSince Shadbase is all about the artist, let’s talk about the content. First of all, the artist has professional talent. As I said, he’s trained from art school, but instead of going to work for Disney or some shit he decided to make real fucked up cartoon porn for freaks all over the world.There’s a lot of different art styles. Most of it is standard webcomic shit, but there are also animations, 3D work, and different styles. A lot of the shit is Rule 34, and the artist does a good job of respecting the original art style. The Incredibles porn looks like The Incredibles, the Simpsons porn looks like the Simpsons, etc.Typically, webcomics will have jokes or at least a logical story, but Shadbase does not give a fuck about this kind of shit. Most of these “comics” will just be some bitch standing there in various stages of undress, or some girl getting raped by black dicks.Speaking of black dicks, Shadbase tries really fucking hard to be edgy. We are talking nonstop rape, racism, misogyny, etc. I don’t know if the artist just really loves drawing black cocks, but a common plot is basically a character thinking “oh fuck no way will that black dick will fit inside!”, and then promptly getting raped by said black dick. Steven Spielberg ain’t got shit on Shadbase.So if getting offended is your thing, do not go to Shadbase. The artist’s idea of a plot twist is having the character sucking on a cock, and then a surprise cock smashing through her from behind. I guess it’s hilarious when you think about it.Like I said, not everything is porn. You’ll find some weird parody content for shit like Super Mario or even fucking Gordon Ramsey that have really shitty jokes and characters who keep their clothes on. The art’s pretty good, but the story and jokes are fucking garbage, so there’s that.What I LikeShadbase is full of personality and individuality. The average person won’t go to Shadbase to find great porn and beat off, but rather this site is more about exploring this psychotic artist’s mind and work. He definitely puts a lot of effort and detail into this shit, which you won’t find in most porn cartoons/comics.This really shines when you realize all the thumbnails in the gallery are of the characters’ faces, rather than their titties or ass. The characters show really good expressions, and the colorwork and all that shit is excellent. It’s obvious he cares about his art.There’s also a huge community. You know there are some rabid fans on Shadbase’s dick when the YouTube clips of the fucker drawing gets half a million views. Don’t know what’s so entertaining about watching some guy draw rape fantasies, but whatever is your cup of tea.The Rule 34 shit is probably the best part of Shadbase. The art is great, and the characters really look like their original counterparts. There’s even art of Pickle Rick sliding in between Summer’s titties, and you can best believe they look just like they do on TV.Finally, all the content is free. The artist has a huge archive of all their past works hosted on Shadbase.com, and I didn’t find any restricted access or anything like that. I think the artist has enough pull to make big money by forcing membership, so good on him for not doing that. A Patreon would make fucking bank, but it apparently got shut down.What I HateThere’s some annoying ads on the page, but thankfully no pop-ups. I can tell that the artist did his best to minimize ads, but there are still many ads annoyingly sprinkled around the place.If you aren’t into the porn style, don’t bother going to Shadbase for the content. The stories and jokes are fucking garbage, if you can even call it that. The best “plot” I was able to find is some girl playing Pokémon Go and then getting chloroformed and raped. Then again, based on the movies I’ve watched lately, this shit could win Best Picture.SuggestionsFirst, Shadbase should just get rid of the non-porn content. It is a waste of time and bandwidth. If he really likes it, he should open up a separate website for it that doesn’t have so much porn ads and annoying shit like that.Shadbase also constantly asks for money, whether it’s through donations or merch. I get the idea of the “starving artist” but based on this guy’s YouTube views and the big community, I don’t think he’s hurting much for cash. Easy on the shilling.I disapprove of what you draw, but I will defend to the death your right to draw itOverall, Shadbase is what happens when you cross a complete degenerate with some artistic talent. The fact is that most people who enjoy watching little underage girls get fucked in the ass by a bunch of black dicks probably doesn’t have much talent or ability to offer the world, but this is where Shadbase stands out.There is some real genuine talent here, not to mention a lot of passion. The art is painstakingly done, and the artist gets nothing less than an A for effort. From the expressions to the colors, Shadbase comics are a labor of love, and it shows how they’ve gathered so many fans through the years.Finally, I want to say that this is the best collection of The Incredibles porn you will find anywhere. If you want to see Elastigirl and her bitch emo daughter get naked and fucked while using their powers and shit, Shadbase (often misspelled as "shadebase", "shadbade", "shadvase" and "shadbse") is a solid place to go.It ain’t my personal cup of tea, but I respect it. Degeneracy and art tends to go hand in hand, and this is where Shadbase is a boss.